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The planet Asgard in the Summer.

Asgard is a planet in the Outer Colony region of UNSC controlled space. The planet is renowned for its natural beauty and fierce winters. The planet has a 24 hour day cycle and circles it sun once per 450 day. The planet has four seasons, Spring,Summer,Fall and Winter. The average temperature on the planet is 40° Fahrenheit and increases to 65°F in summer, and can plummet to -43°F in winter.


Asgard planet surface

Asgard's Niflheim Mountains.

The planet was first discovered in 2454. A explorer drone was sent and discovered a world of vast natural beauty, lakes dotting the landscape and vast forests. However later in the experiment did scientists find vast mines of titanium and other raw materials. In 2499, a human colony ship, loaded with colonists from Scandinavia arrived at the planet and begun to build. However, winter arrived and decimated 1/8th of the population. The survivors quickly built their cities for shelter and in late 2500 did they succeed. Mining companies from Earth began to set up mining colonies to mine for resources, while the lumber industry came as well.

When the Human-Covenant War broke out, Asgard was lucky enough to avoid the wrath of the Covenant. Marines arrived in system and began to set up defenses for the planet. However in 2551, the Covenant found the planet, and begun their siege. A small portion of the planet was glassed, and a massive ground invasion began. Most of the UNSC forces were driven to the capitol of Freyja. There, marines managed to keep Covenant forces out, but the marines were running low on supplies.

On the fifth day of the siege, drop pods were seen burning through Asgard's sky. Thinking it may have been stray meteors, as were common in the Asgard system, both Covenant and UNSC disregarded them. However, what was inside was a platoon of Gamma Companies SPARTAN-IIIs. These soldiers landed near a large Covenant stationing ground, where Locust walkers were busy digging a Forerunner structure. The platoon infiltrated the base in the night, and successfully destroyed the Locusts along with many other vehicles. However, the structure was already uncovered, and Science lances began to search.

Knowing whatever inside the structure would be valuable to the Covenant, the S-III platoon began to clear the structure. However, they were too late and whatever was inside activated. The structure revealed itself to be a Forerunner weapon, one that had the possibility of destroying the planet as a way to contain Flood infections, according to a Sentinel Captain that allied themselves with the S-IIIs. The platoon placed explosive charges and destroyed the weapon. When the platoon emerged from the structure, they were ambushed by a large Covenant force. Most of the platoon fell back into the structure and waited, continuing to combat the Covenant.

An hour after the ambush, reinforcements finally arrived. A fleet of UNSC ships engaged the Covenant and deployed reinforcements. After receiving a message from the trapped S-IIIs, a large force of ODSTs dropped into the heat of the Covenant forces, disorienting them and slaughtering. After successfully being evacuated, most of the planet was abandoned due to another possible invasion. However, after the war had ended, the planet was re-colonized.

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