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Terminal This article, BLOODHOUND, was written by RelentlessRecusant. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
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BLOODHOUND was the reporter name for a heavy UNSC 120mm laser-guided missile.

BLOODHOUND is the successor to the SCORPION missiles carried by the War-era SkyHawk jumpjets, and is an extremely accurate laser-guided missile, and has thus earned a prominent role in UNSC Marine Corps and UNSC Special Operations Command as a counterinsurgency warfighting weapon, where laser guidance can maximize hostile casualties while limiting collateral damage. BLOODHOUND is a high-power thermobaric weapon that has a default high-impulse shockwave and overpressure effect that flattens lateral targets in addition to the primary target. This has lent it to be a powerful "tank killer" in UNSC Marine jargon, and also an anti-installation weapon capable of destroying fortified urban buildings and light military installations. BLOODHOUND is an optional weapons system on the M99 Foray Close Assault Gunship.

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