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Odstsand Aqil Hafsa on Installation 04.
Aqil Hafsa
Service Record

Sergeant (E-9)

Biographical Information

Sigma Octanus IV

Date of Birth

October 15th, 2532

Physical Description




  • M7 SMG
  • M6D




Miscellaneous Information
Notable Facts

Survived for 7 years on Zeta-9 after the HCW


Interspecies Union

  • United Nations Space Command
    • UNSC Marine Corps
      • Orbital Drop Shock Troopers


Born October 15th, 2532, Aqil Hafsa was raised in an Islamic home on Sigma Octanus IV. At the age of 18 he entered the UNSC Marine Corp, and entered the main Corp as a Private in late 2551. After the battle of Sigma Octanus IV, Hafsa volunteered to enter the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, was accepted, and assigned to Sergeant Anderson's subdivision in the 105th ODST division. Anderson's subdivision was assigned to the Pillar of Autumn. Soon after their assignment the Battle of Reach occurred, but most of Anderson's subdivision landed on one of Threshold's moons.

Gas Mine

Not long after landing on the moon the ODSTs discovered an abandoned building of alien nature. Inside they found many supplies, including food processors and computers. They set up camp, but Anderson had explored already. He found the entrance to a long cable connected to something far off, and had the engineers rig a fast transport to carry the ODSTs down it. Eight volunteers went on the ride, and Hafsa was one of them.

The ride took several hours, and the ODSTs found themselves in a strange structure at the end of it. They'd ridden all the way to the Gas Mine above Threshold, which was occupied by the Covenant Heretics. Not long after their arrival the Flood were released. Hafsa lead one squad through the fight, and all of them made it. Not long after he linked up with Anderson's squad, and they all ran in to Sesa 'Refumee, the leader of the Heretics.

He offered to help the humans after 343 Guilty Spark reassured the humans that the Heretics were friendly, and gave them a small Corvette with which to flee Threshold and the moon they'd been stranded on. However, during their escape from the system the ship was damaged, and the ODSTs crash landed on Zeta-9, where they survived for years.


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