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Arkanos Fenix
Biographical information


Date of birth

January 20th, 2510

Date of death

July 15, 2535

Physical description

Rear Admiral Upper Half






UNSC Ship Fable, UNSC Ship Fable's Fate

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Chronological and political information

Human-Covenant War

Notable Facts

Battle Of Reach(over 3 of them), Battle of Tau Ceti(Over 3 of them), Battle of the Atlantic System, Patrol of Groom bridge System, Various other battles.


United Nations Space Command



Arkanos Fenix lived on Earth in the nation of Canada until he was about 20. He then joined the United Nations Space Command Defense Force(UNSCDF). Fenix graduated from Luna OCS within a year of starting and was place within the One Hundred and First(101st) Vanguard Reserve squadron in the first fleet. During his time with the 101st he served as the NAV officer for the UNSCS Fable, a Mako Class Corvette star ship. The UNSCS Fable was destroyed after a patrol inside Reach space.

With the destruction of the Fable, Fenix was transferred to the Three Hundred and Second attack squadron(302nd) in the third fleet. He served on various frigates until he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and given command of his own Frigate, shortly after he named it the Fable in tribute to the ship he first served on.

After 1 and a half years of vicious fighting in Reach and Tau Ceti the UNSCS Fable was once again destroyed on patrol in the Groom bridge III system. Fenix and some of his crew were picked up in life pods by the Two Hundred and Second(202nd) Atlantia under command of Lieutenant Commander Mack Ford.

For certain bravery during the mission Fenix was promoted to Commander and given command of a Harvest Class Guided Missile Destroyer(DDG). He once again named it the Fable. After much action the DDG Fable was destroyed during heavy fighting in the Tau Ceti system.

Fenix was then promoted again to Captain and given command of a CB Marathon Large Cruiser. Keeping with his tradition he named it the Fable. This ship saw mush more action then the DDG or FFG Fenix had previously commanded and pulled through it all. He was then promoted to Rear Admiral Lower Half But during the Traceless incident Fenix detonated a SHIVA nuclear warhead inside the Fable to destroy ONI prowlers trying to capture his friend Drist Nameck for wrongful reason. Drist picked up Fenix's lifepod and after the Traceless incident Fenix was promoted to Rear Admiral Upper Half and given command of the 202nd Defense Squadron.

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Other Information

Fenix has a family of his Father, and Mother who are unnamed in his story. His baby sister, Hilary. Younger brothers Schuyler(KIA) and Krios(WIA-But Back In Active Service)

He has surprisingly made Rear Admiral Upper Half in only five years of naval service, which is very very uncommon.

Fenix's Last Stand

The Admiral finally meets his fate... By: chestomagnetic at FLCE

//AUDIO RECORDING: Day 02 of Routine Patrol\\ “They’re getting closer! You have to come!”

  • whine of plasma*

“No, there’s no time! You have to go now. Go, go, I’ll hold ‘em off!”

  • explosions and rumbling*

“No! We won’t leave you! There’s still time!”

  • yelling and grunting from Covenant*

“Jesus! Here they come. Go now! Go before it’s too late!”

  • weapons fire*

“Godspeed my friend. May you rest in peace.”

  • running*

“You want some? Come and get it!”

  • deep rumbling and explosions and weapons fire*
  • white noise*


Fenix’s Last Stand The Admiral finally meets his fate…

1936 Hours / Day 01 of Routine Patrol / Atlántico III, Atlantic system / UNSCS Fable’s Fate

Rear Admiral Arkanos Fenix paced the bridge impatiently as his bridge officers tapped away slowly at their stations, prepping the Fable’s Fate for reversion to real space from Slipspace. Something didn’t bode well with him and he had long ago learned to trust that instinct, only time would tell whether he was right. Fenix had been sent out on a routine patrol by HIGHCOM all on his lonesome. Still, the Atlantic system was pretty far away from anything major and Arkanos was wondering whether someone in HIGHCOM or ONI was still a little sore over the Traceless incident.

He was snapped out of his thoughts as Lieutenant Junior Grade Brett McDonnell addressed him from the NAV station, “Admiral, we’re exiting Slipspace……now.” At his word the view screen filled with life and the panoramic view of the stars and Atlántico III in the background. Fenix scanned the system anxiously with his eyes, finding nothing out of place. The bridge crew quickly scanned their fields of expertise and found them clear. “I’ve got no enemy targets. Weapons to standby mode,” called out Lieutenant Tyler Hatfield from the weapons station.

“No unusual transmissions detected in-system. Just a welcome call from planet side,” called out Lieutenant Devon Caskenette as he scanned the many different bandwidths of radio frequencies.

“Everything reading green over here sir,” reported the OPS officer, Lieutenant Junior Grade Matt Stevens, followed by Melissa Nameck, “Engines and reactors are fully operational.”

A burst of light heralded the arrival of Sev in his full suit of medieval battle armour. “Admiral, I’m picking up a very faint distortion on long range scanners almost right on top of Atlántico III.”

Arkanos turned to Sev and stared at him for a solid five seconds. “Sev,” he began, barely keeping his urge to silence him permanently in check, “I have a lot on my mind at the moment. We’re the only UNSC vessel for light years around, the only thing standing between this colony and destruction by the Covenant and you bother me with a tiny distortion on top of a planet on long range scanners? Had it not occurred to you that it might be interference from the magnetic field? Maybe you would have thought to run a diagnostic check before annoying me when I am clearly busy?” Some of the bridge crew turned and stared at Fenix in shock; he had never lost it with an AI before, and that rattled them more than anything else so far on this mission, not that there was much to be rattled about so far. In truth Fenix was rattled as well, he didn’t even know why he had just lost it, and that didn’t bode well with him.

Sev stared at the admiral for a few seconds before replying just as coldly as the admiral had treated him, “Diagnostic check run ad-miral.” He put great emphasis on the last two syllables. “Contact is gone. However I definitely saw something there.”

Arkanos didn’t bother turning back to Sev, he just spat fire and smoke, “Sure you did. Now just concentrate on plotting us a geo-sync orbit with the colony.”

The bridge officers looked at Fenix warily for a few more seconds before turning back to their stations and continuing their work.

2211 Hours / Day 01 of Routine Patrol / Geo-sync orbit Atlántico III, Atlantic system / UNSCS Fable’s Fate

Admiral Fenix sat stiffy in his command chair, best admiral’s uniform on. On the screen in front of him the governor of Pyres city, Governor Julius Hawke, sat in his office. “…As I was saying, it’s a big honour to have the great Rear Admiral Fenix here protecting us. It makes everyone feel so much better.”

Arkanos waved down the compliment, “Really governor, I’m not that great.”

“Nonsense, word of your feats has spread far and wide. I would call it a great act that you drove off a group of Covenant ships attacking some freighters. I would also call it great that you sacrificed your old cruiser to allow your friend to escape from wrongful capture and destruction, risking your life.”

Fenix was quietly stunned that the governor knew of the Traceless incident and he tried not to show it, but some surprise much have registered on his face because the governor laughed, “You are wondering how we managed to hear about that incident? Well we have some contacts, they have heard about it from people who heard it from people who heard it from people; a great big grapevine.”

“Uh huh,” Fenix replied, not really satisfied with the governor’s answer. “Well, I’m going to stay here until my orders are changed or the Covenant come. Either way I’m here for the long run.”

“Good. Makes us feel much better that a UNSC cruiser is here on the prowl.”

Fenix was about to reply, about to say that his cruiser wouldn’t be able to do much if something more than a lone destroyer showed up when his ship shook and rumbled, smoke roiling onto the bridge and klaxons melding into one another.

“Admiral!” cried out Melissa from the engineering console as extractor fans kicked in on high, sucking the smoke out of the bridge, “Engines are gone! I’ve go no response from any of them. Can’t see what happened.”

At this moment Sev re-appeared and spoke in a smug know-it-all voice, “Well I did tell you there was a contact.”

Fenix didn’t have time for his lip, “Alright Sev, I’m sorry. Now shut the hell up and show me what we’re up against!”

The TAC screen re-arranged itself, the concerned governor being pushed into a small corner and the port hull camera’s coming up in widescreen. Fenix felt his blood run cold as a Covenant destroyer cruised lazily through the mist caused by the venting gases fm the severely damaged aft sector.

“Weapons,” Fenix cried out as he watched the pulse lasers on the destroyer charge up, “what can we bring to bear on that ship?”

Tyler Hatfield tapped away madly for a second before replying, “I’ve got all port archer pods locked on; firing.” On screen a swarm of archer missiles jumped from the Fable’s Fate towards the destroyer, impacting before the pulse lasers could target them. Fire splashed over their shields but the admiral had seen too much action and knew they wouldn’t do any real damage. “MLA’s targeted.” On screen a veritable wall of lead erupted from the many portside MLA batteries and pounded the shields of the destroyer, causing millions of tiny ripples in the shielding.

The response was short and vicious. Pulse lasers lanced out at the MLA’s, vaporising them instantly. The deck shook as the guns were destroyed and Fenix felt despair well up in him at being unable to do anything against the enemy. “COM’s, open me a ship-wide channel.”

Devon worked quickly, and turned back to the admiral, “Line open sir.”

Fenix stood up and spoke, knowing his throat mike would pick up his voice and send it throughout the ship. “All hands, this is your captain speaking. We are under attack by a Covenant vessel. Engines have been destroyed and our portside weaponry is annihilated. All hands prepare to repel boarders from the port side, this is a combat alert alpha, repeat; combat alert alpha. All hands prepare to repel boarders portside.”

Fenix turned back to the view screen just as the ship shuddered again and pings and groans diffused through the hull. “What the…?”

Sev reported quick-fire, “Admiral, all hands are preparing to repel boarders from the port side. The Covenant destroyer appears to have attached grappling lines and grav beams to us and are extending multiple tubes towards us.”

“What are they trying to do?” Fenix wondered out loud, hoping someone would have an answer.

Melissa Nameck spoke up from the back of the bridge, “I think they intend to latch onto us and burn through our hull with those tubes so they can board.”

“Jesus,” Arkanos whispered, “Sev! Get our anti-boarding parties to set up around those points now!”

The bridge crew watched in silence as the destroyer pulled in closer until her boarding tubes latched onto the hull with a dull thud. The plating glowed dull red as whatever the Covenant was using burned through the armour plating in quick time. Static crackled across the speakers, causing the whole crew to jump as one of the ODST’s initiated an open link to the bridge. Multiple indistinct voices could be heard before someone approached the person with the microphone and spoke, “Colonel, the A7’s are set up with covering fields of fire.”

Arkanos breathed a little easier with the mention of active A7’s. A7 was the nickname for an ‘Auto-turret 7.62mm, Tripod’ an automatic tri-barrelled chain gun firing standard UNSC 7.62mm bullets from belts of 1000 or from assault rifle clips. They could fire an impressive 500 rounds a minute and suffer very little degradation of accuracy thanks to powerful hydraulic systems.

