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Terminal This article, Babab, was written by Gruntijackal. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
"Wait, I know you..."
Prophet of Reclimation's last words to Babab
Halo 3 Ultra Grunts
Biographical information


Date of birth

Unknown, before Great Shiscm

Physical description

General of the Army







  • Needler
  • Plasma Pistol
  • The Grunt Army
  • Babab's personel Fleet
  • Ghost
Hair color


Chronological and political information
  • Human-Covenant War
  • Great Shicsm
  • Covenant Return War
  • Forerunner-Grunt War

Babab is the Grunt from the Covenant Return series. He later appears in the Battle of Balaho in the Forerunner-Grunt war. Babab becomes Leader of the Covenant Separatists after the Arbiter is killed by the Prophet of Reclimation. Babab was the Grunt that made the Grunt race more intteligent after the war.

Early life

Babab was born on High Charity and he was raised there. Like other grunts, Babab was used as Cannon Fodder. He was enlisted into the Military years later. Little is known about his past life.

Cannon Fodder

Babab was enlisted into the Covenant Army, he was led by the Elite, Sesa' Jufor. He was proven well in combat, killing several marines and even an ODST by chucking a well aimed, plasma grenade at the armour. Babab rose in the ranks to Ultra quite quickly. Soon, his Elite master was killed. Striking vengeance, Babab lifted his master energy sword and stabbed the marine through the heart. Leaderless, Babab was now in charge of his squad as he was the Ultra of the group. Eventually, Babab was promoted to Special Operations (SpecOps) rank for his leadership skills.

Great Shicsm

Two weeks after being promoted to Special Operations, Babab was told to find out why the Covenant was starting to fight eachover. He descovered a civil war was happening. He seen an Elite and a Brute fighting eachover with no weapons. Babab had a gun and had to choose which side he would join. Rapidly, he fired his needler at the Brute, choosing to ally the Covenant Separatists. He escaped from High Charity before the Flood outbreak and was never found for weeks.

Covenant Seperatists

Babab was later rediscovered as the leader of the Separatists Grunts in the Separatists. While the war raged on, Babab lead his forces through the jungles of Africa, on the sands of the Ark and took part in the Space battle above the Ark. Babab was later promoted to General of the Army to the Grunts. He later left the Ark and returned home, not knowing that the Prophet of Reclimation had escaped. After 10 years, Babab eventually came face to face with the Prophet of Reclimation after destroying his army with his brilliant techniques. Now that the Arbiter and the Shipmaster were dead, he was the leader of the Covenant Separatists. He quikly shot Reclimation in the stomach, killing him instantly.

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