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Terminal This article, Askarvic Standoff, was written by Where'sWerdaf?. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
The Askarvic Standoff was a conflict between the Askarvic People's Liberation Army (APLA) and the UNSC in 2465. While the UNSC had the capability to defeat the poorly armed APLA, Askarvic was the UNSC's freighting capital and the major planet in exporting supplies and munitions to UNSC forces in their countless battles with the Innsurectionists. Co-operation was needed between the UNSC and Askarvic.

After a small conflict on one of the planet's many moons, and an unsuccessful UNSC raid on the APLA HQ in Godiva Creek, the UNSC granted the APLA and the people of Askarvic the independence to govern themselves, but certain conditions had to be followed. The biggest of these was that UNSC forces could be posted on the planet, and certain shipyards be controlled by the UNSC Navy (including the biggest on the planet, the Miami Shipyards in the Gull province). On the 21st of June 2466 the Askarvic Colonial Office was formed.

Sub-sections of the ACO included: The Askarvic Colonial Military Frontier Service (ACMFS-the successor of the APLA), the Colonial Office Policing Division (COP) and the Askarvic Colonial Armoury (ACA).

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