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40px-Writer_share.png This article, BR55HB-AR, was written by K4, but may be used freely by other users even without the author's explicit permission.
BR55HB-AR Battle Rifle
Production information

Adhoc Defense Systems


BR55/A2 variant, custom version


Bullpup Combat Rifle

Technical specifications

Handheld, Two-Handed

  • A1
    • Length: 31.1 inches
    • Weight: 7.618 lbs
  • A2
    • Length: 30.5 inches
    • Weight: 7.8 lbs
Damage Per Hit
  • Medium Against Shielded Enemies
  • Low-Medium Against Flesh (Excluding Headshots)
  • Overall Damage: Medium
Magazine Size
  • A1: 40 rounds
  • A2: 36 rounds
Maximum Ammunition
  • A1: 240 Rounds or 6 Magazines
  • A2: 216 Rounds or 6 Magazines
Fire Mode
  • A1: 3-round Burst, Semi-Automatic, Fully Automatic
  • A2: 3-round Burst, Fully Automatic
Ammunition Type
  • A1: 5.3x44mm M725 Experimental High-Powered Armor-Piercing
  • A2: 9.5x40mm High-Power Semi Armor-Piercing
Rate of Fire

Average, 2.4 Bursts per Second, 900 rounds per minute






Rebuild Era




UNSC Marine Corps, Adhoc Defense Systems, SPARTAN-141

"My pride and joy, the scourage of the Covenant Hegemony."


The BR55HB-AR (nomenclature Phade Technology Industry rifle Battle Rifle, class-55, Heavy Barreled, Automatic Rifle, Dated 2553; PTI production number 4409) is a specialty line of BR55/A2s designed by the Adhoc Defense Systems, and the personal choice weapon of SPARTAN-141.
Shortly after Misriah Arms acquired a contract from HRV Armaments to mass-produce their BR55HB-SR, SPARTAN-141 and several other MARSOC teams were supplied with models for field testing. They said that many things could be done to improve it. 141 tasked one of AdHoc's designers with making a competent BR55/A2 variant, without sacrificing it's A2 improvements and to add some HB-SR style components. After 2 months of design meetings and tests, the prototype was shown to both 141 and UNSC officials, as a possibility of becoming an issued rifle. Both gave their approval of production, but it wasn't issued as a Service rifle. AdHoc started to mass-produce the finished versions. AdHoc was given special permission from Misriah Arms. to take and modify the BR55/A2 and modify it as their own firearm. The first one, hand-built, was given to 141, but it was lost during the Second Battle of Thermopylae Colony.



A few years after the Second Battle of Thermopylae Colony, AdHoc released a modified variant, called the BR55HB-AR/A2, that included several new features:

  • MIL-STD-2472 Rail standard now, with two optional scopes;
    • 2-6x89mm VALORTM HawkEye
    • 1x38mm Georgia Arms Oracle
  • Caliber changed to BR55 standard 9.5x40mm HP-SAP
  • Ambidextrous safety; S(Safe), 3(Burst), and A(Automatic)
  • Charging handle and ejection port can now be switched to left side for left-handed operators
  • Three-prong flash hider now Optional Only, new standard flash hider is birdcage-type

Many of these changes were made based on consumer reports and battlefield ratings. More optional equipment is planned to be released for the A2, but AdHoc has put the A2 project on the backburner, in order to accomidate more progressive firearm study.
(Nomenclature Adhoc Defense Systems rifle Battle Rifle, class-55, Heavy Barreled, Automatic Rifle, Dated 2557; PTI production number 4577)

Phade Technology Industry
Consulted Products BR55HB-AR
Original Products Crucible Firearms SeriesPhadeTech-Standard, Model 25Sonic Weapon Model 1XMR-8 ICWS ("B" Variant) • XMR-9 ICWS
Technologies CFS Modular ReciversInternal Non-Expelling Radial Inverse ActiontmExperimental Bi-Induction Rotary Drive

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