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Terminal This article, Ballastine Conflict, was written by XW3 AR3 L3GION. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
Ballastine Conflict

February 7th 2560


November 8th 2584


Ballast; mainly in refugee camps.


Eventual UNSC Peacekeeping Victory


United Nations Space Command Peacekeeper Corps

Ballastine Rebels


General Jose L'Carvaho

Various Ballastine Rebel Leaders


"The Ballastine Conflict. That was FUBAR before the UNSC set foot on Ballast, all we did was make it worst especially with all the mistakes we made. Fuckin' jumpy Peacekeepers killed a lot of innocent civies. A lot."
―Unknown Critic of the Ballastine Conflict

The Ballastine Conflict, also known as the Occupation of Ballast or the Second Insurrection, is a UNSC military campaign from February 7th 2560 to November 8th 2584 between UNSC Peacekeepers and various rebel/independence/terrorist movements. The majority of the Ballastine Rebels had declared Ballast independent from the United Federation. Ballast had semi-independence from the rest of the United Federation from 2553 but when contact was re-established in early 2558, the stable world of Ballast was designated as a refugee haven for the millions of displaced humans during the Great War. With a large UNSC presence, human refugees flooded onto Ballast and into hasty prepared refugee centres.

Between 2560 and 2570, up to sixty thousand refugee's were arriving daily and Ballast's thirty refugee camps rapidly increased to two hundred and eighty six camps each able to accommodate over a million refugee's. At its peak, the refugee population added three hundred million to Ballasts surviving one hundred and twenty million natives, causing almost constant conflict between each other.

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