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Assault Team Whiskey was an Assault Team of SPARTAN-IV, Dog Platoon, Charlie Company. It consisted of 4 members.


Functions Within Charlie Company

Whiskey is one of the few Assault Teams within Charlie Company, and thus serves a much more unique role than their stealthy companions. Team Whiskey was created with the task of getting out any other teams who during a mission were "found out". Speed was in mind from the co-ordinators, as they'd have to reach their destination, preferably before any major firefights occurred, and from there the troops trained regular Assault style would protect the sides, as the team escaped with their retrieved allies.

The other Secondary goals of Whiskey, was to be used as diversions, if the situation called, as with their superior speed, they useually could literally run in and out of the jaws of death in minutes. They were also the main raw fire-power of Charlie, and were thus often sent into combat in a manner similar to shock troops, to reinforce allied soldiers if the need was drastic enough.


The majority of the team (with the exception of Lynch, who has a Shotgun) is armed with a Carbine and SMG., though several troops allso carry a third weapon in specialised situations. Ruby-Mortar Launcher, Lynch-Sniper Rifle. Mark allso wields an excess number of grenades. The team also wields grappling hooks, used for scaling structures quitly and unnoticed.

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