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Arnhem Federation
Arnhem Federation
Political information
Type of government
  • Federal Republic
Founding document

Antwerp Resolution

Head of Government

Governer Blake Marshall


General of the Military Robert Gravell

Executive branch

Joint-Colonial Military Forces

Legislative branch

Arnhem Committee

Societal information

Antwerp, Arnhem

Official language
  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Russian

Arnhem Federation Mark

Historical information
Formed from

Arnhem Colonial Government

Date of establishment

December 6th, 2583


The Arnhem Federation, or more commonly as the Federation,is a Federal Republic that was formed during the succession of the Arnhem Colonial Government from the Colonial Administration Authority. Due to the impromptu nature of the Federation, the governments structure is highly simple, its highest branch being only the Arnhem Committee, the Federations legislature.


The military of the Arnhem Federation is the Joint-Colonial Military Forces which is comprised mainly of Federation citizens, colonial militia, and former UNSC personnel. Joint-Colonial Soldiers are often referred to as Federation Troopers or Colonials by United Nations Space Command ground forces as they do not regard the Arnhem Federation as a true government.



  • General of the Military (GotM)
  • General (Gen)
  • Commander (Comm)
  • Captain (Capt)
  • Lieutenant (Lt)
  • Junior Lieutenant (Junior)


  • Master Sergeant (MSgt)
  • Sergeant (Sgt)
  • Corporal (Corp)
  • Private (Pvt)
  • Recruit (Rec)

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