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Aurore was a UNSC colony world approximately 371 lightyears from Earth. It was formally known as Diluculo, it was a habitable world and the third and final planet in the Diluculo Origo System.

Aurore was discovered and reported as a habitable planet in the later months of 2559. The Diluculo Origo System was noted as having a small cluster of planets similar to that of Earth's system, the only difference being a smaller number of planets. Aurore was the only habitable planet, being closest to the system's star, and having a stable climate. The average temperature is approximately 7% higher than the highest average temperature of Earth. It has a slower orbit to that of Earth, and rotates at a slower rate. One day on Aurore is equivalent to 2.463 Earth days. The weather and climate, however, are very similar to that of Earth, with the minor difference of slightly higher temperatures. Approximately one eighth of the planet consists of water, making colonisation difficult in places.

The first established colony on Aurore, in 2561, was named Inez. As the names suggest, Aurore, and the Diluculo Origo System, have strong French and Latin links.

Aurore has two moons, Strellus and Santepth.

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