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Terminal This article, Balaho Senate, was written by XW3 AR3 L3GION. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

The Balaho Senate is the de facto government of the Unggoy species and the Balaho Protectorate. While it commands control over three trillion Unggoy citizens, the Senate itself answers to the Council of Doisac but still maintain a degree of independence and able to self-govern. The Senate is comprised of three hundred and eight representatives with an internally elected committee of eight Presiding Officers.

The Balaho Senate's power is restricted due to its function as a protectorate under the Loyal Jiralhanae of Doisac, however the majority of its power is towards the lucrative trade routes it presides over. The Senate commands an armada of merchant, freighter and cargo vessels that provide the continued existence of the Protectorate's and Loyal Jiralhanae's economy. As with their restricted power, the Senate cannot declare war on any other species or government but regularly maintains a standing military force to combat Kig-Yar Pirates that continually raid Unggoy transports and merchant ships.

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