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Attack on the Decided Hearth
  • Picture taken by a survived Sangheili
  • Relief on the monument of the battle
  • Painted representation of the original picture
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  • Drawing of the original picture



Sangheili-Jiralhanae War


may 12, 2553 (Human Calendar)


"Decided Hearth" Sangheili military colony


Jiralhane success


SAngheili defensive force - Reinforcement fleet

Jiralhane strike force


Par'Malakar commander of The colony defensive force - Reinforcement fleet of Rtas'Vadum

unknown Jiralhanae Commander


2 CCS class cruisers, 4 heavy destroyers, 8 frigates, hundreds of outdated fighters, 6000 regular troops, several vehicles and aircrafts of the Colony defensive force

120 ships of Rtas'Vadum fleet

1 Assault carrier, 2 reverence-class cruisers, 10 ccs-class cruisers, 30.000 Jiralhane highly traned soldiers, hundreds of vehicles and aircrafts


over 80% of the colony destroyed and planet partially glassed; entire fleet destroyed, death of Par'Malakar and virtually all sangheili armed forces; more than one hundred thousands civilians killed

1 ccs battlecruiser; many seraphs; irrilevant infantry losses


The attack on the Sangheili colony "Decided Hearth" was the first planetary assault in The Sangheili-Jiralhanae War.

Breaching the Sangheili Perimeter

The commander of the Jiralhanae strike force, probably a War Chieftain personally chosen by Marturus, used the small breach in the Sangheili defensive perimeter created after the Ambushes on the Joyl system to enter Sangheili controlled space. When their force was detected by the three nearest space outposts it was too late to intercept him before he could get to the colony.

The nearest Sangheili fleet of 200 ships, under the command of Rtas'Vadum, was travelling to the hole in the defensive perimeter in order to stop any Jiralhanae attempt to attack their territories. At the very moment Rtas learned of the Jiralhanae strike force, he immediately turned his fleet to the Decided Heart colony to save it if possible, or to have vengeance in case he had arrived too late.

In order to get there as soon as possible, he actually risked not to get there at all, ordering the fleet to "overpower" their slipstream drives: as this would have reduced the time needed to get there, there was a high risk of damaging the devices, but Rtas'Vadum thought this an acceptable risk, as even if a part of the fleet could not get there, the Jiralhanae strike force was enough small to be easily destroyed even with a qaurter of the fleet.

Even this way, howewer, they would arrive hours after the Jiralhanae, and in that time the Colony would have to defend itself.

Building up a defence

The commander of the defensive force of the colony, Par'Malakar, having received the Advise of the Jiralhanae attack long before Rtas'Vadum, was able to form a small fleet with the help of the nearest ouposts.

Par knew well that his fleet wasn't able to win against the more powerful and numerous Jiralahnae ships, so he deployed the fleet not in the planet's orbit, but far from the planet to allow their fleet to retreat if overwhelmed (as it would certainly happenen) and take time for the arrival of the Rtas'Vadum fleet.

He deployed the small and manoeuvrable frigates in the first line, followed by the heavy destroyers and behind them the ccs battlecruisers. Along with the frigates Par'Malakar decided to deploy outdated Sangheili starfighters: they wouldn't be able in any way to counter the Jiralahnae seraphs, but they would have kept them in place for some time and give the Sangheili a chance for accusing damage.

The first assault and the Sangheili counter-attack

a few minutes after Par'Malakar prepared his defence, The Jiralhanae fleet exited from slipspace near the Par's first line.

The frigates rapidly overpowered the repulsor engines and initiated evasive maneuvers in to draw the attention of the enemy fleet, but the rest of the Sangheili fleet stayed immobile for the moment.

As soon as the Jiralahnae fleet powered their energy projectors the rest of the Sangheili fleet overpowered the engines and shields as the frigates. As a result the first Jiralhanae blasts missed the targets, but they had already launched their seraphs. The old sangheili figheters rapidly engaged them, giving an offensive chance for the Par's fleet: in fact, Sangheili seraphs were launched before the Jiralhanae arrival and hidden behind the destroyers and the battlecruisers: with the Jiralhanae seraphs engaged by the old fighters and the frigates, they moved against the Jiralhanae formation.

The War Chieftain deployed his fleet with the Assault carrier in the center with the reverence-class cruisers at his sides and the ccs battlecruisers in a triangular formation.

to give the seraphs a chance to do some damage, the four destroyers fired their plasma weapons at the formation to disrupt it and separate the first ccs battlecruiser even for a moment, while the two ccs fired their energy projectors at the designed target.

The plan worked: the formation was disrupted and the projectors hit the Jiralhanae battlecruiser, taking down his shields and making it vulnerable to the attacks of the Sangheili seraphs. The fighters concentrated their fire primarily on the hangar bays, disabling the plasma barries and causing internal explosions, secondly destroyng the gravity lift and the repulsor engines along with minor weak points.

It did not take much time for the whole Sangheili seraphs complement to utterly destroy the ccs and reatreat behind the rest of the fleet, despite the cost of many fighters.

