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Biological information


Physical description

Average 5’7



Skin color

White with an additional unique colour

  • Each one has a completely white body with patterns that have a single differing colour.
  • Each appears to have a humanoid female shape
  • They have no visible ears
  • Their body patterns make up certain features on their bodies
Military and Political information
Notable Individuals


Other Names

Femina Formo (Forerunner for “Female Shaped”)


The Archons (Femina Formo, Forerunner for “Female Shaped”) are a species of female shaped humanoid aliens that originated from an unknown vector of space. They are extremely unique, in that documents have been found that date them to or before the time of the Precursors, and that they have several extremely unique natural abilities.


Archons are a bizarre species to say the very least. They have no gender, though they have the shape of a female humanoid, and they have a single uniform set of reproductive organs They reproduce asexually (Meaning, without the need to have sex). This means that all offspring are almost identical to their parents, small differences occur every few generations that result from mutations and mistakes during birth. This usually develops into them bearing different colours or auras.
Their flesh is made up of a certain percentage of an unknown metal that gives off a distinct type of radiation. This gives them a radiant appearance, as the radiation also gives off photons.


The Archons are a species of beings that have the body form of humanoid women, and according to accounts of them, they look somewhat like the holographic visage of a naked humanoid AI, like Cortana. Unlike AI however, they do not have the information trails moving over them, but they do tend to come in admiring colours. They have facial features based upon patterns that the colours make up, any part of them not coloured is typically white-silver. Their skin is strangely dense but warm as though giving off body heat. They have eyes, nose and a mouth, but no ears, their eyes are featureless and are merely one large lens with a protective, natural, thin layer of tangible tissue, the eyes are pure white. Their mouth is the same as a human’s, but their tongues and the inside of their mouths is pale blue. They have what appears to be hair, but if one is lucky enough to get close, they will see it is actually a part of their head instead of many stands.
They don’t appear to be able to smell, but they can hear, though the method of how they do so is unclear.


Their name comes from an ancient Forerunner artifact known as “The Delineatum”, a piece scavenged from Installation 00. A log was found about them, and the Forerunner Construct, Mendicent Bias, provided the accurate English translation of their name, which is “Female Shaped”. However, afterwards he also mentioned a log where another Forerunner later entered information on the same topic, calling them Archons. The reason for this was never explicitly put into the log; however, it is speculated that by the remainder of the entered piece that an Archon told the Forerunner in question their name. This is surprising, since Archons on record have never been known to talk to anyone.


The Archons are an extremely esoteric people, little to nothing is know about them except that they appear to only those they wish to. This has lead to them being given many names, including “Angels”, “Ghosts”, and many other mysterious titles as the stories of them are passed on through the galaxy.
Most Archons are quiet, composed and appear aloof to the point of being impassive, but on several occasions have been seen to be playful, if not a little childish. They occasionally emit a sound that they use to activate one of their somewhat amazing abilities (see below), which sounds like a woman giggling mischievously. They appear to never talk, or show any form of communication other than gestures and hand signals, but even these are rare. They seem to have no correlation with each other, as two have never been seen together. Some even believe that they are all the same Archon just with different appearances, however this theory is discredited by the fact that on at least one occasion Archon sightings have occurred at near enough exactly the same time, mostly in old Forerunner accounts of their sightings.
They do not appear to be discriminative, as all known species seem to have some record of their sighting, including Sangheili, Unggoy, San ‘Shyuum, Jiralhanae, Mgalekgolo, Kig-yar, Yanme’e, even the Precursors appear to have had some kind of account of them. This being so, they are one of, if not the oldest species in the galaxy, if not the universe.
They are completely pacifistic, never has there ever been a report of them being aggressive or violent in any manner, except for one account of one crushing a gun in its bare hand. This was apparently done however because Andrew-076, who witnessed the being. told her what the weapon did, which seemed to displease her.


This is a small documented list of apparent sightings by several races. There are multiple other sightings by many different peoples, however these seem to be the most likely to be realistic rather than ghost stories. Archons have only ever once been interacted with for an extended period of time, meaning little to nothing is known about them, their biology, life-style or anything. (All information on this page is due in fact to explain why they can do what they do)

John Paul Rhodes III, Human, North American Federation, 2467CE

A simple farmer, John Paul lives on his own farm in the North American Federation in the former American State of Virginia. Circa 2467CE, John Paul claimed to have seen an ethereal being flying above him, all white and a rich royal blue, by his account he claims it was an Angel. Allegedly he called out to it, and as the being turned to him, it giggled cutely and phased out of existence.
Somewhat elated by the vision he had had, several other eye witnesses confirm that he rushed to the nearest town and started a felicitous rant about how he had been blessed by an Angel.

