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This Galaxy is vast its wonders and beauty are almost unfathomable. But the galaxy also hides dark secrets some of which have lain dormant since the beginning of time itself.There is a danger in secrets. Both in seeking and in knowing. Somethings are meant to be hidden from view. Some mysteries defy understanding. And sometimes even the things we think we know are untrue. Some secrets should remain untouched. .--Cortana AI (Rampant)

The Ark Exploration Project is a generalized term. It refers to the entirety of exploration of the Ark Portal, the Mombasa Artifacts and the great structure found beneath the African plains as well as the Ark itself. The project was the single greatest disaster in human history resulting in <<Error/data interrupted/new transmission>>

I am the creator and the destroyer. I have engulfed entire worlds. Your puny civilization is no match for me. I am the Alpha and Omega. I am the sleeping giant and you have awakened me. Prepare for your destruction.

<<Data resume>>

<<Transmission log June 2553>>

Harding: Harding to baseplate. Beginning decent.

Security Chief: Roger that Harding. We have you on scanners.

Harding: My team is a bit antsy about having explosives but I believe that we will need them.

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