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Assault Rifle-17 ICWS
Weapon Information

Riverside Armory


Assault rifle; individual combat weapon system

Technical Specifications

M118 7.62x51mm FMJ AP


Short-stroke gas-operated rotating bolt

Rate of Fire

675 rounds per minute

Chronological and Affiliation

UNSCflag UNSC Defense Force
ALFcrest Artemis Liberation Front
Various other organizations


"Sure, the accuracy isn't much better than a two dollar air-soft, but hot damn, it's one tough piece of work!"

The Mark I Assault Rifle-17 Individual Combat Weapon System (M17 ICWS), colloquially among non-UNSC personnel as the Model 2417 assault rifle, is an infantry service rifle. Its brash tenacity and reliability has earned it the nickname "shredder."


For a brief period in the early 25th century, the M17 was the standard service rifle for much of the UNSC Defense Force, though its tenure was cut short by the cutting edge MA37 rifle. Unbeknown to the UNSC, though, Riverside Armory, along with a number of licensed manufacturers, continued to produce thousands of M17 rifles under the shroud of servicing private security groups. In reality, over the quarters of all rifles of the class produced after 2450 were intended solely for distribution across the black market.

Behind the Scenes

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