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"And where were you when my child died of starvation! Where was the mighty Earth-bashing Yoonies when my husband was murdered in front of our home! Where were you when I was raped..."
―Distressed Citizen of Ballast.

The Ballastine Rebels is the collective name for the large group of insurrectionists from the Inner Colony world of Ballast. Many were just gangs or larger groupings of friends and family trying to survive the breakdown in order, however, it is estimated that 30% of the groups were aiming for Ballastian independence in the long term. This so-called 30-Cent made up the majority of the insurrectionists and insurgents after the UNSC returned.


Near the end of the Great War, Ballast had been attacked by a small Covenant force but an equally small contingent of the UNSC Navy had managed to ward off the space attack and seriously cripple the ground assault. However instead of re-invading Ballast again and again as was standard procedure for the Covenant, instead any Covenant ships within a 500 light-year radius had been summoned by the Prophet of Truth in the attack on Earth. Fleet Admiral Sean Maxwell, the commander of the eleven-ship strong Battle Group (named Bosnia) also discovered about the attack on Earth and made the controversial decision to abandon the Inner Colony world of three hundred million citizens to assist in the defence of Earth, humanities homeworld and home to over thirteen billion souls. This decision left Ballast alone and defenceless with the exception of skeleton garrison of 8th Battalion 55th Marines, which were mostly green volunteers (remaining evidence show that only 3% of the battalion had seen combat) led by the inexperienced Lieutenant Colonel Adam Hutchinson.

The three hundred million people left on Ballast were also burdened by one hundred and forty thousand refugees from various Outer Colonies. This put a great strain on Ballasts' food supply as the colony had relied on the neighbouring colony Mace for 36% of its food supply but shortly before the Battle of Ballast, Mace had been glassed. This forced the Governor of Ballast Michelle King and the UNSC to introduce food rationing and turn every home with available garden space into a victory garden to try and leviate the pressure of rationing. Many of the public parks were also turned into victory gardens while national forests were chopped down by axe-wielding platoons to help prepare for the coming winter and fuel shortages (which were predicted to become an occurrence three years down the line) as well as the slow introduction of fuel and energy rationing.

Known Ballastine Rebels

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