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Assault Carrier
Production information

Fleet carrier

Technical specifications

5,376 meters

  • Seraph fighters (216)
  • Phantoms (40)
  • Boarding craft (8)
  • Carrier
  • Cruiser
  • Planetary assault
  • Command vessel
  • Religious center



The Assault Carrier is a Covenant heavy intrastellar warship classification.


It was designed after the deployment of the venerable CCS-class battlecruisers, which were adopted as the mainstream military vessels of the Covenant Fleet because of their versatility in deep-space and planetary engagements and also in planetary subjugation: a handful of battlecruisers could 'glass' a hostile planet within hours, whereas dozens of frigates would be required because of the light armaments of the frigates. A battlecruiser could also serve as the command vessel of a flexible multi-tiered naval taskforce.

However, while the strength of the mainstream battlecruisers were their versatility, they were ineffective as a rallying point for Covenant forces. Furthermore, the advanced predictions of Covenant Command dictated that as the war progressed to the vermins's home front, planetary destruction would need to be abdicated in favor of planetary occupation, and the relatively light compliment of each battlecruiser was not conducive to active suppressions and occupations.

Thus, the concept for a heavy-tonnage vessel with a high compliment count was devised: the Assault Carrier. Instead of the unique and evolving CCS classification, whose existence for several centuries and the demand for technological improvement in the Covenant Empire's numerous skirmishes and wars dictated that each battlecruiser be drydocked away from frontline operations at least once a year-cycle to incorporate these updates, the Assault Carriers would incorporate the most accelerated technology from the Huragok Corps and Forerunner designs at inception, and would be mobile testbeds for technology. Their massive tonnage would allow incorporation of minor adaptive modifications forced by frontline demands, and useful modifications would be transmitted fleetwide to update all Assault Carriers.

Ships of the Line

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