A hissing could be heard over the channel as the Covenant started to burn through the hull into the interior of the ship. A small explosion and clattering of metal sounded as the plug of armour popped out. Grunts could be heard barking and yelping as they ran out and were quickly drowned out by the whirr of A7’s, the clatter of MA5B assault rifles and the more orderly chatter of MA5 carbines. Plasma whined back over the speakers and marines cursed, yelled and screamed as the battle entered full tilt.

The roar of what was unmistakably a Hunter chilled Fenix to the core as its plasma gun cycled and fired, shattering the link into white noise. However, before it was lost completely Arkanos though the heard the whump-crump of a rocket launcher being fired and a Hunter roar of pain, then the link went dead.

The bridge crew looked at each other for a few seconds, stunned disbelief on their faces. Fenix turned back to the display to find governor Hawke waiting anxiously. “Sorry governor, I’ve got to go. We have a--” he never finished that sentence because at that moment the Governor shouted out, “behind you!” and Fenix turned to find a plasma sword hovering behind him.

Someone shouted out and spear-tackled the invisible elite from behind as Fenix dived forwards and twisted to avoid the flailing sword which took a chunk out of where he had been sitting a second ago.

Fenix watched in horror as Tyler Hatfield grappled with the elite, it was all one way traffic. The elite got his free hand on Tyler’s chest and his hooves on his hips, lifting him bodily off him. Before anyone could blink the elite drove his plasma sword into Tyler’s gut. Hatfield stopped struggling and looked at the sword driven clean through him before the elite pulled it out with a wet sizzle and kicked him off, sending him flying into the opposite wall where he slid down the bulkhead and lay there, not moving, head lolling on his chest.

The elite was in the process of getting up again to finish the rest of the crew off when Melissa appeared above his head, M6D extended in perfect position, and fired. Bullets hammered the elite as he writhed on the floor in agony. His shielding had not been active because his camouflage was on, and the bullets tore into him. Melissa shifted her aim and put the last bullet into his head, blowing his brains out the back, and sending the elite into a fit as his limbs jerked their last movements. The camo generator chose that moment to fail, revealing the dead elite.

Fenix took a deep breath in, his heart was pounding, and he thanked his lucky stars he’d survived, which was when he remembered Tyler. “Tyler,” he yelled, jumping to his feet, narrow escape forgotten. He grabbed the first aid kit off the wall and knelt by Hatfield as Melissa pulled him flat onto the ground, swearing under his breath all the time. Arkanos rifled through the box, coming up with the small bottle of bio-foam which he inserted into the curiously blood-free wound. The foam entered Tyler’s abdominal cavity and expanded, sealing the wound up and staving off the shock for a while. Fenix then grabbed a bandage and a sterile syringe filled with painkillers and jabbed it into Tyler, pumping him full of beta-blockers and sending him off to a happier place. Finally, with the help of Melissa, Arkanos wrapped the bandage around Hatfield’s wound, sealing the bio-foam in.

Arkanos looked up from Tyler to discover Devon Caskenette handing out the contents of the two weapons lockers on the bridge. Arkanos took the offered MA5 carbine and four clips of ammunition, which he promptly loaded the gun with one and pocketed the rest. He took stock of their basic weaponry. Seven standard issue side-arms with about three clips each and two MA5 carbines with 8 clips for both of them. Not what he would have chosen to fight his way out of his own vessel with.

Fenix turned to the holo-tank and pulled out the data crystal containing Sev, slotting it into his uniform. He turned back to the governor still waiting anxiously and was about to sign off with him when everything suddenly went pitch black and all the consoles shut down.

“What happened?” asked Arkanos’ executive officer, Lieutenant Commander Martin Jettin as he turned on the barrel-mounted flashlight on his carbine, cutting a small swathe through the inky darkness.

Fenix likewise switched his light on and replied, “I think the Covenant just cut the main power conduits. Must have got the emergency power as well, otherwise we’d still have lights and some consoles.”

A few other lights snapped on as the other bridge crew fished around in their pockets for a flashlight and snapped it onto their pistols. Matt Stevens hoisted Tyler over his shoulder and awaited Arkanos’ signal.

Fenix took point and moved cautiously forward, sweeping the way ahead with his light and letting the other cover the rear and sides. It was going to be a long, long day.”

2229 Hours / Day 01 of Routine Patrol / Geo-sync orbit Atlántico III, Atlantic system / UNSCS Fable’s Fate

The sounds of battle reached the ears of the bridge crew long before they actually saw the engagement. Fenix crept towards, sweeping the corridor, and nearly killed two of his own men when they appeared on his left, guns raised. “Jesus,” whispered Arkanos to the two ODST’s, “I nearly killed you both.”

The first one smiled in the light of Fenix’s light and replied jovially, “With all due respect sir, we had you covered. If you’re going to sneak up on people you need to learn to be quieter.”

Fenix smiled, “Well that’s why I drive ships and you pound across ground.”

The mutual joke moment over, the ODST’s beckoned the bridge crew in through a door into the 50 metre square main mess hall. Covenant were congregated at the far end, shielded by stationary energy shields; and the UNSC were gathered at the opposite end, sheltered behind hastily placed riot walls.

Arkanos moved to the temporary C&C centre placed at the back of the UNSC fortifications, ducking slightly more every time a burst of fire sounded. Brett McDonnell was bringing up the rear of the group when a pink beam passed through his head and cratered the wall behind him. Brett just pitched forward, blood and brains oozing from the wounds, and lay still. No scream, no final death throes, he just stopped.

Melissa turned around and started back towards McDonnell, intent on dragging him back with her when another beam grazed her head, sending her scrambling backwards on her hands and arse.

Jettin grabbed Melissa under the armpits and pulled her into the relative safety of the riot walls. Lieutenant Colonel Tommy Collins turned at the commotion and spotted Fenix crouching near the wall of riot barriers that made up the C&C. He pulled his headset off and addressed the Admiral, “Sir, things aren’t going good. We tried our best, but we never really had a chance. Every time we set up a solid defensive position the Covenant bring heavy firepower in and blow us away. I’ve got a couple of groups of cut off ODST’s holed up near the armoury and near engineering. I’m losing contact regularly, and every time I regain it they’ve lost a few more men.” He sighed deeply, picking up his carbine out of habit and turning it over in his hands unconsciously, “We lost Colonel Holman in the initial fight near the boarding tubes. He took a plasma round to the gut and bled out waiting for a medic that never arrived. We’ve managed to halt them here, but they probably own two thirds of the ship practically, except for those few pockets. Reactors, engineering, armoury, anything below this deck, and anything else down that way are theirs.”

Fenix pondered the situation, he was a damn good ship driver but in ground combat, man-to-alien, he was mediocre at best. He was about to see what kind of weaponry they still had available when the sounds of battle, already loud, stepped up to a new level. Sniper rifles filled the air with cracks! as the snipers sighted on the Covenant and blasted away. Arkanos peered up over the barrier to find a wave of grunts charging their position, plasma pistols firing indiscriminately. The marines opened up on the grunts, dropping them where they ran, but there were too many and as the first ones fell gurgling at the base of the human barricades and new group of Covenant appeared.

Fenix watched in awe as a solid line of jackals advanced in a ‘tortoise’ formation, energy shields overlapping each other and allowing nothing in from the front or top. Bullets pinged off the shields as the jackals advanced unstoppably. Some grenades flew from the marines and landed on the top of the shields, blasting a few apart but more just filled the gaps. Snipers dropped some through the small gaps in the shields but there was just too many of them. Finally someone thought to get some rockets flying, and when they did they blasted great holes in the jackal formation, allowing bullets and grenades to rip into the heart of the group.

Tommy Collins ran between his men in the first line, firing from here and shouting encouragement there, giving ammo wherever. He peered at the Covenant with despair, his troops were badly outnumbered and try as they might they couldn’t stop the inexorable advance of the Covenant.

Muzzle flash played hell with Fenix’s night vision, but he still popped up from cover and let rip with his carbine, hitting more shields than anything else, but at least it kept the Covenant wary. After reloading Arkanos popped up to find the jackals at the wall and firing in. ODST’s and marines tried to return fire but were mercilessly mown down as they retreated to the second line of defences, only 5 metres from the C&C.

A speaker box flew over the jackals now crouched behind the vacated human barricade and landing in the middle of the remaining marines, bouncing a few times before coming to rest leaning against the C&C barricades. All fire form the Covenant just stopped, no warning, and the marines stopped firing from sheer surprise. An inhuman voice full of power and rage emanated from the speaker, resonating through the very deck, “Humans! Lay down your weapons and we will spare you. Keep on fighting and you will be killed!”

The marines were never given a chance to surrender. While they were focussed on the speaker a camouflaged group of elites snuck inside the barriers and began slitting throats. Collins shouted at his men to watch their backs and the firing started again. Arkanos could see that the marines were in pretty bad shape, fire from outside and in, not to mention the camo elites reeking havoc, was wearing them down pretty quickly.

His bridge crew fired as well as they could, but they were pilots not soldiers. Suddenly, Collins stumbled back into the C&C, bleeding profusely from a shoulder wound. “He slumped against the barriers and the fight seemed to go out of him, “We’re done for. I’ve got God knows how many invisible elites running around inside our defences and I’ve got a shit-load of Covenant outside as well. We need to get away, but to where?”

Fenix felt blood splatter on his face as someone next to him fell. He turned just in time to see Lieutenant Devon Caskenette arcing gracefully backwards, blood pumping from a ragged chest wound. He hit the deck hard and reached shakily for Arkanos, eyes glazing over and blood dribbling from the corner of his mouth. Devon never made it, his arm stopped halfway and his head rolled to the side, before his arm dropped and his eyes glazed over, he took one last breath and Arkanos could clearly hear the death rattle as he died.

“Fuck!” exclaimed Fenix as he watched another of his bridge crew take a fatal wound. His crew had been together over many campaigns and engagements and losing them felt like he was losing something of himself, particularly the horrible death rattle, it was unbearable.

Fenix felt despair rising again, and all of a sudden he remembered Tyler, who was lying against the wall still out of it. Arkanos checked his pulse, still going, and was in the process of turning back to join the fight when Stevens brushed passed him, picked Hatfield up unceremoniously, and slung him over his shoulder before backing out of the door, covering his back with his pistol.

Arkanos turned back to find the last group of ODST’s fighting a losing battle against the 50 or so Covenant arrayed against them. Collins appeared in his line of vision, holding two remote headsets and his carbine. He slung the gun and grabbed the admiral on the shoulder, spinning him around and pointing him towards the door, shouting, barely audible over the racket of battle as the ODST’s fought like wild dogs, “We need to leave now! Sergeant Willis will buy us as much time as possible!” Fenix took the hint, not clearly hearing Tommy, and followed the rest of his bridge crew out, the lieutenant colonel being last, covering their backs.

The sounds of battle followed Arkanos out as the survivors jogged down a battle damaged corridor, bullet holes and plasma scoring dominated the walls and bodies from both sides lined the deck in the many postures of death, some missing limbs and heads. Collins took the lead and jogged towards a split in the corridor, his barrel mounted light cutting a swaying, bobbing swathe through the near pick blackness. He stopped at the intersection and looked around, trying to find some signage. Here mixed blood covered the floor thickly; Tommy used his combat-booted foot to wipe the blood off the floor signs. His foot found a single picture of stairs, the way to the lift.

