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BR66 Heavy Barrel-Selective Rifle
Production information

Misriah Armoury


Battle Rifle Model 66


Bullpup Standard Infantry/Marksmen Rifle



Technical specifications

93.9 centimetres

Damage Per Hit

High to medium

Magazine Size

48 or 60 rounds

Fire Mode

Selective Fire = Single shot/three round burst/fully automatic

Ammunition Type

9.5x50mm X-HP SAP


Gas operated

Rate of Fire

900 rounds per minute


High to medium


950metres +


Doisac War




The BR66HB-SR is an improved and updated version of the BR55HB-SR firearm which served during the Terran-Covenant War. The BR66HB-SR served as the UNSC standard infantry rifle before and during the Doisac War.


The BR66HB-SR is a selective fire weapon introduced to the UNSN Marine Corps in 2578 until its replacement when the UNSC joined the Federal Republic. The UNSC employs the Battle Rifle as a standard infantry rifle while still being able to engage enemies as a medium-range marksmen rifle. The BR66 has a built in electronic suite similar to the one on the MA5AR-G which allow the user of the weapon to check how many rounds remaining in current magazine, limited navigational headings, as well as several other "housekeeping" functions. The BR66 electronic systems can link up to the Neural Interface or HUD of a Marine and can display tactical information as well as providing a modulating reticule to help during a firefight. However, the electronics suite can be disrupted by the Jiralhanae EMP grenades but it does not affect the firing mechinisms.

The BR66 is visibly similar to its predecessor only being four centimetres longer. The Battle Rifle fires the new 9.5x50mm X-HP SAP tungsten rounds in a forty eight round magazine but can also fire High Plastic Explosive (HPE) rounds - the HPE round has a thin metal shell filled with a small amount of plastic explosives which explode a fraction of a second later, creating an explosive shockwave which causes heavy damage to personal energy shields and armour while ripping apart flesh and organs. Also the BR66 can also utilize a sixty round magazine for extended firing. The new Battle Rifle functions exactly similar to its predecessor so that there was minimal complications when the BR66 was introduced and features a built-in electronic suite which is the same as the one in the MA5AR-G. The BR66 can also have several attachments such as a sound-flash suppressor, under-slung grenade launcher/shotgun and differing scopes for better magnifications.

The BR66 is exactly four centimetres longer than its predecessor, while also allowing for an ACOG to be fitted on top of the weapons modified carrying handle. However the ACOG can be replaced for a different scope allowing the user to wield the Battle Rifle in a variety of combat areas. The BR66 has an effective range of 950 metres while can still engage enemies at distance of 1800 metres.


"The BR66 is a brilliant weapon, able to drop at least two Bravo Kilos before needing to reload."

"My only quarrel is with the under-slung grenade launcher it just sticks out from the weapon, making it harder to use."

"I was faced with a horde of Uniforms so I blasted with full-auto before switching to single shot to finish off the stragglers."

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