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Angel Bomber
Production information


Technical specifications
Engine unit(s)

Plasma Fusion Drive

  • 4 Heavy Plasma Cannons
  • 15 Weapon Pods

Necros War




The B-112 Jinn is a USR bomber craft.


The Jinn was developed from older, and mostly deufunct Sangheili bombers, such as the Gigas, which had been phased out centuries earlier in exchange for more multi-purpose vehicles. As the Sangheili civil war heated up, the Sangheili lacked both the capacity and the desire to orbitally bombard their own world, and those mulri-purpose aircraft lacked the shields and armour to penetrate well defend airspace to deploy bombs on targets. The Gigas entered development at Iruiru Armoury, commissioned by commanders under the Arbiter's command to preform bombing missions against rebel forces, without causing significant damage associated with orbital bombardment, allowing them to destroy rebel forces and infrastructure without causing damage to nearby populations.

By the time the Jinn was completed and ready for deployment, the war was nearly over, with the Jinn rarely getting a chance to preform missions it was designed for. However, with the resurgent Covenant, the USR took ample opportunity to deploy the powerful Jinn, where it caused untold amount of damage against enemy forces and bases.

The Jinn was designed to be balanced between high speed, shielding and stealth, at the cost of armour. The Jinn had a stealthy design to it, designed to resist RADAR, and be near invisible to infra-red, ultra-violet and RADAR sensors, and covered in a phased array optical hologram field, obscuring it from sight. The Jinn is equipped with a rear facing turret, carrying a pair of defensive plasma cannons, and two forward facing plasma cannons for defence. Its main armament, however, consists of fifteen weapon pods, usually fitted with plasma charges and plasma cluster munitions, though can also be fitted with fuel rod munitions, plasma torpedoes and needle missiles. The Jinn's wings fold in against the hull to reduce the space it uses on carriers and airbases. While the Jinn can preform transorbital flights, it is extremely inefficient in exoatmospheric conditions, relegating it to purely orbital operations.

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