Arkanos Fenix suddenly realised it had gone totally silent, only the breathing of his group could be heard. Then he realised that silence was the problem, it meant the Covenant had broken through the ODST’s. A scream of pure terror rent the air before it was abruptly cut off, to be replaced by the guttural barking and yelping of grunts, getting rapidly louder.

“We need to go, now!” Tommy called out, his voice rising to a crescendo. He handed the two headsets he carried, identical to the one he wore, to Fenix and un-slung his carbine, pressing the butt into his shoulder and sighting down the optics railing, the light filling the corridor. A grunt appeared and Tommy let fly, a three round burst catching it in its breathing rig, causing the grunt to fling itself around in a panic as the methane rig caught alight, before it exploded, taking the grunt and three others with it. More appeared and Collins fired again and again, dropping them as they appeared.

The bolt cycled open and Tommy cursed as he primed and threw a grenade, diving into the blood slicked corridor after the rapidly retreating bridge crew. He rolled to his feet and ran, grabbing a new clip and slamming it home.

The grenade exploded and shockwaves chased the escapees down the corridor, towards the lift. They entered the thankfully open lift at full lift and tried to close the doors, only to find they didn’t work. “Jesus Christ!” Fenix exclaimed, kicking the wall, which did nothing except give him a sore toe. “Why isn’t the backup power working here?”

Melissa spoke from the back, her head and torso buried in a now open panel, “Um, I think you’ll find the emergency battery for this lift is dead.”

“Dead? Well it picked a hell of a time to go dead!” exclaimed Arkanos as the grunts rounded the corner and Tommy Collins picked them off. Plasma started to fly in return and everyone in the lift ducked inside the protective side parts. Collins rolled around the corner and fired again, his carbine barking bullets out and dropping grunts left, right and centre. Fenix turned and joined his XO and Collins in firing at the approaching grunts. The trio of carbines pockmarked the walls, deck and grunts as they continued to approach, a lot more cautiously now as they realised they had the humans cornered.

“I think this was one of those minor repairs you didn’t OK, if I remember correctly admiral,” Melissa replied muffled, her head still in the panel. “There,” she exclaimed as a plasma bolt slammed into the wall barely 30 centimetres away from her. “I’ve got the gravity brake working. We can now go down to the bottom level without becoming carbon stains on the roof of the lift.”

Martin Jettin and Arkanos Fenix stopped firing and grabbed the sliding doors and started pushing them shut. Fenix kept up a stream of profanities, never once repeating himself, as he heaved the door shut. They came together just as Collins squeezed a last shot off at an ambitious grunt charging up the hallway, plasma pistol on overcharge. The grunt pitched backwards, his pistol going off into the ceiling, causing melted droplets of metal to rain down all around him.

The lift dropped a foot before the gravity brake caught it and began dropping it at a sedate pace, all the way to the lower level.

2304 Hours / Day 01 of Routine Patrol / Geo-sync orbit Atlántico III, Atlantic system / UNSCS Fable’s Fate

The few survivors slumped down in the lift as it slowly moved from the command level to the bottom decks. Arkanos pressed himself into a corner, carbine lying next to him and scanned the assembled crew.

Martin Jettin attended to Tyler Hatfield, checking his pulse and re-bandaging his gut wound. Fenix watched intently as he worked, wondering whether Tyler would pull through, he didn’t think he could bear to watch his good friend slowly die, slowly drifting into death’s cold embrace.

Jettin turned from Tyler and spoke to Arkanos, “He’s lost a bit of blood and is still in shock, but I think he’ll pull though. We need to get him to a doctor soon though or else his wound is going to be untreatable.” Fenix nodded slowly, trying to figure out a way to survive this and get rid of the Covenant. He glanced over the rest of his bridge crew, noticing how much they all seemed to have turned into soldiers in a very short time.

Melissa Nameck cleared her throat, she was so much like her father and mother in the way she took action and made other react to her, not vice versa. “Now, where exactly are we going?”

No-one replied and the hiss of the lift slowly descending filled the atmosphere. Finally Arkanos spoke, “I think that we need to go down to the Shiva warheads and set one off. It’ll kill the Covenant ship and any Covenant around.” He turned to the lieutenant colonel as he spoke into his headset, trying to link up with any UNSC marines he could, “Fox One. Romeo. Repeat.”

Nothing came back over the headset and the look on his face told everyone all they needed to know. This was a man who had just lost everything and everyone he cared about. His marine brothers were some grisly Covenant meal now and he had nothing to lose.

Tyler groaned softly from the corner as he regained consciousness, gripping his stomach. Fenix turned to him for a second before speaking again, “I’m sorry Tommy,” was all he could think to say to the emotionally ruined troopers who now sat in the corner, burning a hole in the opposite wall with his gaze. Arkanos thought he looked catatonic, but then he noticed a deep, burning fire in his eyes and he realised this was a man that would fight to the last round in the chamber, and then he would pick up some rocks and throw them until he was cut down.

Fenix absently strapped on one of the spare headsets Collins had and handed the other one back. Tommy waved it away silently, so Fenix handed it to his XO, Jettin, who was back attending to Hatfield as he regained consciousness.

The lift shook and bumped as it hit the bottom deck and the wild-eyed humans stood up, guns at the ready. Fenix and Martin moved to the doors again and heaved them open, grunting with the effort. Tommy Collins rolled around the partially open sliding doors and panned his gun and flashlight across the corridor, nothing.

The rest of the crew cautiously came out, guns at the ready and scanned the corridor. Arkanos noticed that this particular stretch was clean and clear, completely devoid of battle damage, blood or bodies. This didn’t do much to settle Fenix’s nerves, but Collins waved the group forward and they leap-frogged up the hall as a unit, covering each other almost like a real squad of marines, almost.

The first inkling that Fenix had that something was greatly wrong was when he came across a battle damaged riot wall with thousands of spare casings and plasma scoring all around it, but no bodies. Stevens came around the corner last and stopped, “Jesus,” he whispered, “what happened here?” His question was answered when Tommy Collins came back from around the next bend, his face ashen and devoid of colour, “I don’t think you want to see.”

Arkanos wheeled around and followed Collins back around the corner and stepped into their own little version of hell. The sickly smell of blood and burnt flesh clogged Arkanos’ nostrils and sent his gagging reflex into overdrive and he doubled over, fighting the urge to vomit as his bile rose. When he finally got his reflexes under control again he looked up and fully took in the padre of horrors that dominated the intersection before him. His barrel mounted flashlight played over the horror before him, adding to the scary and disgusting atmosphere. Probably a dozen UNSC marine lay before him, but he couldn’t be sure because of all the body parts lying around. Marines were missing legs and arms, and a few had ripped open chests which were dripping blood onto the already slick decking. Plasma wounds on many of them served to show that they had gone down fighting, as did the thousands of empties littering the floor around them. Their faces were distorted by some unimaginable pain, and Fenix could only begin to imagine their final moments, surrounded by Covenant and cut off, running out of ammunition, and finally losing out and being ripped apart by ravenous jackals and grunts.

The rest of the bridge crew came around the corner, and immediately wished they hadn’t. Melissa turned around they threw up, painting the wall a technicolour as she hurled. Jettin had a slightly stronger stomach and quickly averted his eyes, staring determinedly at the wall and trying not to think of the horror that lay behind him. He didn’t last long and soon he too was doubled over, a pile of vomit lying at his feet. Tyler, thankfully, passed out as the smell hit him and he avoided joining Melissa and Martin in painting the Fable’s Fate technicolour. Stevens was also made of stronger stuff and he managed to avoid hurling, but only barely.

The crew moved quickly past the bloody battle scene, avoiding looking or thinking about it was much as possible. Collins moved up cautiously, taking point and sweeping the corridor with his flashlight. It came as a surprise to him when he panned across a lone grunt with his back to him. He stopped, did a small double take and then spun back, smacking the grunt with his customised short bayonet. The diminutive grunt gurgling quietly as he fell to the deck with a dull thud that sounded like a gun going off to the secretive escapees; their senses working overtime. Collins hoped he had got the grunt quickly enough, but as if to prove him wrong a second grunt appeared out of a side passage and stared at the humans.

Tommy was too far away to stab him quietly with his bayonet and he squeezed down on his trigger just as the grunt let out a yell. A trio of bullets punctured its chest, exploding out the other side and, as if everything was conspiring against the escape of the humans, the methane rig burst into flames, casting flickering shadows as it burned. “Shit!” Tommy yelled as another pair of grunts appeared and he fired again, dropping them in quick time, “We’ve got company! Let’s go!”

The crew burst into a run, taking corners left and right as grunts chased them through the darkened corridors, firing wildly at their fleeing backs. Collins ran, gun up, not really noticing where he was going, just popping any grunts that appeared before him, trusting the CO and XO to deal with anything from the sides.

Tommy took a left turn and stopped dead, his heart pounding, looking at a dead end room. The rest of the crew piled into the room and stopped, milling around, looking for a way out. The sizzling of plasma served to disperse the crew as they dived for what little cover there was, all except the lieutenant colonel who stood tall and fired, the muzzle flashes lighting his face in strobe effect, as he stared down the optics railing.

Arkanos cast around wildly from where he was pressed into a corner, looking for a way out. He was about to give up in despair when he noticed a large grill set in the roof. “Martin,” he called out, edging towards desperation, “Pop that grill!”

Martin followed the admiral’s pointing finger to the roof 1 and a half metres above his head. “Admiral, it’s too high!” he replied.

Fuck this, thought Arkanos as he burst from his hiding spot and sprinted over to Jettin, plasma scoring the deck and walls behind him. He turned back to the door for a second and spotted Tommy, keeping the Covenant at bay from the relative safety of the door frame. Almost as though he knew the admiral was looking, he called out without turning around or stopping firing, “Sir, you need to go now! I’m running out of ammo!”

Fenix turned around and gave Martin a boost up, allowing him to reach the grill and push it up and in. He grabbed the lip and hauled himself up, placing his carbine in before disappearing into the air ducting. Next up was Hatfield, still semi-unconscious, followed by Melissa and then Stevens. Arkanos Fenix turned around to Tommy Collins, shouting to be heard over the sounds of battle, “Collins! Let’s go!”

Tommy fired off a last burst and in the lull while he was reloading he spoke quickly, “No time sir, they’ll know you’ve gone up the air vents. I’ll stay and hold them off for as long as possible. You need to get to those Shiva’s, set them off and get the hell out of Dodge!” He slammed home a new clip and kept on firing in short, controlled bursts. The grunts were learning quickly, and were covering each other as they advanced on the dead end room.

“Godspeed, Collins. You will be avenged, I swear it,” Fenix replied as he turned around to the waiting Matt Stevens and jumped up, grabbing his hands and disappearing into the vent.

