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BR12 Battle Rifle
Production information
  • Battle rifle
  • Bullpup

1500 cR

Technical specifications
Magazine Size

36 rounds

Fire Mode
  • Semi-automatic
  • Three-round burst
  • Full Automatic on Special Forces model
Ammunition Type

9.5x40mm, .374 caliber


Gas operated

Rate of Fire

670 rounds per minute




800 meters


Splinter War


UNSC; later UFRH


The Battle Rifle-12, more commonly known as the BR12 Battle Rifle, was a firearm used by the United Nations Space Command and later the United Federation to Restore Humanity. Introduced in 2558 with the goal of phasing out the BR55 series, producibility was limited and the two similar weapons were used to together until the BR55's official retirement of its final variant, leaving the BR12 as the temporarily uncontested service battle rifle.


The BR12 featured two firing rates: semi-automatic and three-shot burst. Fully automatic capabilities were not included because of a soldier's tendency to use more ammunition than needed (However, it was included on the Special Forces model). The rifle also featured polymer parts, making it a very tough weapon. Weight was reduced by using polymer, bringing the weapon to only a mere seven pounds fully loaded. The BR12's M458 mod 0 Rifleman's Combat Optic featured the ability to tansition between a red dot sight and an up to 6X magnification combat sight. Other optics could be fitted via the rail system, and a 40mm grenade launcher was developed to improve a rifleman's combat capability. The rifle was known as one of the most accurate in the inventory.

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