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Luna (Crisium City, Naniwa

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January 7th 2511

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6' 2"

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Earth, Reach




"I don't care if we win this damn war. All that I care about is that we kill those bastards. They glass our worlds, kill soldiers and civilians indiscriminately, and have the guts to bring it to Earth.""

Lieutenant Ash was a SPARTAN-II. He was an ONI-commissioned operator in mostly urban operations including Reach's New Alexandria and Earth's New Mombasa. He was a survivor of Reach, and, eventually, the war. He now resides in his hometown. He was also paired with AI Alyson, the same time he was commissioned to be a Beta-5 operator.

Early life

Ash was born on Luna in January of 2511. He grew up with his family until he was six, and was kidnapped by ONI when he got his flu shot in November of 2517.


Ash excelled in his Spartan II training, but was changed by it. He was always quiet unless forced to talk, and often slept during lectures and meetings he felt unimportant after training. During his training he took on an interest in heavy weapons and technology. He ended up getting trained how to pilot, and how to use explosive devises. In training, an explosive misfired, and he lost his arm. He also was decent in hand-to-hand combat. When they were being taught how to use alternate weapons, he was asked to help demonstrate how to use kukris. He managed to nick the blade, so the trainer gave it to him, claiming that they had some more, and that Ash would have good use for it.


When he graduated, he received the Mark IV Armor, as all Spartans did. When Mark V was issued, he acquired a modified UNSC Air Force Pilot helmet. It had a UA piece on top, and a HUL[3] on the side. The helmet featured a polarized Gold visor. Also, he requested a Parafoil chestplate, and a Tacpad. Other than that, he kept his standard armor, until Mark VI was released, which he got early due to his status as an ONI and Beta-5 operator. He used the basic chest, kneeguards, and general armor, except for the Pilot helmet. He used the Pilot helmet because he still liked to pilot vehicles, and the software suite of the Pilot helmet provided a gyroscope, altimeter, and all sorts of other things that a pilot HUD would have. When he was graduated, he was also assigned to Asymmetrical Action Group Dusk of Beta-5 Division, upon Catherine Halsey's request.

New Alexandria and Beta-5

Due to the non-wartime protocols of Beta-5 and ONI, the group was not assigned a barracks, the group a city, and each of the 8 members a district, and a barrack. They were assigned to New Alexandria, Reach. Ash was put in the bad part of the city (Not that he cared) and got quite a bit of anti-insurgence action. He was, of course, not allowed to carry his laser (One of the few things he cared enough about to show dismay).


The Covenant attacked Harvest and took control of it in 2525. In 2528, the UNSC was ready to take it back. Ash was sent to go on an intelligence-gathering mission with the rest of Dusk Team on the surface while the Covenant was distracted by the Naval assault. The plan was carried out perfectly, pleasing ONI very much. However that was not the end of the battle for Dusk Team. They were used to carry out high stakes operations. ONI commissioned Ash's team to attack a Covenant carrier. They deployed the team by using SOEIV Pods to board. 7 of the 8 Spartans missed the target, but landed alive on the surface. Ash was the only one that took part in the boarding, though. He was able to accomplish the mission. He successfully kidnapped the shipmaster and destroyed the carrier.

After extraction, they were taken to the UNSC Spirit of Fire. There, the shipmaster was interrogated. Although no tactical information could be extracted, they managed to create the first Human-Covenant translator from speech with him, but was found dead (Presumably from suicide of some sort) in his containment cell. This was, however, an important accomplishment for ONI. However, because only he was the only Spartan, he received attention from Dr. Halsey. He fought in several surface battles, convincing Halsey that he was a good candidate for the A.I. project.

UNSC Prophecy Rescue

When the Prophecy entered the airspace, it destroyed several Covenant ships, and achieved some other tactical victories, but was critically damaged. S127 was diverted to try to kill any Covenant on board the ship to protect navigational data. However, it was not known that the reactor was leaking radiation. Ash would have never known that due to the fact that he had 90 minutes of Oxygen in his suit, which he was using because no crew members shut off the airlocks when he entered via Pelican drop off. He manually sealed it, but forgot to turn his oxygen off, saving his life. He entered in and went to the navigational core, and destroyed it.