Fenix replaced the grill and took the lead, crawling along the vent away from the Covenant and hopefully to the Shiva launch bay. The sounds of battle followed them, echoing along the ducting as the lieutenant colonel fired precision bursts. A louder bang echoed and Arkanos realised he had just set off a grenade. The burst fire continued for a while longer before it stopped and a distant tiny clatter and profuse swearing could be heard. The fire started up again, although it was a lot slower, and Arkanos realised that Tommy Collins had run out of carbine ammo and had switched to his pistol.

The pistol soon stopped firing as well and a distant battle cry could be heard, followed by faint running as the colonel engaged the enemy in hand-to-hand combat. Fenix and the crew winced as they clearly heard the colonel slam bodily into a bulkhead and bones snapped, followed by a human scream of pain and then, nothing. Complete silence reigned as the crew crawled stealthily through the dusty venting, putting as much distance between the Covenant as they could.

Arkanos silently gave thanks for the brave ODST who had just given his life to let the bridge crew escape, and hoped he wouldn’t have died in vain. There was still a lot of tunnel left to crawl through, and a million things to go wrong.

0001 Hours / Day 02 of Routine Patrol / Geo-sync orbit Atlántico III, Atlantic system / UNSCS Fable’s Fate

Arkanos huffed and puffed as he crawled along on his hands and knees, carbine slung over his back, bumping into the top of the vent and slowly bruising his spine. Behind him Melissa Nameck crawled, equally as tired and sweaty as Fenix. Matt Stevens came after Nameck, half dragging Tyler behind him as Tyler used his feet to push himself along on his back, helping Stevens out. Both were sweating profusely, although Stevens was actually from extreme physical exertion while Hatfield’s was from the very early onset of shock from his gut wound.

“You know admiral,” Melissa quipped, a slight smile on her face despite her sweat slicked hair flying everywhere as she crawled behind Fenix with a wonderful view of his backside, “this really isn’t your best angle.”

Stevens looked forward at Melissa, “I don’t know, it could be worse,” he replied.

“Hey!” Melissa cried indignantly, “I do have a husband you know!”

Last of all was Martin Jettin, sliding along on his backside and completely uninterested in everyone else appraisals of everyone’s asses, covering their rear ends with his carbine as usual. The Covenant had sent what seemed like a battalion of grunts into the air vents after them when they realised where they had gone. The first few had almost caught Martin off-guard, but the air vents echoed loudly and Jettin had heard them coming, just in time to swing around and cut them down with an un-aimed burst from his carbine. Since then Arkanos had been leading the way, several times going round in circles.

Martin fired another three round burst as an overly ambitious grunt and snapped it back, severing its head from its body. He checked his ammo counter, 21 left. Martin patted himself down for clips and found only a single one left. He sighed explosively, “Arkanos!” he yelled as he pushed himself along, covering their backs; “We need to get out and find some ammo or get to those warheads now! I’ve got a clip and a bit left!”

Up front Arkanos peered through what seemed like the millionth grill and finally spotted what he was looking for, the Shiva launch bay. The puncture-like sound of a carbine firing from the back of the group served to remind him just how important this was.

“I’ve got it!” Fenix shouted back as he pulled the grill up and out; dropping into the room with his carbine raised. The rest of the group followed, fanning out quickly, with Jettin diving in headfirst last, narrowly avoiding a plasma explosion that consumed a metre or so of the ducting and melted the ends together, and effectively sealing them off.

Martin spotted two A7’s in a corner and he and Stevens picked them up and placed them outside the door, covering the corridor in front of them leading to the launch bays. The turrets powered up with a hydraulic hiss and began slowly panning across the area in front of them.

Fenix meanwhile had grabbed a headlight off a rack and had pulled out an access panel to the nuclear warhead, tinkering away madly inside, speaking more to himself than anyone else as they all took defensive positions inside the room covering the door, except Jettin who heaved a cargo container into the corridor and hunkered down, some appropriated ammo lying at his feet.

“Now,” Fenix said to himself as he pulled the guidance and detonation control unit out of the warhead, “All I have to do is switch a few wires around and set it to the frequency of my detonator.” He grabbed a multi-tool off the deck before him and disappeared back inside the missile. “Now, was it red-green-red or red-red-green? Oh, my bad, it’s written here on the panel. Red-green-yellow?”

The bridge crew shared quizzical looks and wondered why they were letting their commanding officer who forgot the wiring sequence for a detonation signal fiddle with the delicate innards of a Shiva. Still, they reasoned, there would be nothing to feel, they would just disappear.

The whirr of the A7’s outside followed by the whine of return plasma and the clatter of Jettin’s carbine split the silence and caused Fenix to jump, bumping his head on the warhead as he pulled it out, swearing profusely. Everyone stared at the now closed door and waited for the inevitable explosion that would breach it.

Fenix hurriedly reached inside his uniform and pulled out the detonation key and the detonator. He swiped the card and entered his code, locking the system out and setting the tamper-proof mechanisms in action. He pressed the control panel back inside and sealed the warhead, placing the detonator in his pocket.

The battle outside grew louder, with more powerful plasma weaponry being brought in. The A7’s still resolutely whirred away and Martin’s carbine fired again and again, almost being drowned out by plasma fire. Static crackled in Fenix’s ear and he jumped, forgetting that he wore a wrap-around headset. He bent the boom mike around and yelled into it, “They’re getting closer! You have to come!”

Static crackled over the link for a second before the obviously strained voice of Martin replied, interspaced with bursts from his carbine, “No, there’s no time! You have to go now. Go, go, I’ll hold ‘em off!”

Fenix groaned loudly to himself, yet another person playing the hero, he thought, “No! We won’t leave you! There’s still time!” Plasma whined over the connection, thudding into the container and walls, highlighting just how close they really were.

Jettin’s voice replied, barely audible above the sounds of battle and explosions and interspaced with carbine fire, “Jesus! Here they come. Go now! Go before it’s too late---” the transmission cut abruptly as something detonated on the other side of the door, shaking the deck and stopping one of the A7’s. A carbine could be faintly heard still firing, and Fenix stared at the door for a few seconds as it started to glow a dull red. “Godspeed my friend, may you rest in peace.” He whispered to Jettin, not knowing whether he would hear him or not.

The link re-established itself for a second, just in time for Arkanos to hear Martin Jettin yell obscenities at the Covenant and hurl a threat their way, “You want some? Come and get it!” The link dissolved into static amidst heavy weapons fire.

Melissa moved from her position and slapped the controls for the secondary access tunnel, sweeping the passage beyond with her pistol as the door hissed open. Fenix tore his eyes away from the main passageway and scooped Tyler up, and dumped him on his shoulder, before running out the door with Melissa and Stevens hot on his heels.

The sounds of battle followed them as they ran for the nearby lifeboat. Melissa quickly took the lead as Fenix lumbered under the weight of Tyler. Matt Stevens ran along last of all, pistol in hand, often glancing over his shoulder, waiting for a final, fatal shot to hit him at any moment. A deep rumbling explosion shook the deck and the sounds of battle stopped completely, to be replaced by silence and then the roaring of an elite.

Fenix didn’t miss a beat, “Keep running!” They’ll be after us soon!”

Melissa reached the lifeboat and opened the door, waiting anxiously for Fenix to arrive. He stopped, panting, and passed Tyler inside, where Melissa tried with some difficulty to strap him into an acceleration couch. Stevens reached the lifeboat and was in the process of entering the airlock when a ragged wound appeared in his chest and he pitched backwards, falling away from the lifeboat, a look of utmost surprise on his face.

Fenix cast around wildly for the source of the beam and spotted an elite at the far end of the corridor, taking aim again with some form of long nosed gun. The rifle bucked in its hands and a beam sped in its way, straight for Melissa who was just coming out of the pod, looking at Stevens with apoplectic horror.

Without thinking, Fenix stepped in front of her, pushing her back into the pod just as the beam hit him, stumbling him back a few steps. Pain like nothing else flooded through him as his nerves registered the extreme burning from the plasma. He brought his hands up to his chest and they came away bloody and wet. Fenix looked at them quizzically before he slowly collapsed into the life pod, breathing shallowly.

Melissa scrambled back away from the exit where Fenix had unceremoniously shoved her, and slapped her hand down on the launch button on the control surface. The door slid shut with a snap and the boosters fired shooting the pod out on a pillar of fire away from the doomed Fable’s Fate.

Once the initial gee forces died down Melissa moved from her position half in an acceleration couch to Fenix, noticing how much blood he had lost and how his eyes started to glaze over.

Arkanos couldn’t feel much, his pain receptors having shut down due to the massive overload of pain coming from his chest. He noticed Tyler in his acceleration couch, and as soon as Tyler saw him looking he snapped out of his seemingly lethargic state, all thoughts of his wound forgotten.

Fenix reached shaking, bloody hands down into his pocket and withdrew a single data crystal, trying to hand it to Tyler. He just couldn’t reach that far and his arm dropped as he realised the effort was futile. Tears began to well in his eyes as Arkanos realised he wouldn’t make it, that he couldn’t even hand a data crystal to his friend.

Melissa swam into view, gently sitting him upright against the couches next to Tyler. Fenix lifted his arm again, it now felt like lead, and dropped the data crystal into Tyler’s hands, his hands shaking so badly he almost dropped it on the floor. His monumental task accomplished he dropped his arm and whispered to Hatfield, coughing up blood, “Take good care of...Sev for me Tyler. Treat him…well, and let him know…I was proud…to have an AI like…him. It was…a pleasure to…serve with…you Tyler. I hope you…live long, and prosper.”

Tyler smiled sadly down at the dying admiral, tears pricking at the corners of his eyes, “The pleasure was mine admiral. Sev is in good hands, I’ll tell him what you said.”

Fenix turned to Melissa next and tried to pull the detonator out of his pocket but failed, his arms now barely responding to his commands and shaking uncontrollably whenever he tried to do something. Melissa reached into his pocket and pulled out the detonator, tears rolling down her dirty cheeks and dropping to the deck in great big splashes. Fenix looked at Melissa, “You know what…to do.” He paused, coughing up blood,” Tell everyone I…love them, especially Krios. Tell him I’m sorry…for not being there…for him. Tell Drist it was…a pleasure to serve…with him, tell everyone it was…a pleasure.”

Melissa was now openly crying now, tears rolling down her cheeks in twin streams, pooling at her feet. “Ye…Yes Admiral,” she stammered through the lump in her throat. She gently reached out and turned him around to face his battered and broken cruiser as it shrunk into the distance, the covenant destroyer still attached.

Melissa pressed the arm button on the detonator and paused for a second before placing the detonator in Arkanos’ lap and letting the dying admiral perform the destruction of his own vessel; it was the least she could do. Fenix shakily reached a bloody hand up, grabbing it with his other hand to steady it, and pressed down on the detonate button.

In the distance a blue ball of pure energy erupted from the Fable’s Fate, and like the Fable before it, it went up in a nuclear firestorm, along with the Covenant destroyer and everyone on board. Fenix smiled sadly as he watched his vessel consumed by the nuclear weapon, his eyes barely open, and his heart slowly shutting down, missing beats here and there. As the blue fire died Rear Admiral Arkanos Fenix closed his eyes and his last breath left him as he slumped down slowly.

