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Began service 


Physical description

Male(?) Programming


A Thirteenth Generation "Smart" AI

Normal color


Political information and functions

Necros War



Primary Function

Battlefield support

Notable Battles

"Melanie, when I watch you sleep, I feel I could just reach out and.... kill you."

Baphomet, serial number BPM 6661-3, was a Thirteenth Generation "Smart" AI, and partner to SPARTAN-038



Baphoment was activated in 2588 in a sub contracted AI lab on Arcturus. The AI created was referred to developers as one of the most 'unstable AIs ever created, outside of rampancy'. The only reason he was destroyed as a botched product was because of his incredibly skill at hacking other AIs. His talents as a 'AI destroyer/corrupter' then lead him to the SPARTAN-IV project, where he was partenered with third company commander Mel-038. He was initially bored with their initial deployments, being relegated to close support hacking and cyber warfare, though during WARHOUND, when assaulting the enemies Battle Net, a fragmented enemy AI made its presence known and was soon enslaved by Baphomet and used by him to help lure enemy forces into destruction.


Baphoment is sadistic, cruel and malicious to all those around him, AI and human alike. He relishes any pain he causes and enjoys the suffering of war. Despite this, and perhaps because of his programming, he strives to keep the SPARTANS alive.


Baphomet appears as a large demon, mixing features of various animals, human features, other demonic attributes and demonic armour, giving him an avatar that can give anybody the chills. He occasionally snorts fire.

Relationship to other AIs

Baphomet has shown genuine contempt to other AIs, having a general disrespect for them, even his surrogate sister, Joyeuse. He has a long running feud with Dante, who sees himself as an angelic knight and must constantly fight Baphoment and protect the honour of 'fair Lady Melanie'.

Relationship to Humans

Baphoment enjoys nothing more than taunting his handler, Melanie, who is capable ot creating just as witty comeback for him. However, Baphoment likes to project a full sized avatar of himself into her room at night, trying to scare her. He isn't aware, but he does genuinely frighten her from time to time and has frequently asked Ajax to 'delete that bad line of code'. Ajax has refused, as revenge for all the years he suffered at the hands of Mel. However, below all this taunting is a hopeless crush on Mel, his personality being a mirror of hers.

Past Times

In Baphoment's spare time he likes to pretend he is busy with satanic rituals. He also likes to brawl with Dante and practice hacking AIs.