It was decided that he did not successfully destroy the NAV data center. Also, scientists determined that the mutants would die when the radiation stopped pouring out. That was when John Forge was deployed. He was told that he was to rescue survivors so that no more information than was necessary about S127's op was released, and was then told to redirect to the NAV. Also, it was discovered that due to John being non-Spartan, he was not able to avoid the Ship AI.


In 2531, after Harvest was successfully reclaimed, Dusk Team was able to get a ride back to Reach aboard the Spirit. Halsey took him to a combat simulator station somewhere around Sword Base. There, they were allowing the A.I.s to chose their Spartan. 20 Spartans competed without knowing what they were fighting for. 5 A.I.s were observing. Ash got selected by A.I. Alyson. She was integrated to his armor.

Battle of the Rubble

At this point, Ash was put on extended withdraw from Beta-5, and taken to be used for ONI intelligence gathering. He was sent to The Rubble on board the UNSC Midsummer Night. He was dropped in a SOEIV pod, managing to land stealthily. He managed to discover what was happening and get extracted. Ash got to the navigational data the Covenant was looking for on the Exodus Asteroid, and Alyson copied the data to herself and deleted it from the terminals. Alyson could not contact the Night and tell them that the data was secure, so the battle could not be stopped. Ash was able to get extracted with the civilians. After the Battle of the Rubble, Ash was cryo-chambered aboard the Night and taken back to Reach, as the Night could not activate Slipspace due to battle damage.

Over the next several years, Ash and Alyson carried out a number of small scale engagements, and took part of minor battles.

The Fall of Reach

Ash, with Alyson, was officially put back into Beta-5. They arrived at Reach just in time for the Fall. Ash and the squad fought in New Alexandria, evacuating civilians. They managed to hold the city until it fell victim to glassing. At this point, they got on board the civilian transport. Alyson took control of the ship, saying she was going to give the pilot a break, but (after consulting Ash) took the craft to Sword Base. They arrived during the Torch and Burn operation. At the time they arrived at the lab to Halsey's lab, Noble Team had just left. The team stayed with the Doctor, following her command. Ash and the other Spartan stayed with Halsey until Sierra 117 arrived during the Raid of Reach.

When New Alexandria was glassed, the rest of the team decided to commandeer the UNSC Crystal Fire. Ash stayed, however, to protect Halsey. This decision was not made to the rest of the team's satisfaction, but he felt the need to, for some reason.

Battle of Mombasa

The survivors preceded to destroy the Erindanus rebels and destroy about 500 Covenant ships preparing to attack Earth in Operation First Strike.The [[w:c:Halo:UNSC Gettysburg|Gettysburg then made way for Earth.

Here, Ash and Alyson were able to get to the UNSC In Amber Clad and join up with the invasion force. They flew in with the main invasion force in a Pelican. They helped the force drive a hole in the Covenant. They took a small group of Marines to the industrial district, reclaiming it. Command then informed them that an ODST Squad was trapped near their location behind enemy lines. The group decimated the Covenant in the area, and extracted the ODSTs. They then got orders to begin to get to the Uplift Reserve and try to stop the Covenant landing, but the order to retreat from the Reserve was given first. The group was then relocated to try and save as many survivors of the Space elevator crash as they could. They managed to get to the rubble and try to evac civilians, but no Pelicans could make it over the city. Instead, they had to wait until after nightfall.


During the night, the Covenant assault became more and more relentless. The group was forced to had to leave the remnants of the Space Elevator and head back for the industrial district. However, the Covenant defensive force was too strong to get far. They instead turned around and made way for Old Mombasa. The slums were mostly unoccupied. Here, Alyson was able to reestablish contact with command. They told them that they had a group of ODST, and they needed immediate extract. Command still refused to send any Pelicans to pull them out. This left the team in a predicament. The ODST and Ash were ready to die, but not without saving the civilians. They decided, instead, to try to make ground back into New Mombasa and get to a Police Department and take a Pelican. Alyson was able to make contact with the Superintendent, who uploaded a city map and a recommended route to the closest Department with a Pelican. They took the Pelican and extracted back to the Amber.