Melissa, still crying openly, slowly turned away from the admiral and took the pilot’s chair, guiding the life boat towards Atlántico III.

1109 Hours / Epilogue / Reach, Epsilon Eridani system / Reach Orbital Naval Shipyards

Lieutenant’s Melissa Nameck and Tyler Hatfield stepped out of the UNSC transport vessel as soon as it docked with the yards. Outside a group of sombre people stood, some crying, other just staring resolutely ahead. Vice Admiral Adam Arnold beckoned his daughter over and they embraced tightly, Melissa thankful to have someone familiar to hold onto. They disengaged and Melissa turned to Krios Fenix who was staring resolutely at the ship, trying not to let his tears come pouring out.

“Krios, Arkanos asked me to tell you something before he died.” He turned to Melissa and looked intently, his emotions now starting to run free. “He said that he was sorry that he wouldn’t be there for you and that he loved you.”

Krios lost it then and just hugged Melissa, who returned the embrace, letting him pour his emotions onto her shoulder. He finally let go and smiled sheepishly, but Melissa waved him down and said it was OK.

She turned back to the greater crowd and addressed them all. “Arkanos asked me to pass on a message to everyone here: he said he loved everyone and that it was a true pleasure to serve with or under you all at some stage.”

Melissa stepped back, feeling suddenly awkward and everyone slowly broke into conversation as they waited for Fenix’s casket to be unloaded. She spotted Drist in a corner and ran over to him, hugging him tightly and spilling all her emotions on him. “Drist, Arkanos said it was a pleasure to serve with you.” Drist just nodded and held Melissa tightly as she cried onto his shoulder, letting the emotional trauma of her ordeal leave her.

United Nations Space Command DELTA PRIORITY TRANSMISSION 150372D-66 Encryption Code: blue/ Public Key: file foxtrot-echo-November-India-X-ray/ From: Office of Naval Intelligence PERSCOM/ To: All Related to Action at Atlántico III/ Subject: After Action Report UNSCS Fable’s Fate Crew Members Classification: Classified (Archangel/2B Directive)/

/start file/

To All Related to Action at Atlántico III,

- LIEUTENANT Junior Grade Brett McDonnell deceased with full honours 14 July 2535 in the Atlantic System defending Atlántico III from Covenant assault. - LIEUTENANT Devon Caskenette deceased with full honours 14 July 2535 in the Atlantic System defending Atlántico III from Covenant assault. - LIEUTENANT Colonel Tommy Collins, 77th ODST Battalion, deceased with full honours 14 July 2535 in the Atlantic System defending Atlántico III from Covenant assault. - LIEUTENANT Commander Martin Jettin deceased with full honours 15 July 2535 in the Atlantic System defending Atlántico III from Covenant assault. - LIEUTENANT Junior Grade Matt Stevens deceased with full honours 15 July 2535 in the Atlantic System defending Atlántico III from Covenant assault. - REAR ADMIRAL Upper Half Arkanos Fenix deceased with full honours 15 July 2535 in the Atlantic System defending Atlántico III from Covenant assault. - LIEUTENANT Tyler Hatfield wounded in action with full honours 14 July 2535 in the Atlantic System defending Atlántico III from Covenant assault. Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and transferred to UNSCS Origin, 101st Naval Squadron. - MIL AI 1207 ‘Sev’ attached to Lieutenant Commander Tyler Hatfield on board the UNSCS Origin, 101st Naval Squadron. - LIEUTENANT Melissa Nameck awarded full honours 14 July 2535 in the Atlantic System defending Atlántico III from Covenant assault. Transferred from active combat duty to Reach Naval Shipyards, Repair and Refit Division.

/end file/

United Nations Space Command PUBLIC TRANSMISSION 191377P-99 Encryption Code: blue/ Public Key: file foxtrot-echo-November/ From: Office of Naval Intelligence PERSCOM/ To: Mr and Mrs Fenix/ Subject: RE: Rear Admiral Upper Half Arkanos Fenix Classification: Unclassified (Archangel/2B Directive)/

/start file/

Mr and Mrs Fenix, We regret to inform you that on 15 July 2535 at approximately 0100 Hours your son; Rear Admiral Upper Half Arkanos Fenix was severely wounded in combat and subsequently died on the lifeboat. By making the ultimate sacrifice your son allowed Lieutenant Melissa Nameck, Lieutenant Tyler Hatfield and MIL AI 1207 ‘Sev’ to escape capture by Covenant forces. Rear Admiral Upper Half Arkanos Fenix was deceased with full honours for keeping in line the proud tradition of the United Nations Space Command Defence Force in defending 17 million citizens on a nearby planet from Covenant assault.

Yours Sincerely, ONI PERSCOM

/end file/

Journal Of Arkanos Fenix

Entry one:

Decided to keep a journal about everything that has been happening, I was accepted into the UNSCDF. I get the rank of Ensign but I get my own longsword fighter that I will be flying, hopefully I will be fighting those alien scum in no time. Right now I'm on my way to Reach in this ferry, I hope we get there soon I have this uneasy feeling.

Entry two:

I'm at Reach, I guess that feeling was nothing. The ferry is just docking with the shipyard and soon I will have my longsword to fly. Don't know where I will be with it yet, maybe a carrier or here at the shipyard. Ah looks liked we have docked time to get off this piece of shit ferry and into something that can actually do something.

Entry three:

We got a problem those aliens, the "Covenant" have attacked I was grabed by someone and I'm know aboard a Mako Corvette I think its called the Fable. Anyways that doesn't matter we are undocking to fight the enemy, that uneasy feeling has returned I've been told to fly this thing, hopefully I won't get us killed.

Entry four:

We won there was only a few ships able to get out there a fight, but we won. Not a single SMAC was sent offline or destroyed. All the ships that were there are as follows UNSC Pegasus, Golden Eagle, Atlantia, and Stiletto-A. The Mako I was flying didn't take a single hit, but the Pegasus is serverly damaged as they were bordered and then proceeded to charge the Covenant holding just outside the SMAC kill zone, most of the crew survived though. I'm just glad I got through my first day on the job.

Entry Five:

Nothing exciting has happened snice my last entry a few patrols that ended up being boring and long, or deadly and short. Unfortunately the Fable was destroyed in the last patrol and I was picked up by the Solaria. I'm now onroute to Mars, again in a ferry *sigh* I hate ferrys.

Entry Six:

We are at Mars and I've been signed to an Apoc class frigate. Hpoefully I won't get this one blowen up too. I didn't say this in my last entry, but I was the only survivor of the Fable. I must have luck on my side.

Entry Seven:

It's been a few weeks now but I finally got time to record in my journal. My transfer came in today I'm being moved to the 302nd and being promoted to Lieutenant Junior grade I am now on a different Apoc, still don't know the name yet will try and figure it out.

Entry Eight:

Well The Apoc I was serveing on was badly damaged when it along with other UNSC ships attacked Tau Ceti, it was a slaughter. When we jumped in system we were scatterred to hell and the covenant knew we were coming, only 2 ships made it out of that hell hole. Mine wasen't one of them, the Lieutenant ordered everyone to abandon ship when we were floating dead in space, we didn't even think the Covenant would waste bording craft on us.... but they did. I barely made it out alive in that life pod, when the borders found us running for the lifepods there wasen't much we could do, the Lieutenant threw himself at the aliens to buy me and a few others time to get out of there. Once again I was floating in a lifepod alone, waiting to be picked up and hopeing the aliens didn't find me. I was picked up by an Apoc Frigate called the Atlantia, I remember that ship from the defense of Reach so many months ago.

Entry Nine:

I got word today that I'm being promoted to Lieutenant and will be given command of my own frigate. There only one name I can think of to name it, Fable. The name of the first ship I flew in the UNSC. I've been on a few patrols lately, though barely anyone has seen the covenant in awhile I wonder where they are. I miss being in the action and feeling Death himself close in only to be th- wait whats that? oh shit their here I've got to go fight these bas-

Entry Ten:

The Covenant attacked Reach with a pretty big fleet. The Fable sat out near the front SMAC shooting down borders as the SMACs shot down any covenant vessals trying to Charge the line. But there was a few aliens holding outside the killzone a few other ships charged them and destroyed them without any error. Some of the covenant did manage to get around us but the Tempest destroyed them all, their Commander was awarded the bronze star and a promotion to captain for his efforts. We only lost two ships in the defense due to a malfunctioning Nuke, I was just outside the blast radius. We must have killed them upon the thousands here today.

Entry Eleven:

I haven't been out on many patrol lately things seem to be slowing down. The Fable has been in dock for awhile and will have to stay docked snice I broke my leg in the last patrol when we were hit by a CCS luckily the Tempest and Windsor were there on patrol with us to beat it off. The fleet is heading out for an attack later in the week, I won't be able to make it.

Entry Twelve:

I got word today that my little brothers have been accpeted into the UNSC, Krios is on board the Adrastus which is an FFG Apoc class Frigate, I don't know where Schuyler is posted yet. He said it was going to be a surpirse....*sigh* I hate surprises more than I hate ferrys.

Entry Thirteen:

Well this is just great, I found out today that Schuyler is aboard the Fable. Now I'm going to be bugged to no end about anything and everything. Krios sent me a letter saying hes having a good time aboard the Adrastus, and he said he hoped that I liked my surpirse, the little ass he knows I hate surprises. Well my leg hasen't really gotten any better, the Fable is still in port. Hopefully it won't be long unil I can get off this shipya- wait their here again! argh and I still can't do anythin-

Entry Fourteen:

Reach was attacked again but we won! I'm not sure how many ships we lost or how many Aleins were killed and if the SMACs are offline or not but we won! I couldn't do anything I was sitting in the shipyard the entire time wastching people hurry about trying to organize everything. The fleet is moving out tomorrow to attack Tau Ceti so they must not have taken many losess.

Entry Fifteen:

The Fleet moved out and some have come back I heard it was a slaughter, I just wish I could have been there I would rather die beside my brothers in arms then sit on a shipyard waiting for my dammed leg to heal.

but there is some good news:

I got word from home, my mother just gave birth to a baby girl, they haven't named her yet. Hopefully I will be alive long enough to see her.

Entry Sixteen:

Well my leg has healed and I'm aboard the Fable waiting for orders, not much has happened lately Covenant keep jumping into our systems then jumping out again, what the hell are they up to? I also got word Krios saw his first combat luckily it was only a Covenant Recon vessal, the fleet he was with destroyed it.

Entry Seventeen:

Got orders from up high, going on a light recon mission with the Atlantia, I'm in command for the mission. It won't be good if we run into any big covenant, 2 frigates being sent into the unknown. I just don't like the way this looks, something is going to go bad, real fast.

Entry Eighteen:

Going through SS at the moment, looking through reports and other things. I read some letters from home, everything seems to be going fine. My parents named my little sister but they are saying they won't tell me until the day I come home, they know I hate surprises. But I think I'm going to get a much bigger surprise when I enter the system.

