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They are a race of aliens that live under the surface of the Planet Artic IV. They are a large aracknid type form that is made up of an exoskeleton and a gooey inside. They speak a different language but some of them know English. They can make a sort of goey substance like a spider-web come out of their mouths and they use it to bind wood, metal, stone, dried mud, etc. They have six legs which they walk on and two which they use as hands. They also have pincers which they use to bite and injecte a small amount of poison into the blood strem which knocks-out the target for a number of hours. They are omnivores and grow their own crops. They appear to have protection from radiation it maybe from the exoskeleton. They are only effected by radiation when they are eggs. They live in nest of up to 100000 Ark'her, they are part of the Arctic IV Alliance.

Social Structure

They have a pyramid style social structure. The Nest Queen is at the top of the pyramid with her Elite guards under her. After them is the Juggernauts and then the Soldiers. At the bottom of the pyramid is the Workers they do all the grunt work and manual labour. It is similar to an ant's nest.

Elite Gaurds

The Elite Guards protect the Queen and are the head commanders of the army. The hold spears that radiate a strange electricity that will stay in your body until you die or it is extracted from your body. They also sometimes carry a stronger version of the gun the Soldiers use. They will also carry small packs of explosives smiliar to sachtel charges.


They are bred to have a thicker exoskeleton than the rest of the Ark'her. They are the beserkers of the Ark'her and are armed to the pincers. They have a stronger poison within their pincers. The have and sword that is dipped in radiation. Also they have more of the tightly packed explosives that the Elite Guards have. The have also more knives which are also radiated and a pike which is radiated as well.


They are the lowest class in the army. They carry a gun that shoots out a radioactive substance known to them as gerfet. It has a small crystal in each shot which will explode 2 seconds after penatration of the flesh and release a small amount of radioactive goo. They also carry the sword that the juggernauts carry. Also they have small balls which contain explosives just like a grenade.


They have no real weapons but they do have a set of tools of a belt like piece of cloth. They have the most numbers in the nest and make the nest what it is. They farm and build the building and tunnels in the nest. They are expendible because they are also being hatched. They need very little to survive. Some might be promoted to a Solider class but that is the highest rank they can achieve.

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