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Terminal This article, BANDIT-I Program, was written by Rollersox. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

The BANDIT-I Program was formed in the September White classification category, consisting of former SPARTAN-IIs, -IIIs, or even -Is. The BANDIT-I Program, was widely declared as a success and soon the fame of the BANDITs had spread on par with the SPARTAN Programs.

In 2632, it was declared within ONI that a second BANDIT Program would not be started, due to the already expensive costs of the first BANDIT Program.

The BANDIT-I program consisted of Codename: BANE, suspected SPARTAN-097, and many other five- to eight-year-old candidates. The Bandits were highly used for stealth-and-assault, reconnaissance, scouting, and many other types of warfare, such as covert and black operations and unconventional warfare. The BANDITs were almost used as much as the later SPARTAN-III Companies were or the SPARTAN-II Classes were.

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