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BR55-M7043-BM-D Battle Incinerator.png
BR55-M7043/BM/D Battle Incinerator

Misriah Armories


BR55-M7043/BM/D Marksman Rifle/Defoliant Projector


Bullpup Battle Rifle/Flamethrower

Technical Specifications



3 Round Burst, Full Auto/Continuous fire

Rate of Fire

2.4 bursts per second, 900 rounds per minute/Continuous fire

Effective Range

Medium to High/Extremely High

Chronological and Affiliation

Human-Exercitu War




The BR55-M7043/BM/D Battle Incinerator is a Battle Rifle with a barrel-mounted flamethrower. However, because the current M7057 is too large to be used in a tactical manner, a smaller version was made to fit on the BR55, dubbed the M7043/BM/D. Because of the heat stress a flamethrower would place on the barrel of the BR55, a heat redirector was applied to the underside of its barrel. The heat redirector uses the excess heat to supply the small flame with hot air to ignite. Interestingly, heat that occurs from prolonged fire of the main battle rifle that conducts onto the barrel will also ignite the flame.