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Archangel Astray Gundam by Nightwing03
Azreal 'Astray' Prime
Biographical information


Date of birth


Date of death


Physical description




  • Heavily Modified Lineage Beam Rifle

Intricate Camo System

Eye color
  • Blusih Black
  • During HEAVENLY LIGHT mode, it is colored Green with Black Rimmings
Frame Type
  • Slim and equiped with compartments on each hand
  • Wing like protrusions at the back that is relevant to the ARCHANGEL SYSTEM as well as for flight
    • When activated, Azrael's Frame takes on a new from. The Black and Purple Frame immediatley transforms into a Gold and White Frame via Color Changer. The Wings then withdraw and a new Wing System emerges.
  • Druid System
  • Absolute Territory Defense System
Chronological and political information

Necros War



"Philosophy is the knowledge of that which exists, and a clear understanding of the truth; and happiness is the reward of such knowledge and understanding"
―Azreal upon realizing the truth[1]

Azrael Prime I was a Machina Special Operation Trooper that was most likely classified as a hybrid rank of Commander/Executor Grade 1. During the Necros War, many thought Azrael to be part of the Necros Sympathizers as he was often shown to be aesthestic about the Necros. But this later proved to be false accusations.


Early History



"How long has it been since I abandoned that name?"
―Azreal when he was asked for his real name[2]

Memory Loss

"I see myself the way you remember me, and you see yourself the way I remember you"
―Azrael shortly before he losess his memory[3]


Necros War

"Nothing makes sense now."
―Azreal Prime after hearing of Strifalex Benvora's betrayal


"You ask me about Azrael? Well, I can't really answer about that. All I can say is that he's a quiet one. But he's one of our most skilled fighters. A mysterious one I might add. He never really showed emotion, even when we fought the Necros. He just stayed silent. At least for a while."
Zeratanis Benvora

Antulas Argenta

Antulas Argenta: "Come with me Azrael. Let us go on a walk.
Azrael Prime l: "Why must we go on a walk? I've known you for so many years. You can just tell me."
Antulas Argenta: "All I wanted to ask you was your frame. It simply fascinates me."
Azrael Prime l: "I can't tell you Antulas. Even if you're curious."
Antulas Argenta: "We'll see Azrael. We'll see." *Grabs hold of Azrael's shoulders*
Azrael Prime l: "Antulas, what are you doing?"
Antulas Argenta: "Something I should've done a long time ago. Now come here!!"
—Azrael Prime and Antulas Argenta before Antulas reveals his true intentions



―Azrael uttering the systems trigger word

The ARCHANGEL SYSTEM was an exclusive weapon system utilized by the family of Primes. Not a lot is relatively known except for the fact that Azrael Prime is believed to be the main and only user. How this systems run still remains a mystery as the Prime Engineers refuses to divulge its inner working as they see it as a work of art that should be kept a secret. Known informtation came from observation or Azrael Prime himself. Azrael does say that system's functions doesn't spill into his original frame as the effects that take place only happen within the designated system.

The system is voice activated with the utterance of ARCHANGEL RISE but it can also be activated via a mental trigger. Once the words have been uttered or mentally triggered, solar and light particles immediately start to gather around him. .


800px-Lancelot Albion


Druid System

The Druid System is powerful analysis program that allows Azrael to analzye complex situations within seconds. It also works in conjunction with the Absolute Territory Defense System, which provides with information to allow it to plot the trajectories of incoming projectiles ad shifts the energy shields accordingly to the information that was given.

Absolute Territory Defense System

The Absolute Territory Defense System transforms his energy shields into an array of hexagonal energy shields that can be projected anypart of his frame. When used in conjunction with the Druid System, Azrael would have high defenisve capabilities. At its full capacity it can block several high desity rounds or barrages but the downside is that it would quickly weaken his energy shields in a matter of moments.

Weapons and Equipment

Heavily Modified Lineage Beam Rifle


"It is ancient, a relic that survived the destruction of </THEY FEAST/>. It was always here, far before the </I HAVE NO LOVE FOR MY RACE/> Wars. It draws death and hate to it, channels it. Atrocities feed its power, and with its power, it creates hunger. Many </SIN WILL ALWAYS FOLLOW/>have been consumed by it"
"... Life without change might be called anything except life, its nothing more than experience...."
―Azrael questioning existence[5]
"Yes they sought the past, you seek the present, and I seek the future..."
"Nothing is true. Everything is permitted."


  • The pictures shown are inspired by Gundam and the Lancelot from Code Geass.
  • The Druid System and Absolute Territory Defense System are a type of technology shown in Code Geass.


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