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The Balaho Protectorate is the overall government of the Balaho, all of its colonies and the Unggoy species. The Balaho Protectorate is not considered an independent government but client state of the Loyal Jiralhanae of Doisac despite having its own trading accords and small military forces. However, its economy and colonies depend upon the several agreements with the Loyal Jiralhanae, forcing the Unggoy to limit their outgrowth.


The Balaho Protectorate came only into existence at the end of the Doisac War, where despite the Unggoy tried to gain freedom from the repressed life under many Remnant faction especially the Neo-Covenant Empire. The Loyal Jiralhanae of Doisac offered them this freedom in return for certain concessions such as acting as a nation-wide labour force and to limit their population.

While many saw this as another form of servitude, it was accepted as it also allowed the Unggoy to expand to methane-rich planets that were previously off-limits to the Unggoy under the Covenant Empire. The agreement also meant that the Unggoy acted as the Loyal Jiralhanae merchants, interacting and trading with the Sangheili, Humans and Lekgolo - a position of great social importance the Unggoy.

With a portion of the profits from the trading in Unggoy hands, Balaho's economy exploded. With this quickly rising economy, it allowed the Protectorate Defence Force or the PDF to be built - a small but worthy rag-tag grouping of minor vessels built to defend the Unggoy's colonies and merchant convoy's. The Unggoy look set on building an almost perfect nation until the Unggoy Religious Civil War ignited, an insurgent war against the Unggoy Methodists, Unggoy believers of the a part of human Christian faith.


The Balaho Senate is the overall civilian government for the Unggoy, however, it still answers the Council of Doisac and obeys the majority of its rules. The majority of the Senates functions is to maintain the trade agreements they have with the Loyal Jiralhanae, to limit their population and to enforce the laws. Unlike the human government, which allows freedom of religious belief, it is actually against the law to promote or publically preach about religion due to the Unggoy's experience with the forced Covenant religion.


At first, the Unggoy's colonies and merchant convoy's were protected by a small detachment from the Fleets of Doisac but as soon as their economy began to rise, the Balaho Senate petitioned the Council of Doisac to allow them to build their own military force. While the Council agreed, they did force certain measures to make sure that the Unggoy limited their building programs. So far, the Unggoy are only allowed to build Corvettes, Light Cruisers and Destroyers in a 60:20:1 ratio and are all replicas from the Covenant Navy.

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