The Sangheili withdraw

The response of the Jiralhanae was rapid and powerful: they were now much closer to the Par's fleet, too close for ant evasive maneuver to work

The Jiralhanae launched a full discharge of plasma torpedoes, too numerous to be avoided without being hit later by the devastating power of the following energy projector's blasts: two destroyers utterly destroyed, one crippled; the two ccs were heavily damaged and rendered inoperative; three frigates destroyed and two disabled.

while the remaining destroyer and the three frigates of the Sangheili fled to the planet's orbit, the Jiralhanae seraphs finally took down the old fighters even with many losses due to the previous help of the frigate's pulse lasers, but their losses were vastly lower than the Sangheili seraphs: of the fighters that survived the strike against the Jiralhanae ccs, 2/3 were destroyed by the Jiralahnae's fleet blasts and the explosions of friendly ships.

The Jiralhanae fleet regrouped again, with the ccs cruisers in a square this time, destroyed the crippled Sangheili ships in front of them and moved on to the planet's orbit to engage the rest of the Sangheili fleet.

Par'Malakar was onboard of one of the Sangheili battlecruisers, but he managed to escape along with a dozen crewmembers and fled to the planet with the frigates and the destroyer.

Planetary assault

The Jiralhanae fleet swiftly surrounded the rest of the Sangheili.

the destroyer's shield's were down, and was rapidly smashed by two enegy projectors; a frigate was reduced into pieces by multiple plasma torpedoes, but two frigates and Par'Malakar escaped, retreating on the planet's surface.

In order to capture the commander of the defensive force of the colony to demonstrate his superiority, the Jiralhanae War Chieftain ordered a massive planetary assault.

he sent two ccs to engage and destroy the remaining frigates, another one to protect the landing crafts and ordered the seraphs to strike the main defenses of the colony with the support of the fleet.

The two frigates opposed a strong resistance, but to no avail. The sangheili seraphs tried to enagage the Jiralhanae, finding themselves between thei fighters and the pulse lasers of the three battlecruisers.

the main defenses of the colony were rapidly destroyed and many Sangheili recruits and soldiers were killed.

The Decided Hearth's survived land troops, nearly five thousand Sangheili and sixty-five thousands armed civilians and recruits, prepared for the Jiralhanae strike.

(Even thought the Decided Hearth's was a small military colony during the Covenant, the Sangheili were planning to turn it into a fully habitable world for the population, and this explains the number of civilians present at the moment of the Jiralhanae attack, around two hundred thousands men, women, children and elderly Sangheli.

The death of Par'Malakar

The sangheili troops defending the colony were brave soldiers, but still no match for the better armed, trained and more numerous Jiralhanae troops.

The Sangheili seraphs were rapidly finished, and the Jiralahne fighters attacked the city for the second time, bombing it until the first wawe of the enemy army arrived.

The few banshees left defending the city were easily smashed, and the few wraiths neutralized.

a wawe of choppers rapidly won against the less powerful ghosts, and breached trough the Sangheili perimeter around the city in multiple parts.

The Jiralahanae Prowlers covered the advance of the infantry, while their wraiths destroyed any advantageous position the Sangheili could use.

The last conter-attack option for the defensive force was a large plasma battery, still operable. The Sangheili regrouped there and made it operational again, hoping to cause at least a few losses to the Jiralahanae.

Their hopes vanished when the assault carrier entered atmosphere and fired his plasma beam directly to the plasma cannon, glassing a quarter of the city in an instant along with the rest of the Sangheili troops, and Par'Malakar.

The arrival of the Rtas'Vadum fleet

The Decided Hearth's colony was nearly destroyed and the Jiralhanae fleet decide to finish the job, glassing any habitable location and marking it in the name of thei prophet.

They just started the process when 120 Sangheili ships exited slipspace

The decision of Rts'Vadum to overload the slipspace drives allowed him to get there faster, but 80 of his ships couldn't get there as their drives were too damaged.

Even if he arrived late to save the fleet and Par'Malakar, he had still a chance to save the few Sangheili left on the surface, but at the cost of the destruction of the Jiralahnae fleet: he exited far from the planet' orbit and he ordered his fleet to approach at 3/4 of the max speed: this way the Jiralhanae could decide to finish the job and being engaged, or leaving now without being destroyed, and they chose the second option.

This way, seventy-three thousands Sangheili could survive.

As the enemy fleet started leaving the planet the Sangheili made a small slipspace jump to the colony's orbit, forcing the Jiralhanae to flee rapidly.

Rtas'Vadum ordered eighty ships to chase them into slipspace until they reached the Sangheili broken perimeter, while he and his remaining fleet of forty ships embarked all the survivors and searched for more of them.


Despite saving a total of 78.837 Sangheili lives, mostly children, women, elderly and a few combatants, The Jiralhanae small fleet left Sangheili space without being intercepted, and despite the breach in the perimeter was "closed" without no more incidents, it was clear for all that the Jiralhanae obtained a great victory: not only for having destroyed a small fleet, defeated an unprepared defensive force, glassed part of the planet, destroyed over 80% of a city, killed a high rankng Sangheili and more than one hundred thousands civilians, but with this attack and the previous ambushes on the Joyl system they hit hard the Sangheili Pride: in fact, despite their tradition of Warriors, they failed offensively and defensively in these confrontations.

This created a lack of confidence that will negatively influence the course of future battles against the Jiralhanae forces.

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