Exiting SlipSpace now, will write later.

Entry Nineteen:

We entered system there's nothing covenant in system, but we did pick up a rather large object hiding behind the planet, wonder what it is. The Fable and Atlantia are heading there now. I got a really bad feeling about this but afterall this is a recon op and we need to know what that is.

Entry Twenty:

We are coming around into view of the object soon Atlantia is up ahead, no word from it yet.

We just got word from the Atlantia there's two objects, something that looks likes like a space Station around an energy ball of some sort, and something else father in the distance behind it, The Fable is coming into view of them now, will write later.

Entry Twenty One:

We came under attack by a large covenant vessal, I sent word for the Atlantia to jump to a large asteroid field that is pretty far away. The Atlantia entered Slip Space before us, and just as we were about to the covenant ship opened fire on us. It marely missed us with this huge laser. We are in Slip Space now and about to exit, hopefully we are near the Atlatnia.

Entry Twenty Two:

We exited Slip Space about 76 KM from the Atlantia, we could have been a lot farther away. The Atalntia is closer to the asteroid field so I ordered them to enter and said that we will catch up soon.

Entry Twenty Three:

The Covenant ship hasen't followed yet, the Atlantia is just entering the field now. We are still about 40k out. Got a bad feeling that Covenant ship is following us. Hopefully we will be in the field by then.

Entry Twenty Four:

20K out from the field, I'm worried though. No word from the Atlantia snice they entered the field, maybe the covenant ship got them. We can't scan the field because the asteroids mess with our scanners they could be messing with the Comm too.

Entry Twenty Five:

The Covenant ship is on scanners, its moving towards us we ahve to get into that field now. Oh shit it's starting to fir-

Audio file from the UNSC Fable:

"Move this ship now!" Fenix yelled. "Sir covenant ship is opening fire on us"-Random person. "Get that MAC gun firing now! I want all Archer pods ready to fire as soon as their shield is down."-Fenix "Incoming borders!" John Heartland(Nav officer) "Why the hell would they send borders after us...unless...oh shit, start Cole protocol. Samuel?"-Fenix "yes?" Samuel-AI "You have control of the MAC gun and Archers, give em hell."-Fenix "Already on it" -Samuel.

A little bit later.

"MAC gun is off line, along with the Archer pods."-Samuel "All hands abandon ship, that is an order."-Fenix over ship wide comm. "Samuel lets go your not staying here."-Fenix-"get moving we have to get to those life pods!" Assorted noises and firing. "Shit their trying to cut us off, get ready to move when I open fire."-Fenix Automatic firing in background. "argh I've been hit"-Random Marine "Come on! Your getting off this ship even if I have to drag you!"-Fenix More gun fire.


"We made it, hopefully we can survive until the Atlantia finds us"

Entry Twenty Six:

I woke up maybe 10 minutes ago, last thing I remember is being in a life pod with my command staff and a lone marine that I dragged after he was hit by plasma. It seems I also have been hit on my left arm, I hurts like hell but I'll survive. I hope my little brother made it off the Fable.

Entry Twenty Seven:

The Doctor in sickbay told me I'll live and be able to keep the arm, although my arm has somewhat serve burns the pain seems to be fading ever so slowly must be the pain killers. Well I heard about what happened my life pod was pulled into the Atlantia while my ship was hit by a HAVOC.

Entry Twenty Eight:

Not much has happened in the last hour, heard that Mack Ford is coming to see me here in sickbay. The pain in my arm is gone but I can't lift it yet. I wonder how many of my crew made it off the Fable. The only other face here in sickbay is that lone marine.

Entry Twenty Nine:

Mack Ford still isn't here, but the lone marine finally woke up. He was shot in the leg by plasma the doctor said he might lose it. He said his name was Rolf, odd name. Well Mack just entered the room will continue later.

Entry Thirty:

No, this can't be. My little brother he...he didn't make it off the Fable in time, dam those aliens! I will have my vengeance even if it takes me to my last breath. Those aliens will pay with their heads!

Entry Thirty One:

I was debriefed today about what had happened. I'm also being promoted to Lieutenant Commander for my actions during the mission, It seems that only my command staff and the marine named Rolf made it off. They said my brother was a "necessary" sacrifice for a greater cause, what do they know?

Entry Thirty Two:

I have been given a new command, a DDG Harvest Class Destroyer. I decided to name my new ship the same as my old, Fable. This ship came with Twin MK III MACs, Twenty Six MK III Archer pods, and Extremely Reinforced Armor. It is capable of holding three MK III SHIVA launchers but I haven't gotten those yet. This new ship will help me kill the alien scum.

Entry Thirty Three:

Went out on another patrol, nothing happened. Where are these aliens? I have to find them, I have to make them pay. Nothing will stop me, I will make their blood flow in rivers.

Entry Thirty Four:

yes, now the time has come. An alien raiding party was spotted on the edge of the system, a CCS battle cruiser with a CPV destroyer escorting an Assault Carrier. They will die by my hand! For The Fallen!

Entry Thirty Five:

They are destroyed. The Fable is damaged but they are gone, The CCS was hit by the Twin MACs twice in a row then we launched our Archer pods which obliterated the ship into oblivion. The CPV tried to jump out but we destroyed it, and The AC we started to shoot at but it mistakingly moved to close to the SMACs which unleashed hell upon them. This was a good start but more must die!

Entry Thirty Six:

Nothing has happened in what seems like an eon. The aliens have not been seen in some time, some scattered skirmishes. That's about it, I've put in a request to be on any patrol they can find for me. I need to find those aliens.

Entry Thirty Seven:

New transfers to the 302nd and one transfer out, we got a new Admiral. Name is Adam Arnold, and a Captain Kurt Zenrick. My old Admiral is being transferred to the 202nd. Nothing else has happened, still haven't got word on my request.

Entry Thirty Eight:

I can't Believe this they are sending me on "temporary" shore leave on account of my mental state. Who do they think they are! I'm perfectly fine, blast this. I'm being sent back home until further notice.

Entry Thirty Nine:

I was promoted today to Commander, they are probably just trying to get me to go on my shore leave easier. I also meet Mack Fords little brother Mark gave me a message from Mack, I wrote him back a message saying I'm heading for Earth, home.

Entry Forty:

I'm on my way to Earth in a CMA vessel I think its called the Enterprise. The Fable was put under temporary command, I have no idea who the person is but if he blows up my ship and gets my crew killed without a very good reason, then there will be hell to pay.

Entry Forty One:

Earth, I haven't been here in so long I forgot what its like. I'm home though, I'm a lot calmer then when I was at Reach, and on the shuttle. My brother will never see home again, he will never see mom and dad again, I wonder if they've gotten the new yet.

Entry Forty Two:

I'm at home. My parents got the message but it had an error in it, said both me and my brother were dead. When I walked in the door my mother thought I had come back from the dead and almost fainted, I swore my dad shed a tear when he saw me. I also saw my baby sister, my parents kept their promise and since I was home alive they told me they named her Hilary after my grandmother. It's good to be home.

Entry Forty Three:

We got a letter from Krios hes been reassigned from front line combat to CMA duties, hes in command of the Sacred. He was also promoted to Lieutenant. We had a big dinner to remember Schuyler, I miss him.

Entry Forty Four:

I just remembered I sent a message to Mack before coming home, I didn't tell him where I would be so I sent a second message telling him where my parents house is since that's where I'm staying.

Entry Forty Five:

Hilary said my name today for the first time even if its a little off, "Arky" pointing to me. I think it will be awhile before she gets my name right. I have yet to hear from or see Mack, and I haven't heard from HIGH COMM about coming back to the front line and how my ship is.

Entry Forty Six:

I slept in this morning and for a good part of the day, it was a good change from waking up early at Reach. Mom and Dad had gone for a wake with Hilary, there was a message on the table. It was from Mack saying he was on his way and that I have to pick him up at the landing pad Tomorrow.

Entry Forty Seven:

Was looking around the house today and found an old picture book. There were a lot of old pictures going way back to when my parents first met, I also found a picture of Krios, Schuyler and I. I took it out of the book and put in my pocket. Going to take this will me, it will remind me that the cost of human survival is unquenchable.

Entry Forty Eight:

Well today was quiet, I'm still half expecting to suddenly be aboard the Fable fighting the Covenant. I went to see a movie with my family, it was just a boring kids movie for Hilary. I'm going to bed now, will write more tomorrow.

Entry Forty Nine:

Well I just got up 10 minutes ago, I have to get ready and go pick up Mack. My family has to meet the person who has saved my life more than once, I still haven't returned the favors.

Entry Fifty:

Took a taxi to pick up Mack, I'm writing this one while in the Taxi. When Mack got in he had with him a box I asked him what it was, he replied with a smile on his "it's a surprise, I don't even know what it is" We are almost home.

Entry Fifty One:

I introduced Mack to my family, and told me dad not to say anything about the eye. But knowing dad he said something anyways, Mack was a bit hostile about the subject. I never asked him how he lost it, and I don't think I should. We are going to have dinner tonight hope mom cooks something good up.

Entry Fifty Two:

This is the best surprise of my life, I'm being promoted to Captain. Though I have no clue what for I've been on shore leave since I was promoted to Commander. But that's not a problem with me, maybe theirs a shortage of Captains around.

Entry Fifty Three:

We are being called back to Reach, Admiral Adam Arnold sent the Fable back to Earth to be once again under my command, though my Nav Officer was killed, another death in an endless war. Rest In Peace John Heartland.

Mack is Nav Officer until we get to Mars where the Atlantia is, I told him he didn't have to but he wanted to.

Entry Fifty Four:

We arrived at Mars and after we docked Mack said bye and headed for where the Atlantia was docked, I decided to go and find my replacement Nav Officer. I found him at the Barracks, and it was quite a surprise to see Rolf the "lone Marine" I saved from long ago sitting there alone waiting. He told me that after I saved his life he wanted to serve on the Fable again only this time as part of the bridge crew. Looks like he got to keep his leg after all.

Entry Fifty Five:

We have entered slip space and are en route to Reach, the Atlantia left a few days ago and will make it in system before us. HIGH COMM is planning another attack on the Tau Ceti system. I will finally get a few chances for revenge for the countless dead..... and my brother.

Entry Fifty Six:

We are just arriving at Reach, looks like almost the entire fleet is here. Looks like this time around we mean business for Tau Ceti. First time I have seen a CVB super carrier before.

Entry Fifty Seven:

I went to the bar and found Captain Kurt Zenrick, hes also part of the 302nd. His ship is called the Tempest, I've seen it before. We had a talk and that he's been assigned to the defense force guarding Reach during the attack, too bad we could use the extra ship.

Entry Fifty Eight:

The fleet is getting ready to move out. This time we will win, there will not be another massacre. All but one ship at the shipyard is going, the Atlantia had an engine problem and will be late to the party.

Entry Fifty Nine:

We are coming out of Slip Space now, our mission is to guard the 302nd Lancer, there's only a few other ships helping us. I've got a bad feeling about this.