The two were redeployed into the city to reclaim Old Mombasa. They were taken in with a squad of ODST into the heart of Old Mombasa via Pelican. They were to clear out Old Mombasa in order to give the UNSC a way to launch further offenses deeper into the city. They had to claim it with no support or vehicles, and clear out all enemies. The important part of the battle was to make it back to the barracks and recruitment center in that part of the city. They were chosen because they were available, and the ODSTs did not want to deploy into the area without support from Marines, which were not available. Also, they had already been in the city.

During the night, they were taken in. The LZ was, conveniently clear. However, it has been all but proved to be fact that you cannot fly a Pelican over an occupied city without attracting attention. Not long after the Pelican was gone, enough Brutes came to stop the advancement of the team. They entrenched in a building next to the point that they could travel no further. They set up a makeshift barricade in the stairway 3 stories up. They dropped MX-5 Decoy grenades, and set up landmines. Then they advanced quietly. At this point, they were planning to get to a high building (Alyson looked for one at least 75 stories tall). However, they found a terminal to access the Superintendent, and Alyson inputted access codes. The ODST and Alyson downloaded a city map. The barracks turned out to be on the other side of the LZ. The team chose to make the barracks their priority, so that they could have a safe LZ to deploy troops back into the area.

The team also put Ash in charge. He came up with the idea of hijacking a Phantom and using that as a gunship. Because he was confident that Alyson could pilot it, they continued to track one deep into the city. At a certain point, they got tired to waiting. They were about to move away from the course that would be possible to take due to closed routes. They shot a flare gun strait up, and the dropship turned around and began trying to attack. Ash distracted the Phantom, while the ODST squad got inside the Phantom. Ash took shots to the torso area, injuring him, almost severely, but Alyson managed to divert power to the shields from her to save him while the ODST took the Phantom. Alyson was forced to shut down because Ash's armor couldn't charge her due to battle damage. He was forced to recall learning how to pilot UNSC ships and relate it to the Phantom, as none of the ODST even understood how to accelerate. They did, however, have a Phantom made for torpedo-bombing runs, making the damage they could inflict much greater than if they just had the side turrets.

In this Phantom, they got to the barracks, and began to get weapons and ammo. The Phantom had to be destroyed, however, because it had tracking devices in it that only Alyson could find, and she was not in an operational state. Ash found a Spartan Laser charger. He thought that he could modify it to charge Alyson for a short while. He took his laser off and used his Kukri to disassemble the generator. He shaped the charging nodes to match Alyson's data chip. He charged her for about an hour before he started to worry. Just as he was going to give up on his self made charger, she sparked to life. Ash put her back into his suit. She was able to find a Spartan armor dock, which she put him in. The armor was fixed, but the shield system had taken unrepairable damage. He had Alyson contact the Amber and tell them to reroute the next returning squad of soldiers to the barracks, as they were secure. The Amber agreed to do so. They got a small platoon of Army soldiers. They set up a defensive parameter, and Ash and the ODST squad left without Alyson to do a small raid on the Covenant positions, leaving Alyson on the charger.

After they returned, Alyson had formed a battle strategy. Over the next 3 days, they would preform systematic clearing of the city, using the army troopers they received to prevent any more Phantoms from entering the area. The 3/4 of the ODST took the west side, and Ash and Alyson with the rest of the ODST took the east. Both teams took half the Army troops, all armed with scavenged lasers, snipers, and Rocket Launchers. The two teams systematically cleared the city, stationing troops in high buildings so that they could prevent any further reinforcements. They succeeded in clearing Old Mombasa. The Amber ordered all Marine and Army troops in the city to divert to Old Mombasa and set up a base of operations. This decreased the stress over the Amber, and allowed it to leave the airspace when it did without having to discuss with anyone on the ground.


Ash and Alyson were often sent back into the city for small skirmishes and to aid in battles and operations. The two survived, even the Flood invasion. They managed to escape London. After a few days, the UNSC ordered all operational units to prepare to liberate the ruins of Mombasa. Ash was the lead Spartan of this effort.


After the war, Ash retired from operational duty, but did stay in the UNSC as an adviser, mostly so he could keep Alyson. He was given the Medal of Honor and a Purple Heart. He moved back to Luna.

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