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Atoni Jastenon
Biographical information


Physical description


Chronological and political information

Necros War

Notable Events

Became a Necros experiment, with an experimental frame created from combining his and Wyna Benvora's


Atoni Jastenon, known to friends as "Tiger" and later "Hybrid", was a Machina and a member of the Federation's Wild Seven unit, the Fated Eight.


Early History

The Fated Eight

Necros War

"The Experiment"


The "Hybrid" frame, a Revenant experiment created by the Necros from Atoni and Wyna Benvora's specially-linked frames

"The memory’s wiles can be cruel. In its silence, we forget. In its obsession, it binds our hearts"
―Atoni Jastenon[1]




Link to Wyna Benvora

Original Frame




THE SUN System



Taken from Atoni during the construction of the Hybrid frame, the DAYBREAK System uses solar energy to power an energy-based weapon system, capable of being fired from focal points as a laser weapon or discharged in a powerful, area-of-effect blast, with an additional EMP effect.

"Hybrid" Frame

"In seeking to make me a tool to aid in his ascension, he has merely given me the weapons with which to kill him"
―Atoni Jastenon

Merged Systems

  • DOUBLE EDGE System
  • CRESCENT System
  • THE STAR System




The precise workings of the INFINITY System are mysterious at best: crafted from Precursor components that Antulas had only partially come to understand, the system has two parts to it. Part of it is a miraculous Precursor micro-generator that supplies power to the rest of the frame and its' systems. The generator is capable of running on its' own power sources for what is currently thought to be an indefinite amount of time, due to its' ability to draw energy from solar sources if need be. This generator's charge, on a normal level and without any recharging, has been estimated to be able to charge a Type-46 Scarab for three years: due to the much smaller nature of Atoni and his Necros-crafted frame, the power supply is estimated to last for twenty-five years or better.

The second part of the INFINITY System is the “discharge function”. Essentially functioning just as it sounds, the discharge function gathers a large amount of the generator's energy, as well as briefly absorbing solar energy to add slightly more power, and then uses this mass of power as a form of weapon. Channeled through Atoni's specialized railgun “Gemini”, the directed energy blast is powerful enough to blast through six UNSC Tiger HBT's, vaporizing the first two and causing severe damage to the next three.


Literary References

Notational References

  1. Quote by Vexen in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
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