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Biographical information


Date of birth


Date of death


Physical description

Grunt General, later deacon and before death Spec Ops Grunt.






5 ft 7 inches

  • Type-1 Antipersonnel Grenade
  • Type-25 Directed Energy Pistol
  • Type-33 Guided Munitions Launcher
  • Type-33 Light Anti-Armor Weapon
  • Type-52 Guided Munitions Launcher/Explosive
  • Methane Environmental Suit
  • Active Camouflage
  • Jump Pack
  • Type-32 Rapid Assault Vehicle
Eye color


Chronological and political information
  • Unggoy
  • Covenant Empire
  • Covenant Separatists
"He is a rather remarkable Unggoy, very powerful, as powerful as a Sangheili. Much unlike the rest of his kind. He has lived a century, killing enemies of the Covenant. "
―Prophet of Mercy

Bapap is the cousin of the Grunt Deacon Dadab. He served as a sort of "general" during the Grunt rebellion, where he showed great skill as a fearsome warrior, besting many Elites and even Hunters. After the conflict, the Unggoy lost and were forced back into the Covenant, but were treated with (slightly) more respect. They were now deployed as foot soldiers instead of cannon fodder. He rose through the ranks quickly and became a deacon himself. He is the most skilled and intelligent of his kind, but he is still an Unggoy, making him small and slow (though he can run at human jogging speed). So, he relies on teamwork from his fellow Unggoy.

Grunt Rebellion

Battle of High Charity

A massive riot broke out in the Covenant capital city. Many government officials were killed (several Councilors and one Lesser Prophet, along with many Grunt Deacons.) The Sangheili quickly took hold of the situation, and killed the Grunts with ease. Bapap survived the battle and escaped the city by stowing away in a Covenant supercarrier.

Battle of Eayn

The Covenant supercarrier Bapap hid in landed on the Kig-yar homeworld of Eayn to reinforce the situation. There the fighting was intense. Bapap quickly fought his way out (in the process killing many Drones, a few Jackals, and a Minor Elite.) He made contact with the other Grunts and fought many battles. He proved to be an excellent warrior, and so the Grunts elected him to be a leader. He met his close friend Dayap and they fought alongside each other. When assaulting a Covenant base to retrieve intel on the location of a Lesser Prophet said to be on a Covenant assault carrier, they were confronted by an Elite Field Master. 2 other Grunts were eliminated, and Dayap (having saved Bapap by shooting the Elite with a Fuel Rod) was mortally wounded. Bapap shot the Elite with his needler, but the Elite overpowered him. He grabbed Bapap and was about to execute him with his Energy dagger, but Dayap shot him in the back with an overcharged plasma bolt.

Battle of Balaho

In the final battle of the Rebellion, on the Grunt homeplanet, fighting escalated. Bapap and a recovered Dayap fought in an Unggoy city where they infiltrated a Covenant Spire and transported onto a Covenant Corvette. They brought along with them many of the best Unggoy soldiers. They attacked the bridge and killed the Ship Master. Then, they proceeded to ram the Corvette into the Assault carrier's bridge, killing the Lesser Prophet. Bapap, Dayap, and a few other survivors went to the hangar where Dayap was shot and killed by Jackals. Bapap and the other Grunts killed the Jackals and took a Phantom back to the surface. They crash-landed in the middle of a firefight. Bapap led the remaining stragglers through the valley and used Wraiths to destroy a Scarab. Reinforcements for the Covenant came in Phantoms. After a lengthy fight few Grunts remained. An Elite Major was about to kill Bapap when Ghosts came in and fired upon the Elites. However, the Elites also had Hunters and Jackal snipers, but the Grunts eventually won by killing the Hunters with a Shade Turret. Bapap rejoined the battle and killed a Jackal with his lucky hunting stone and another with his bare hands. The Arbiter arrived at the battle in a Banshee, which was crashed but he survived. He got up and killed many Grunts but was incapacitated by a Plasma launcher. Bapap himself personally executed the Arbiter.

Eventually the Covenant threatened to glass Balaho, forcing the Grunts to rejoin the Covenant, but this time they were deployed as actual footsoldiers and infantry instead of mere cannon fodder. Bapap became a Deacon.


During a fight against Heretics, he and a squad of Elites and Grunts attacked a Heretic labaratory that was set to explode when the Heretics discovered they were inside. The other Elites and Grunts managed to escape, but Bapap was on his way to defuse the bomb. He was pinned down by Heretics and was forced to take cover inside a storage room. However, an unidentified blue gas flowed into the room, and Bapap is cryogenically frozen (similarly to the cryo-chambers in the UNSC). The bomb is detonated, and it somehow does not affect the chamber. The chamber remains undisturbed for nearly a century, where Elites search the wreckage of the lab and discover Bapap. He is awakened from cryosleep, and, having not "aged" at all, he was still a capable soldier.

Human-Covenant War/Covenant Civil War

Later, he returned to the frontlines as something between a Special Operations Unggoy and an Unggoy Ultra as he often operates in Special Operations missions and in larger-scale battles has commanded Grunt Squads, serving alongside 'Rtas and 'Thel Vadam. He killed many heretics and humans, he even killed a SPARTAN-II, Mason-020, on Reach. He later joined the Separatists after the Covenant civil war. On The Ark, he helped UNSC and Covenant forces defeat Truth and the Flood. He later returned to Balaho after the war and relaxed for the rest of his life.

Bapap has appeared in: Unggoy Rebellion.


Bapap as a Heavy Grunt on Harvest.


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