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A average male Astuto is about 7' 3" and weighs slightly over 170 pounds, they started out on a planet similar to earth and then grew to look like humans, but through eveloution they are slightly stronger and due to the years of making syrums for diseases and taking them resilient to some diseases. The only way to tell the difference between human and Astuto is that they will never have the same color of each eye i.e. one blue and one yellow. Also they will be born with a large mark on their backs in the shape of an animal. Another feature that differs is that they heals much faster then normal humans. The marry just like humans and the higher ranked ones might have several spouses at once.

They have been around for longer than even the forerunners so their technology is even greater than the forerunners. They were the first ones to mass-produce A.I.s and import them into machines. They didn't invent the slipspace drive instead they stole it from the Precursor who they were at war with, eventually forcing the Precursor's out of the galaxy after both sides gave up. They have developed several weapons including Solid Plasma, Laser M61R Vulcan (Similar to the M61 Vulcan), the Electron Gravitation Beam Cannon and one of the greatest the Guardians.

There bones are of a stronger density then normal humans and they have they are slightly stronger then humans. They can run a little faster then humans and they have slightly stronger eyes then a human.

Social System


They are at the top of the Social Structure with the most money and the highest social status. An Astuto also can be made into an aristocrat if they hold a high rank in the army by fighting well and slaying many enemies in a war situation. The aristocrats have access to the entire city and everything it holds, but many choose not to go into the poor districts of the cities. They have the choice of going into parliament or going into the army, so the Aristocrats run the entire system. The Aristocrat that are in the army mostly wear exo-skeletons instead of the normal powered body armour and will lead their forces into the middle of battle. During peace time the Aristocrats that are in the army will sit around their estates waiting for another war to start or to go to parties and the like. The Aristocrats are usually very beautiful and will only take spouses that are the same beauty or rank. The should also be very intelligent, having the greatest education of all class when very young. Strong physically condition is also a priority to them, one of the mottos of the aristocrats is Strong body and mind will save us from the dark. The aristocrats are separated into families, two of the largest families are the Rose Bianche a.k.a White Roses and the Rose Rosse a.k.a the Red Roses. They sometimes have soldiers that serve them as guard, the head of the Aristocrat's guards are called Honour Guard.


An Aristocrat


They are in between the Aristocrats and the Centrale and do all the fighting for the Astuto. Anyone that is in good psyhical and mental condition can join the Army and start training and then maybe fight. The soldiers are posted on ships and the cities to keep order, thye will also be put on scout ships with explorers to scout out new planets to colonize and then build sky cities above. They have several different types of training that they can participate in for example sniping and spotting, heavy weapons, demolition etc. They are a very important part of the Astuto society and when returning victorious from a war are treated as heroes. The higher ranks are usually Aristocrats and the lower ranks are Centrale, the Guardians are the heavy infantry of the army and are not given a rank. They use every bit of technology that the Astuto inventors can come up with, everything from solid plasma to the enhancer.


A picture of Astuto Soldiers


They are the rank the majority of the Astuto are, they live in the districts that are neither rich nore poor. They are the middle class, these people work for a living, they make sure the cities are all running well. In social status they are just below soldiers, but over the Povero. They will very rarely ascend to Aristocrat status, they all receive a good education, but not as good as the aristocrats. They have jobs like factory workers, tailers, grocers, bankers etc. As with everything else that concerns them they are of average psyical and mental condition, one of their mottos is We are always even.


They are the poorest and the least educated, also they are probably the most ugly,but some are quite beautiful. The live on the surface of the planet that the sky cities orbital. They will also live in the absoulute worst part of the slums of the sky cities, the planets surface is usually clogged up with brutal gases that are sometimes posinous, that is why most of the Parassita wear gas-masks all the time. The never take them off without someone forcing them to do so. The Parassita that live in the Sky Cities will often get jobs that pay just enough to live by.


One of the first technogolies that they invented was the Solid plasma. It was a bullet that was made of super heated metal, but staying solid. Another invention was the Laser M61R Vulcan, it is used usually by Guardians only because of the extreme weight.


After Precursor War

The war with the Precursors brought the Astuto race population to almost nothing, leaving only the Homeplanet with Astuto people. The Astuto Miliarty strength was reduced to only enough to just protect the Homeplanet. Some speculate that the Precursors let the Astuto live, also the Astuto took hundreds of years to recover.


They encountered the Forerunners after the Precursors and still were trying to recover from the devastating war. The Forerunners left them alone as they recovered. The two races did trade technology, acouple things the Astuto gained were slipspace drives, laser tech and shield worlds, one which they built in the middle of their homeplanet. As the Flood began their campaign of destruction the Forerunners at the last hour sent a message to the Astuto telling them of the Halos firing. The Astuto barely maganed to get their elite into the shield world. They survived the halo blast, but at a terrible price. They had so little people again.

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