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June 2359


Primary UNSC Harbour

Facility Information
  • Arzchel Shipyards
  • Arzchel Breakers
Known Commander(s)


  • Pre Human-Covenant War
  • Human-Covenant War
  • Post Human-Covenant War
  • Interspecies Union
    • UNSC



Arzchel City



Breakers Yard


Warehouse 13


Timeline of Arzchel Operations

Arzchel Timeline
Year Event
2359 Construction begins on the Primary facilities and installation of Fusion Reactors.
2363 Primary Shipyard construction begins early in the year.
2365 Hanger bays 1-24 are constructed and completed in two years.
2370 Shipyards are completed
2378 Arzchel City is completed; Civilian and military personnel begin populating the city
2372 Base defences are activated for the first time
2380 Arzchel is opened as a primary base of the UNSC
2382 Hanger bay 13 sinks 180 meters underground, salvage teams deem it too difficult to salvage.
2420 Arzchel is marked for closure
2425 Arzchel is shut down
2427 Arzchel is reopened following the accidental destruction of its replacement.
2440 A 20 year mass expansion program is placed in effect
2441 A Hanger complexes are redubbed Warehouses
2443 Advanced defense system are installed.
2465 Mass expansion plans are completed and all systems and facilities are renovated to current times.
2540 A Third overhaul Arzchel is completed.
October 21, 2552 Arzchel’s defence fleet assists some what in the space battles around Earth.
October 22, 2552 Half of Arzchel’s marine garrison is deployed to help with the ground Battle of Earth.
October 23, 2552 A covenant Corvette bombards the primary shipyard facility before being shot down
October 24, 2552 Members of Arzchel’s Orbital Drop Shock Troops are deployed to deal with remaining Covenant forces attacking the shipyard
October 25, 2552 Civilian evacuation transport ships begin arriving at Arzchel’s spaceport.

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