Hidhik, Unggoy, Balaho, Unknown date

600px-H3 Grunt Minor

Unggoy Minor Jibjib acting the part of Hidhik in a reenactment of the legend

Despite the lack of date, it can be assumed that it was before 2142CE when the Unggoy were incorporated into the Covenant. The reason for this is because the account was physically documented, and is an Unggoy legend, where as Covenant records tend to be within electronic storage devices or on murals.
The account is brief, however it describes that a lone Unggoy named Hidhik, a guard to the Unggoy matriarch was approached by a tall “pretty person”, who flew around him. Being curious, the Unggoy cautiously approached the thing, but no sooner had he gotten close, it made a sound of some description and vanished

High Prophet of Ire, San ‘Shyuum, High Charity, 7th Age of Discovery

Contrite Purpose - High Charity

The Covenant Holy City of High Charity, where the Archon was spotted by the High Prophet of Ire

The only known San ‘Shyuum sighting was made by the High Prophet of Ire, in a private journal entry.

By the Lords, I believe that I may have just borne witness to something spectacular! Something marvelous and unique! Before me, in front of my own two eyes, I saw this being of definite light. Within the Council Chamber, I stood looking over several items left to me after the Council’s previous meeting, when all of a sudden the lights became exponentially brighter, or so I thought. Turning around, to me amazement I saw this being of purest white and purple. By the very crown that rests on my head, I swear it appeared as our lords did in the carvings we possess!
It was at the time that words escaped me, and later on I regret it mournfully. It hovered, feet never touching the impurity of my floor, towards me it came with a grace I had never seen. With a single hand it reached towards me, my body refused to move as I gaped in awe. Before the majesty of its touch came to my old, dry skin, it suddenly lost its form and vanished before me.
I don’t know whether this was a sign of our Lords, or something new, but I think it would be best if it were kept to myself until such a time when I find out exactly what was meant by this fantastic occurrence.
- An excerpt from the High Prophet of Ire's personal Journal, circa 7th Age of Discovery

Kvat ‘Waritree, Sangheili, Sanghelios, Unknown Date

Elite zealot

Fleet Master Kvat 'Waritree

There are in fact two-three accounts of Sangheili seeing these creatures, however the most detailed is the story of Fleet Master Kvat ‘Waritree. At an unknown date, even the Age is not documented, Fleet Master Kvat ‘Warintree took leave to his homeworld of Sanghelios. During his stay, he allegedly went hunting along with several of his close friends into the desert to the west of Yermo. During a storm, he lost his companions and became stranded. Knowing full well he would die if he didn’t locate his friends or a way out of the desert, he attempted to climb a rocky formation to scope the surroundings. However, through the sand that raged around him, he saw that atop the formation was a light of some sort. Reaching the top, he found what appeared to be a light emitting entity of some sort, all white and green, though he is remarked to have said that he couldn’t make out what it was exactly through the storm. The being turned to him as he climbed the formation, and pointed out behind him. Suspicious of the being, Kvat did not look, but approached the being cautiously. The being made a small sound that the Fleet Master could only describe as a mocking noise, before vanishing into the swirling sands. Looking back over his shoulder to where the creature had pointed, he saw several figures moving in the desert below.


Archons are an extremely adept and evolved species that possess abilities far beyond that of mere physical enhancement. The first and most noticeable power they possess, is the ability to naturally traverse Slipspace. Unlike a drive with a computer that works out multiple calculations to open a physical portal into the Slipstream, Archons have hyper sensitive nerve networks that allow their brains to transmit signals to every cell of their bodies instantaneously. By doing this, they order their cells manually to transmit a portion of their energy and natural gravity to form the means of entering Slipspace. Simply put, the Archon’s cells individually, but simultaneously phase into Slipspace. Their cells are held together by a combination of each cells own gravity, and magnetic forces, much like an atom is held together, allowing their cells to reform within Slipspace completely unchanged. They then exit Slipspace where ever they desire, in record time, in fact they are so adapt at traversing Slipspace, they are able to traverse from one side of the Galaxy to the other in a matter of minutes.
Their bodies are also one of their abilities in and on themselves. Unknown to anyone, even the Precursors or Forerunner, the Archon’s bodies are slightly inorganic. Their skins are a certain percentage of some unknown metal that give off a benign photon based radiation, which is the light documented in several of their sightings. Their bodies are what makes them immune to the radiation of Slipspace, and allows them to traverse it unharmed, it is speculated that this radiation is an antithesis that counteracts the radiation present in Slipspace. They may also move other things into Slipspace with them, however they have never been documented to have taken a living thing, the reason probably being because of the dangers Slipspace presents to most species.
Beyond this their abilities are vague, the only other known power is that they are incredibly strong, though this still is vague because only one has ever been known to use this strength. The strength is potent enough to crush a BR55HB SR Battle Rifle with minimal effort


Neysa is the name of the only named Archon. She appeared before Andrew-076 when he was rescued from Research Station 8472. Apparently taking an interest in his aloofness, she introduced herself after he asked her by inscribing it into the metal wall next to him. Impressed, Andrew complimented her as she hovered playfully around the room. Upon finding his Battle Rifle, she picked it up and began to observe it, accidentally causing it to fire. Upon seeing what the weapon did to the wall, and how Andrew reacted to the weapon, she looked it over again before crushing it in her hand. Letting the broken weapon fall into two crushed halves on the floor, she giggled lightly and phased out of existence.

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