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Terminal This article, BR-55 Squad Support Variant, was written by SheWhoKnows. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

In 2551, the UNSC commissioned the development of an external SOPMOD kit for the newly issued BR-55, codenamed BR(HC). The project evolved over time, and eventually became a modified stock and receiver kit. The main difference of the BR-55 Squad Support kit from the original was the addition of a thicker, polycarbonate butt stock and a front dual-stabilizer fin underneath the barrel. This could be turned upside-down to act as a bi-pod for the weapon. The receiver was also changed; a fire-control switch was added to allow the BR-55 to fire on fully automatic. The magazine slot was expanded to allow the weapon to accept belt-fed chains of .45 caliber ammunition. The main drawbacks to the weapon were the increased cost and general inefficiency of the firing mechanism. The BR-55 was not meant to fire in more than three-round burst, and during sustained fire the barrel would often overheat and jam. The UNSC attempted to fix these problems with the BR-55A1, but the damage had been done. The BR-55 Squad Support kit was discontinued in 2554.

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