I'm going to record the battle on an audio file:

Entry Sixty: Audio File from the UNSC Fable - Captain Arkanos Fenix

"Where the hell is the Lancer?"-Fenix "Sir there!"-Rolf "Alright form up with it, looks like we are heading below the Covenant station."-Fenix

<not much happens, forms with the Lancer. then heads towards UH>

"Sir! Covenant Assault Carrier spotted"-Mac Sutherland "Dammit! Move to avoid."-Fenix-"Admiral Arnold, we have a Covenant Assault Carrier closing in fast, suggest you take evasive maneuvers" "Roger"-Admiral Adam Arnold-"All ships in this battle group, scatter I repeat scatter" "Copy that"-Fenix-"You heard the man Rolf scatter away from that Covenant" "yes sir"-Rolf

<A Few Minutes Pass>

"Sir The Covenant is engaging the Lancer"-Mac "Dam! set a course for the Lancer we are the closest ship to it"-Fenix

"Sir we are in weapons range, and the Lancer is taking heavy fire"-Mac "Unleash Hell"-Fenix

  • MACs Firing in background*

"Sir the Lancer has escaped!"-Mac "good now ge- ah shit brace for Impact!"-Fenix

  • Rumbling and Alarms*

"get moving and fire those Cannons!"-Fenix "Covenant ship is getting ready to fire again"-Samuel(AI) "It was good serving with you all until the end"-Fenix

  • Explosion Then Silence*

Audio File- Captain Arkanos Fenix- UNSC 302nd Fable- battle of Tau Ceti, currently MIA from combat.

"Get moving!"-Fenix-"Do you want to die in this shit hole?" "No Sir!" Multiple Marines "Are we going to let these Alien bastards come on our ship and think they can do whatever the fuck they want?"-Fenix "Sir no sir!"-Marines "Well then we are going to force them back into the holes where they can sit a fucking rot!"-Fenix-"Charge!"

  • Marines yelling and foot steps grower louder, automatic fire and plasma fire*

"Come on this is for all your dead brothers-in-arms! This is for all our lost worlds! This is for the fallen, the countless dead, and all those suffering! Because these Aliens chose to fuck with the Human Race!"

  • Gunfire, more Plasma Fire. Running, screams. Sounds of bashing, hacking and cleaving. Bones being crushed.*

"I don't believe it, we beat them."-Marine "It's not over yet"-Fenix-"Gather up ammo and wounded now, get them behind the barricade." "Sir, will we be able to hold out against another assault?"-Marine "We have to, this battle is far from over."-Fenix-"We defend this ship until the last man." "Sir! I've spotted more Borders heading this way!"-Scout "Damn alright everyone hurry behind the barricade"-Fenix-"If they want this ship so bad we are going to make them pay with so much blood, they will drown just trying to step on board."

  • Silence for just a few seconds which seem like eons, then all hell breaks lose. Screams and grunting, gunfire Plasma sizzling on metal*

"Hold your ground!"-Fenix-We will not let them have one more inch of this ship, we will fight until the last breath in our lungs! to the last round in the chamber! Then we will beat them over the head so hard they will be looking at their feet!"

  • More and louder gunfire, Marines yelling. Covenant grunts can be heard dashing for cover with other giving out screams as they are hit with a wall of bullets*

"Use your grenades dammit!"-Fenix

  • Explosions, blood spattering, bodies heard being flung against the walls*

  • Silence*

Audio File- Captain Arkanos Fenix- UNSC 302nd Fable- battle of Tau Ceti, currently MIA from combat.

"I'm the only one left"-Voice Pattern, Captain Arkanos Fenix. "Their all dead"-Fenix-"They did what I told them to.... to fight until the end, not to give up..... but it wasn't enough. I couldn't save them. I've....I've failed them, and I live to die another day.....No! it won't end like this, I won't die hiding like a coward! I'm going to fight just like they did! It doesn't matter if I die! The Human race will live on forever, these aliens will never win, no matter how hard they try they won't succeed."

"Here I go, Shotgun in my Fate"-Fenix

  • Can hear a door opening with assorted Covenant noises*

"Eat this motherfuckers!"-Fenix

  • Shotgun blasts can be heard with Covenant screams and grunts of pain*

"Come on!"-Fenix-"Can't you hit me you bastards!"

  • Sounds of the Shotgun butt bashing over Grunt and Jackel heads*

"How does that feel!"-Fenix-"It better fucking hurt!"

  • Plasma grenade can be heard blowing up in the back ground*

"You missed! you need to get your eyes checked! Maybe some of this will help!"-Fenix

  • More Shotgun fire, more blood splattering on walls and the floor, plasma sizzling on metal, more Shotgun fire. Can hear Covenant footsteps running away*

"You fucking cowards get back here!"-Fenix

  • Automatic Fire can be heard, and footsteps getting louder*

"Sir! are you okay?"-Marine "I'm good, where the hell did you guys come from"-Fenix "We were holding our ground in another section of the ship, sir"-Marine-" then we heard you yelling then shotgun fire with what sounded like grenades.... Wheres the rest of the command crew and the squad defending them?" "Their dead, they fought to the last"-Fenix-"I still have Samuel the AI right here....Now lets get back to your hold out"

  • Few minutes pass, and few skirmishes along the way to the hold out point.*

"Where is everyone?"-Fenix "Their pushing the aliens back to the bordering craft, sir"- Lone Marine holding at the hold out point "Well then, let's go help them. Move out!"-Fenix

Entry Sixty One:

We have successfully repelled the borders from the ship, there are no Covenant ships near us and we are drifting through space. The Entire command crew except Rolf and I are dead, Rolf got away from the battle where the others died. currently there is about 19 of us on the ship. we are heading to what is left of the bridge.

Entry Sixty Two:

The bridge, believe it or not, is still intact. I put Samuel back in, he told me that the ship is barely together. We are going to repair what we can and see if we can make a slip space jump to anywhere near Reach, hopefully no Covenant find us.

Entry Sixty Three:

We found more survivors in a section of the ship. They are wounded and are being looked after. The Fable still isn't repaired enough to make slip space jump.....we might be here for awhile.

Entry Sixty Four:

We aren't getting very much sleep lately, but we have gotten the engines to work. We can move slightly now to avoid anything heading our way. We have also seemed to get some of the MLAs working somehow, so if any Seraph pay a visit we might be able to hold them off.

Entry Sixty Five:

We have been here forever, at least it seems like it. The reactor is finally working at 40% we are going to try and slip space to Reach soon. No Covenant have even come on sensors, I'm surprised we must have drifted farther then I thought. Anyways going into Slip Space soon....I hope

Entry Sixty Six:

We have made it to Reach, we are surprisingly close to the shipyard and the Deimos is coming to tow us in. I wonder what happened Reach seems to have very little ships docked, maybe the entire fleet was massacred.

Entry Sixty Seven:

Well I was wrong, the fleet actually captured Tau Ceti after the Fable became MIA. Eventually we were considered KIA by some people. Most of my crew is KIA though.

I'm being reassigned to command a different ship, I'm allowed to keep the name Fable for my ship. Right now I'm on my way to Mars with whats left of my crew in a CMA vessel called the Valliant.

Entry Sixty Eight:

We arrived at Mars and when I docked Admiral J.C. Burrows told me I'm now in command of CB-15 Marathon Large cruiser, I can't believe it. Those things are huge I can't wait to be aboard it. Also my replacements for my command crew and crew are going to be arriving over the next week. Hopefully I will be back at the front soon where I belong.

Entry Sixty Nine:

I'm heading to Reach before heading to Tau Ceti II, hopefully I won't be there long. I want to be at the front again.

Entry Seventy:

I have arrived at Reach, we are moving into dock there's only a few other ships here. I can only recognize two, the Deimos and Helios. Maybe I can find someone to have a drink with.

(Note: At This Time He Left Reach And Its Heading For Tau Ceti II)

Entry Seventy One:

We exited slip space just outside the asteroid field surrounding the UNSC mining operation Stalwart. We were almost instantly ordered to take up defensive position from a Covenant offensive to re-take the Tau Ceti system. We are moving into position with NSW and what is here of 3rd fleet.

Entry Seventy Two:

No sign of the aliens yet and my crew is getting tried of waiting for them to show up, maybe there is no aliens coming. I’m just looking through reports right now, the Fable is ready for combat at any moment but they just don’t seem to be coming…. I wish they’d come I haven’t seen action in quite awhile.

Entry Seventy Three:

Well I’m just about to request that we stand down, the Covenant don’t seem to be coming. Ether that or they went past Tau Ceti to a different sys- Excellent they have showed up a single frigate seems to have went ahead to scout a bit.

Entry Seventy Four:

Main Covenant fleet has arrived and they are holding their position, we are currently awaiting orders to engage. I can’t wait until I’m beating the hell out of them.

Still waiting for orders….

Entry Seventy Five:

At last! We are being ordered to charge the aliens while 2nd fleet prepares for defense around the mining operation. None of the aliens will survive! I’m turning on my Audio recorder for the battle.

Entry Seventy Six:

My audio recorder didn't record the battle, the EMP from a SHIVA nuclear warhead totally fried the thing. Useless piece of junk I guess I'll just have to re-cap the battle in here for future reference:

After we were given the orders to charge the entire battlegroup moved at flank speed towards the aliens that had jumped in system, there was quite a few of them. A few Destroyers, some Battlecruisers, a few Assault Carriers, and to top it off a single Dreadnaught.

Our battlegroup started to separate slowly, but we still remain relatively close together, we were coming from behind the enemy so that gave us a slight advantage over them but once the fighting started all hell broke loose. We quickly lost contact with a few of the destroyers and the Tempest, meanwhile almost the entire battlegroup shot past the aliens. Then everyone was alone and fighting single ship to ship battles, I don't think anyone managed to regroup and actually coordinate fire other than a few who got enough shots on the Dreadnaught to make it jump.

This is where things went from bad to worse, we started losing contact with ships rapidly and found ourselves fighting two enemy Destroyers with a Battlecruiser closing in to support them, and then things went fubar one of the four SHIVAs on board was fired towards the two Destroyers but was caught halfway by a Plasma torpedo, the EMP from the Nuke fried our systems and the blast almost split us in two. Good thing the old Marathon held together... barely. The Covenant seemed to be more concentrated on 2nd fleet who were still active and defending the station, eventually though it wasn't enough and the Covenant made their move when a misfired SHIVA destroyed half the fleet that was still alive.

Well it's long after the battle, we managed to get the Fable's systems working again but we aren't in a combat ready state so I ordered us to retreat back to Reach, I hope we aren't the only ones left.

Fable currently in Slip Space en route to Reach.

ntry Seventy Seven:

I know I know, I haven't written in months. I've just been to busy to write in here but I guess I finally found time. A lot has happened since my last entries, mainly I'm now a Rear Admiral Upper Half in command of the 202nd "Black Guard". But anyways I'm going to list what has happened since my last entry:

-Highcomm decided to try and retake Tau Ceti after the defeat defending it. The UNSC forces were eventually forced to retreat, but later we found out the person who ordered the retreat was in no position to give that order. But apparently the Covenant left the system after we left, a lone CMA vessel confirmed this. I believe it was called "Root Of All Evil" no idea why it stayed behind but it got some valuable intel.

