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Avias (Facticius venator)
Biological information
Physical description

Eight feet (244 cm)


700 kilograms

Skin color

light blue/dark blue/purple


Entire body is covered in Forerunner armour, all carry advanced plasma weaponry, reproduces through clonal fragmentation, collects the bodies of the dead to form organic food.

Military and Political information

Forerunner weaponry





Other Names

Troopers, Spawn, Forerunners


Avias (Latin: Facticius venator, meaning 'artificial hunter'), known to Humans and the majority of species in the Federal Republic as Troopers, Spawn or Squids, are an artificial warrior race created by the Forerunners. The Avias are related to the Huragok - as both were conceived by Theos, a Forerunner scientist who was a genius in biological and artificial lifeforms. Unlike the Huragok, however, the Avias are designed mainly for combat against the Flood but can still fight other organics when they believe them to be a possible host for the Flood.


Like the Huragok, the Avias are not a natural, biological species. Avias were created by the Forerunner scientist Theos, and as such, the Avias mirror many organic species. As seen without their armour, the Avias resemble Jellyfish from Yules oceans with simple bioluminescence which makes parts of their bodies glow green against their normal light blue/dark blue/purple skin. The Avias do not have legs, instead their bodies taper off into a single point almost like a tail suggesting the Avias are more comfortable in a liquid or heavy gas environment. The Avias, similar to the Huragok, have six eyes allowing them to see in greater depth than the standard two eyes seen on most sentient and non-sentient species.

Avias are commonly seen wearing their combat armour, a high-tech suit that allows the Avias to traverse the landscape around them, interact with objects and combat enemy soldiers efficiency as well as keep the Avias protected and alive. The combat armour is very similar to modern armour used by other species and includes energy shielding and a built in advanced energy weapon.

Unlike the Huragok, who created their offspring by gathering materials to build another Huragok, the Avias reproduce through clonal fragmentation. The Avias have three 'tenacles' that grow from the back of the mature Avias head. When the tentacles is ready, it is pulled off rather violently and placed in a maturation pod where it is allowed to grow and develop at an accelerated rate. Because of this method of reproduction, all Avias are actually clones of one original Avias, known amongst the modern Avias as The First, filling an almost deity-like role. Also intelligence and knowledge is passed down through this process as the tentacles are connected to the mature's Avias impressive brain which is three times larger than any other species brain.



The Avias were created by a Forerunner scientist named Theos, the same scientist that had created the Huragok. Theos had used the same genetic sequence in the Avias as she did in the Huragok, although with a few physical differences. Theos initially believed that her creations would be able to bolster the dwindling Forerunner military forces but soon learned from Diadact himself, of the Halo Array and the limited window of time before its activation. Theos realized that she couldn't create enough Avias in time and so left her operation in the hands of a Monitor 757 Lasting Birth, a gift from her late husband. Lasting Birth continued Theos research after her inevitable death, implementing her dreams as Birth designed and constructed weapons and armour for the Avias.


The Avias communicate with each other through deep guttural sounds, however they can replicate sounds that they have heard and can learn other languages at an incredible rate.

Military Doctrine


While in their Mesoglea-like form, the Avias are not particularly strong or dangerous but on battlefields, Avias are never seen outside their armour. The Avias armour is a powered exoskeleton and more advanced than anything conceived in the 3000's. Through this suit, the Avias can manoeuvre and wield almost any weapon - It has been noted that in battle, Avias can climb vertical faces such as buildings or cliff faces.


The standard Avias carried a high-powered rifle.

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