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Balder-class Heavy Destroyer
Production information

Reyes-McLees Shipyards




Heavy Destroyer

Technical specifications

678 metres


166 metres


148 metres

Engine unit(s)

Plasma Fusion Drive

Slipspace Drive

Shaw Fukikawa model 52

Slipspace velocity

912 light years per day


Grade 3 shield

  • Laminated shell
  • Layers of titanium
  • Layers of AEGIS
  • Thermal energy absorbing layers
  • Kinetic absorbing layers
  • Aero gel layer
Sensor systems
  • AN/SPY-9 PAVE HOUND Active Electronically Scanned Array RADAR
  • AN/SPY-7 PAVE SAW Radio Telescope
  • AN/SSS-19 SAFEGUARD Electromagnetic Array
  • AN/SSS-19 REARGUARD Electromagnetic Array
  • AN/SVS-68 Optical Telescope
  • AN/SAS-67 Infra-red Telescope
  • AN/SSQ-23 Sensor Network
Targeting systems

Multispectrum Optical AI assisted camera network

Navigation system

AI assisted Slipspace 'MAZE' directional router

  • AI/Manual driven computer supported pilot systems

AI Assisted ADIS

  • MASER communications dish
  • Slipspace LASER communication system
  • War Net Integrated computer
  • Escort
  • Hunter-Killer

United Nations Space Command


"Move aside, war god coming through!"
―Captain of the UNSC Balder

The Balder-class Heavy Destroyer is a heavy destroyer classification used by the UNSC. Utilised in hunter-killer formations free of regular Battlegroup formations, the Balder is a high-strength combat ship designed to hound and take down enemy ships. Heavily armoured, and fast, the Balder dominates enemy escorts in terms of raw power. The ship is high-endurance, allowing it to perform operations far from friendly lines, for long periods of time.


The Balder packs an incredible punch, mixing heavy payloads of missiles and cannons, allowing it incredible head-on fire power.

It's main armament comes in the form of 2 Mark VIIB Heavy Coil Magnetic Accelerator Cannon. Capable of firing within 30 seconds of one another, they cause catastrophic damage. Capable of accelerating a 600 ton slug to 60,000 metres per second. A single round can annihilate an opposing SDV-class Corvette.

It's secondary weapons consist of a number of cannons designed for closer-ranged fights. It backs up the main weapon battery with 7 M41 Monarch Naval Support Gun, capable of delivering a punishing hail of 155mm slugs to a target. This is further supported by a network of M37 Renegade Guns, capable of laying down impressive salvoes of fire. These are further supported by M54 Lancer cannons, high-energy laser weapons.

For salvo fire, it possesses two classification of ship-to-ship missile. First off, it carries a large payload of Archer missiles. These missiles can be quickly fired off in large salvoes, swamping enemy defences with a mass of fire. Its second missiles are Emperor SHRAMs high-power missiles that are fired from the ship's prow in massed rounds, allowing it to hammer targets in a charge.

It further carries massed arrays of air defence weapons, allowing it to fend off starfighter constellations.

It also carries a small amount of seldom used nuclear weapons, intended for nuclear bombardments against enemy star ships.

Armour and Superstructure

Powerplant and Engines

Systems and Sensors


The Balder-class is primarily a hunter-killer, travelling in roving wolf packs, attacking enemy escorts. While lacking enough punch to attack larger vessels, at least individually, the Balder is lethal against anything in a similar tonnage range. However, being a design meant for absolute combat, and little else, it has little other utility. These ships are highly self-reliant, being capable of defending itself from multiple threats, and are high-endurance, allowing these ships to operate on their own for a long period of time, far from bases. Often they form the first line of UNSC forces, acting as vanguard and scouts, and act as skirmishers, attacking enemy positions where their defences are weakest.

UNSC Comments

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