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Terminal This article, Asphodel Meadows Naval Special Warfare Center, was written by RelentlessRecusant and Actene. Please do not edit this fiction without the writers' permission.

"The Arastradero Naval Special Warfare Center was antithetical to the beloved Asphodel Meadows Naval Special Warfare Center wherein Jake had taken up residence between operations for the past two decades. Asphodel Meadows was a futuristic tract of glassine skyscrapers ascendant from the earth, translucent icosahedrons aloft in the skies, and caustically angular metallic assemblages—a disarmingly hypermodern noösphere dreamt by a designer; its crafting at the brink of modern human architectural capabilities; its palette that of slate grey and electric lights. It was a studded edifice to the newfound opulence of the United Nations Space Command and humanity, less a special operations staging base and more an avant garde garden of metal, glass, and light."
―Thoughts of Lieutenant Commander SPARTAN-G293, Halo: The Asphodel Meadows Chronicles

Asphodel Meadows NavSpecWar Center
Asphodel Meadows Naval Special Warfare Center

Centralized Military Distict, Asphodel Meadows, 47 Ursae Majoris System (46 light-years from Sol)


Summer 2553

Facility Information

Asphodel Meadows Era, Galactic Era


The Asphodel Meadows Naval Special Warfare Center (Asphodel Meadows NavSpecWar Center) was one of the predominant operational centers and C2 sites of the UNSC Special Operations Command; it was situated on the eponymous UNSC colony world of Asphodel Meadows, itself in the Middle Rim and the 47 Ursae Majoris System, 46 light-years from Sol. Erected shortly after the ratification of the Treaty of Voi, the Asphodel Meadows Naval Special Warfare Center's construction in 2553 emblematized the post-War UNSC Defense Force's salient thrust to reignite and perfect its special operations forces, whom proved decisive in ending not only the Human-Covenant War but also the Memory Crisis that followed it.

Arastradero Naval Special Warfare Center on Midgard was commissioned in the footsteps of the Asphodel Meadows Naval Special Warfare Center; whereas the latter was the home of the UNSC Progressive Warfare Command, the former would be its forward staging site.

Asphodel Meadows Naval Special Warfare Center earnt well-deserved infamy for being home to many of the Special Mission Units of PROGWARCOM—such as the UNSC Naval Special Commando Unit, UNSC Naval Special Warfare Group Six, and the High Priority Assassination program. It was also the seat of power for many of the UNSC Office of Naval Intelligence's classified HUMANCONFIG programs, including CW ASPECT and CW MYRMIDON—it was the training grounds and developmental sites for Kimberly Ivy Blackburn and the 1st Myrmidon Company, respectively.

Behind the Scenes


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