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Ashton Graves
Ashton Jefferson Graves
Biographical Information

New Harmony (Tyumen)


March 3rd, 2521 (Monastir)

Physical Description







Light Brown



Chronological and Political Information

First Great War


New Harmony Land Forces

"You cannot change what has happened in the past. What is now is now. The future is the future. Our choices decides the future. If the future is not what we wanted to be, it is our fault because we have guided ourselves to the unwanted path."
―Ashton Graves

Captain Ashton Jefferson Graves, usually referred to as Lockon by his companions, was a young and somewhat inexperienced officer of the New Harmony Land Forces. Born on the UNSC colony world of New Harmony


Early History

Personality/Appearance and Traits




"It's hard to believe that this young man is a soldier."
―Unknown Officer

Ashton had a slim and lean and athletic frame that was built from years of extensive body training. Even though his muscles weren't that well pronounced, Ashton's body was at peak condition, allowing him to run for long distances as well as get through small places with relative ease. One of his most prominent and striking features was his smile. Ashton's smile was usually put into a grin and it seemed to have a calming effect on his troops whenever they were in dire situations.

Ashton was somewhat tanned skin and he sported medium length curly light brown hair and bright green eyes that seemed to give to him a passive yet cool look to his eyes. He had a smooth clean shaven face which gave him a strong youthful appearance, often looking younger than the rest of the troops under his command. Being muscular fit, Ashton garnered the admiration of several women he had met. However, he rejected all of their advances as they were only attracted to his body, not his personality.

Ashton often disregarded regulations on terms of his uniform, with him usually choosing a different outfit rather than the standard uniform.


"Why the hell am I in a CQC Company when I specialize in Long Range Combat?"


  • It is ironic that Ashton Graves is in a Close Quarter Combat Company yet his main specialization is in Long Range Combat.

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