-After that battle CB-15, the Fable, was badly damaged and was docked for repairs. It was in this waiting period that I was promoted and given command of the 202nd "Black Guard"

-After the Fable was repaired I went on many patrols but was called back for some unusual business, according to Vice Admiral Adam Arnold in charge of the 301st his daughter was being married to a Lieutenant Commander Drist Nameck in the 201st and Drist asked if I would perform the ceremony. I had no clue what to do but I guess it was good enough because the ceremony went through as planned. And now I have the Vice Admirals daughter on my ship because she is not allowed on Drist's ship. No idea how I got dragged into this marriage and why I had to perform the wedding.

-There was a whole mess with ONI that resulted in the deletion of my AI, Samuel, and the Destruction of my ship, the Fable. My new ship is the Fable's Fate and the new AI is <Deletion of classified knowledge authorized>

That about sums it up to date, I'll write when I get a chance but the paperwork as an Admiral is tremendous! So many people wanting transfers to the 202nd. . .

Entry Seventy Eight:

The Fable's Fate has been assigned to escort several CMA vessels along with the UNSCS Helios, Armored Core, Highlander and the Kiel. We are escorting the Valiant and the Sacred. On the Sacred is my younger brother Krios, he's a Lieutenant in the 10th Merchant squad. We are to rendezvous with them just outside of Reach naval shipyard, we then are jumping to an uninhabited system then to Mars. Once at Mars we are to escort them to the Reyes-Mclees shipyard, then restock if needed and return to Reach.

Here's an outline of the ships on this mission:

UNSC Escorts: Fable's Fate Class: CB-019 Marathon Large Cruiser. Commanding Officer: Rear Admiral Upper Half Arkanos Fenix(Commanding Officer of this mission)

Helios Class CB-013 Marathon Large Cruiser. Commanding Officer: Commander Johnson Sycamore

Armored Core FFG-741 Apocalypse Guided Missile Frigate. Commanding Officer: Commander Cory Chaney

Highlander FFG-893 Apocalypse Guided Missile Frigate. Commanding Officer: Lieutenant Commander Samual Dusenbury(OOC: Yes that is my RL name)

Kiel FFG-263 Apocalypse Guided Missile Frigate. Commanding Officer: Lieutenant Commander Marcus Dechampes

The Commodore in the Valiant must be very important to the need of two Marathons for escort, along with an Admiral. But this mission should be an easy one, no one has seen the covenant for some time now. Still I can't shake the feeling this whole thing won't end well.

Entry Seventy Nine:

We've entered Slip Space and are en route to the uninhabited system. I have a bad feeling about this system though, there was a remote scanning outpost in this system but the UNSC lost contact with it about a month ago, that's a second objective on the list. We are to see if we can find out what happened to the outpost. I have a feeling it was the covenant. Everyone except the command staff and engineering are in Cyro sleep at the moment, we will be heading there soon too for the duration of this slip space jump. Sev, the new AI, will be looking after the ship while we are all sleep. He will also be waking us all up.

Anyways the command staff is heading to the Cyro areas, goodnight.

Entry Eighty:

Audio File. 202nd UNSC Ship Fable's Fate. Uninhabited System.

  • door hisses while opening*

"Admiral on deck!"-NAV Officer

"At ease"-Voice Match: RADM UH Arkanos Fenix-"What do we got?"

"Admiral, we are leaving Slip Space in 9 minutes 51 seconds and 23 milliseconds"-MIL AI 1207"Sev"

"Good I want an open Comm channel with the Armored Core, Highlander, Kiel and the Helios"-Arkanos Fenix-"And a secure Comm with the Valiant"

"Right away, Admiral"-Sev

  • over the Comm*

"Commander Johnson Sycamore here sir."-Johnson

"Commander Chaney, sir"-Cory Chaney

"Lieutenant Commander Dusenbury here, sir" -Samual Dusenbury

"Marcus here"-Marcus Dechampes

"Good, as soon as we enter real space get your weapons up and running"-Fenix-"No idea what there could be in store for us, get ready for more orders once we enter the system. That is all"

"Yes sir"-Marcus, Samual, Cory, and Johnson

  • Comm channels switch off, another one opens*

"Commodore Shawn Cowles"-Fenix

"Admiral"-Shawn Cowles

"Good to see you, I need you and the Sacred to stay close to the Fable's Fate. If there are Covenant in the system and they engage us avoid the battle and if you must jump to a different system."-Fenix

"Will follow your advice Admiral."-Cowles-"Commodore Cowles out"

  • Comm channel switches off*

"Entering normal space in 3...."-Sev

"Get ready everyone, I want the MAC charging as soon as we exited Slip space. I want those archers warmed up and ready, and get a SHIVA armed"-Fenix

  • Faint sound can be heard indicating the ship has left slip space*

"Where are the other UNSC ships?"-Fenix

"The Armored Core and Kiel are about 47 KM portside. The Highlander is one quarter the way to that asteroid field, 79 KM. The Helios is 28 KM right above us."-Sev

"Good. Devon, tell them to regroup on the Fable's Fate now."-Fenix

"Right away, sir"-Devon COM Officer

"Sev, where are the CMA ships?"-Fenix

"Both are on a course to about 15 KM behind the Fable's Fate"-Sev-"Admiral! Detecting debris just off the starboard side. Scanning now....."

"What is it?"-Fenix

"Admiral, it's the remains of the remote scanning outpost"-Sev-"Contacts..... Four Covenant capital ships heading from that asteroid field!"

"I knew this wasen't going to end well...."-Fenix

Continuation Of: Audio File. 202nd UNSC Ship Fable's Fate. Uninhabited System.

"The UNSC Highlander is taking heavy fire Admiral!"-Sev-"They won't last another second"

"God dammit!"-Arkanos Fenix

"Taking heavy fire"-Samual Dusenbury-"Evade! I said Evad-"*static*

"We've lost the Highlander, sir."-Devon, COM Officer.

"Son of a bi-"-Fenix

"Admiral, the Covenant Battle cruisers are heading for the Armored Core and the Kiel"-Sev-"The Assault Carrier is heading straight for us"

"This is Commander Sycamore, we are right above you"-Johnson-"MACs are charged, and Archers are warmed. Let's get a Carrier kill, sir"

"Good, get ready to fire on my command"-Fenix-"Chaney, Dechampes..... give 'em hell"

"We'll be drinking to this victory later, sir"-Chaney-"Here we go now"*explosion heard in background*

"The Covenant Battle Cruisers have engaged the Armored Core and the Kiel"-Sev-"Assault Carrier will be in range in six seconds"

"MACs are charged, Archers are warmed up. Ready to fire"-Tyler Hatfield(Weapons Officer)

  • Over Comm to Sycamore, and to his own Crew* "Unleash Hell!"-Fenix
  • Sound of the twin MACs firing, and Archers being launched*

"The Assault Carrier has taken multiple hits but is still operational"-Sev-"It's firing!"

  • Explosions can be heard, the ship shakes a little*

"Everyone alright?"-Fenix-"Sycamore you still there"

"Yes sir, we've taken some hits but we're fine"-Sycamore

"Admiral! Additional Contacts!"-Sev

"What? Where did those come from?"-Fenix

Continuation Of: Audio File. 202nd UNSC Ship Fable's Fate. Uninhabited System.

"Admiral, the contacts are one DDG, and one FFG"-Sev-"The UNSC Atlantia and the Origin"

  • Comm turns on*

"-his is Commander Mack Ford of the UNSC ship Atlantia"-Mack Ford-"Looks to me like you need some help Admiral"

"Where did you come from?"-Fenix

"Long story sir"-Mack-"Would be better to tell it after we kill these Covenant"

"Right"-Fenix-"The Fable's Fate and the Helios can handle this Carrier, go get those Battle cruisers."

"Sir, yes sir"-Mack

  • Comm snaps off*

"Admiral, the Assault carrier is almost in range of the CMA vessels"-Sev

"Turn this thing around"-Fenix

"Right away, sir"-Brett (NAV)

"MACs are charged"-Tyler(WEP)

"The Helios is firing"-Sev-"Assault Carrier has taken one hit, it's operational.... barely"

"How much punishment can that thing take?"-Fenix

"Sir, MACs are able to fire on the ship"-Tyler

"Fire, now!"-Fenix

"It's firing on the Sacred"-Sev(with above)

  • Sound the of the MACs firing*

"Admiral, the Carrier is no more"-Sev

"Good, Status report on UNSC ships"-Fenix

"The Armored Core Is heavily damaged, but operational. The Atlantia and the Origin have taken no damage, and have dispatched the remaining Covenant Vessels. The Kiel is gone. The Helios has minor damage."-Sev

"And what about the CMA vessels?"-Fenix

"The Valiant is fine, no harm"-Sev-"But, the Sacred is gone"


Entry Eighty One:

Reach Shipyard, Epsilon Eridani System. UNSCS Fable's Fate

...I can't believe it.

It happened again, my brothers. Both are dead now, and I couldn't do anything to stop it. The Helios picked up life pods from the Sacred, there were some survivors. But I already know Krios isn't one of them, I can feel that he is gone.

I'll have to send word to Mother and Father about his death, but they will have already heard from ONI. I just can't get over that's gone, just like Schuyler*

  • -Arkanos Fenix's other younger brother who died in the explosion of the UNSCS Fable(FFG) earlier on in the Journal

Entry Eighty Two:

Audio File-10 Rear Admiral Upper Half Arkanos Fenix Reach Naval Shipyard Epsilon Eridani System. UNSCS Fable's Fate ... ... ... Start

  • Knocking on the door can be heard*

"Come in"-Voice print match: RADM UH Arkanos Fenix

  • Door opens and foot steps can be heard entering the room*

"I Just thought you'd want to see me before I am sent back to my duties"-Voice.... One Moment please

"....This can't be true"-Fenix *Sound indicates he is stand up from his desk and paperwork*

"What isn't?"-Voice.....Please Wait, accessing.

"You"-Fenix-"Your dead" *foot steps moving towards second person*

"I am not dead, for I am here are I not"-Voice Print Match: LT. Krios Fenix

"Your alive!"-Fenix *faint sound indicates Admiral Fenix is hugging Lt Fenix*

"Of course I'm alive, I have your knack for surviving"-Krios Fenix

Entry Eighty Three:

It seems almost impossible Krios is still alive. But he is! He didn't see me right away because he was wounded during the escape from the Sacred. Father, and Mother are going to be really confused when Krios sends them a letter since I had just sent them a letter saying he was dead. Hopefully they aren't mad at me.

The Fleet Admiral has ordered the Fable's Fate on a routine patrol in the Atlantic system. There shouldn't be any Covenant in that system, so I should be back in one piece. We will be heading out as soon as the repairs are finished for the damage we took in the last mission.

I'll write then I get back

(Under Construction)

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