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Archivist-7-Reticent is one of the five registered Precursor's AI on Earth.

">>The Lexicon is in peril, hurry..."


Archivist-7-Reticent is an Archivist-class Construct. It has a personal avatar which has a closely resembles the Sputnik satellite created by the Russians in the 20th Century. The physical form has a spherical black casing with a yellow outline surrounding the centre eye which has a sky-blue and yellow eye in the centre of the casing. There are also four sharp spike protruding from the shell, possibly acting as its antenna.


Archivist-7-Reticent can be found rarely in Earth network. It is however seen only twice as a yellow-text command prompt, warning about a possible enemy coming. The information given by this AI seems to relate to the history logs of the Precursor and how they became extinct. It contacts users it founds by using yellow text in a form of a command prompt, the same style used by Vendetta-4-Vexation.

There is also a speculation from the word 'Archivist'; a synonym to history collector of the Precursor but however the word 'Reticent' applies that Archivist-7-Reticent maybe uncommunicative in speech, being silent all the time.

Batch Files

Batch Files were found in an unknown website by Matoro3311, a member of the Halopedia who was contact by Archivist-7-Reticent (through his e-mail address). These files hold some fragments of the history logs of the Precursor. However, some of them seem to have a data corruption due to ageing and old updates.

*Incoming Source*

<\Incoming Attachment: [Source Unknown]
<\User Log: Matoro3311
>>Scanning files
>>This might help
>>He might find this
>>Hide it


The Precursor have journeyed and covered eleven galaxies, one of which is the Milky Way. They repopulate and terraformed countless of planets to suit their habitat, at a certain point uncovered a great number of species, some still remain unknown as the data archive were lost along with them.

Precursor categorize themselves in terms of race, often known as Precurse. The validity of Precursor races as biological categories are unknown as data archive were lost along with them. Racial groups, are linked by dialectic, cultural, classes, and national ties, all of which can lead to variant treatment and impact social identity, giving rise to classes problems and the theory of bias power.

At some point during the relocation, they encountered several sentient race, some of which seemed to be advanced. These species were eventually helped by the Precursor, in terms of education and technology. Some of the species in the future were known by the present time as the Forerunner.


In a closed file section, the Precursor had a loose relation with another [RACE\Unk?Vir\1?20], caused by an arousing problems over power of influence. War broke loose and continued for [TIME:Pre-19Y?] where both factions were not able to find any solutions.

Diplomatic relations has been avert for quite some time till it came to the point that the war could only ended with the destruction of the race by theory. The war indefinitely ended by an agreement where they reached a point that both of them were too strong to be defeated.


As they finished the Text Error\Nam?:Iris Nebulae War after 6 months, the Precursor survey team [Nam?:ST-Heromsu107] came into contact with an indigenous species within the Antennae Galaxies. Within the galaxy, thousands of planets were left barren, some structures still standing but there were no signs of firearms loose.

As they surveyed each planet with additional survey teams, three of the team surface a supposable 'surviving species'. Unknown to the three, they fell victim to the uncategorized and unspecified species which expand their grasp using the surveyors' cruisers.

With the unknown species reaching every Precursors' claimed planets, their number increased indefinitely. A certain solutions were issued to end the extermination of the Precursors but most were unable to be finish due to intrusion of the unknown species. An anti-god form were created and [Error Log\No? found\Caus!10:T2me~09ub5le created].


  • Archivist-7-Reticent is one of the five AIs who knew the location of the Archive before it got lost from time.


Constructs of the Precursors
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