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Avery J. Johnson II
Biographical information

New Jerusalem

Date of birth

August 14, 2537

Physical description





5' 11"

Hair color


Eye color


Medical Status

Spinal Implant

Chronological and political information
Notable Facts

Son of Avery Johnson and Jilan al-Cygni


Avery Junior Johnson II is a leading Human member of the Orion Council. His career before hand shows exemplary conduct.


Early Life

Avery Junior Johnson II, or Junior as his mother used to call him, was born on New Jerusalem. His mother, Jilan al-Cygni Johnson, was a native of the planet and after retiring from the military, decided to help rebuild the damage caused by the Battle of New Jerusalem.

His father, Avery J. Johnson Sr., spent as much time as he could with Junior through to 2548 when he was forced to return to duty but he remembers little of this. He spoke with Johnson Sr. many times through Chatter but they rarely saw each other face to face. After hearing of the death of Johnson Sr, Avery Jr. decided to go into military life.

Early Military Career

He joined the navy after high school in 2555 since he saw little reason for joining the Marine Corp. after the Human-Covenant War's end. Much to his surprise, the threat of the Scattered made itself present. Avery stood out in the opening skirmishes against these pirates. During a raid of the ship he served aboard, the UGA Raider, he escorted dozens of people to safety while taking up a gun and helping to expel the pirates. This was just the first of heroic exploits that Avery would take in the Scattered Uprisings.

Scattered Campaigns & UGA Noble

During the Scattered Campaigns, Avery Johnson began to show as a respected soldier making his own name rather than clinging to his father's. After taking responsibility for multiple successes in repelling Scattered forces and receiving numerous promotions, Johnson finally earned a high leadership role and took command of an entire vessel, the UGA Noble. After being part of a patrol group for a few months, Johnson and the Noble finally engaged a hostile Yanme'e vessel. His amazing tactical skills ensured that the engagement would end in victory.

Siege of Nila & Dr. Terra

Johnson was a fairly young captain so he had yet to earn the respect of some of the older captains and fleet masters. This was until Siege of Nila. On a patrol on the edge of known civilized space, Johnson discovered Nila, a rocky world. Originally thought to be barren, scans showed significant life signs. Before doing anything about it, Johnson immediately contacted reinforcements. Unfortunately, the Noble was discovered by Kig-yar and Yanme'e vessels. Johnson and his crew had to hold out against four hostile and well armed vessels for five minutes, which seemed like an eternity. The Noble managed to destroy one but received massive damage in the process. Half of the deck was blown into and were he there instead of the bridge he likely would have been killed.

Johnson himself wouldn't leave the severely crippled vessel until every survivor on the deck was rescued. He was responsible for saving four survivors trapped on the deck but unfortunately, a delayed explosion nearly killed him. He was rescued and taken to the Asclepius Medical Station. His spine had been severely damaged in the blast and Johnson required surgery and an implant to regain use of his lower body. After the surgery, he required physical therapy. This is when he met Vanessa Terra, a physical therapist. She helped him get better and the two eventually fell in love. Only three weeks after dating, the two married.

Return to Service & Promotion

It wasn't long until Johnson was back on his feet and ready to return to service. News of his heroism aboard the doomed Noble spread like wild fire while he was incapacitated. By the time he returned, he earned both the respect of all his peers and an offer to become a fleet master. He gladly accepted and became the fleet master of the 9th Fleet of Courage. The threat of the Scattered seemed to dissipate during Johnson's hiatus so most of his time as a fleet master was committed to the colonial reconstruction still left over from the Human-Covenant War.

Admiral Johnson

Years later in 2605, Avery Johnson would find himself promoted to the rank of admiral. This was more than an honor for him as he finally felt that he was no longer just Avery Johnson II but a respected leader. Johnson picked up the speed of reconstruction as an admiral, increasing supply fleet activity by 60%. He became a hero to all, from Earth to the war-torn remains of the outer colonies. He was also trusted with a diplomatic mission to Te which brought the attention of Galactic Allied Command.

Councilor Johnson

With his son graduating top honors in college, his wife finally leaving the Asclepius, and his career at a momentous peak, Johnson felt his life couldn't get any better. That was until he was offered a seat on the Orion Council. Encouraged by his family and friends, Johnson accepted the seat and the title of councilor. His first few days in the council, Johnson fought to bring more attention to the remaining outer colonies and their struggle for survival. He also worked to strengthen inter-species relations even further.

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