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Young basil
"I have to go back! What if they all forget me?"
Biographical information

Basil Edward Davenport

Spartan Tag



Jericho VII

Date of birth

April 14, 2511

Date of death





209.8 cm

Hair color

dirty blonde

Eye color


Affiliation and military information





Basil-138 was a SPARTAN-II candidate who survived the dangerous augmentation procedures performed on him in 2525, when he was fourteen years old. He rebelled against his trainers weeks later and escaped from the planet Reach in an attempt to return to his family, from whom he had been kidnapped eight years earlier. He used his sidearm to commit suicide after learning that the ONI had covered up his abduction by replacing him with an identical flash-clone.


Childhood and Conscription

Basil Davenport was born on the UNSC colony of Jericho VII in 2511. He was tagged as a genetically and intellectually superior child by the ONI and added to a list of potential candidates for the SPARTAN-II supersoldier project. After an interview with Dr. Catherine Halsey at age six, he was confirmed as a candidate and abducted soon afterward. His disappearance was covered up by the substitution of a flash-clone created from his DNA, identical to him in appearance and possessing flash-transferred memories.

Basil was taken to a military complex on the planet Reach and forced into boot camp, given the new identity Basil-138 and brainwashed to become an ideal soldier for the UNSC. Despite the intense training, he held onto his memories of his old life and dreamed of going back to his family. His teammates-- Daisy-023, Ralph-303, Joseph-122, and Juliana-009-- had similar aims, and together they plotted to somehow escape from Reach and go back to their homeworlds.

Escape and Death

Shortly after Basil turned fourteen, he and the other seventy-four Spartan trainees were subjected to augmentation procedures that killed twenty-seven and disabled twelve. Once he and his team had recovered enough, they enacted their plan, holding some of their doctors and DIs hostage and demanding their freedom from Dr. Halsey. She consented, and together they fled from the complex. They split up at Manassas, one of Reach's spaceports, and Basil boarded a ship headed for Jericho VII.

Once he arrived on Jericho VII, he went to his old home and found that his parents didn't even know he had been missing. He met a boy identical to himself in appearance and, upon learning that he had been cloned and replaced, ran from his home and took refuge in a wooded area. There he pointed his own pistol at the side of his head and took his own life. His body was recovered by the ONI to prevent undue controversy and his name was added to the list of candidates who had perished during augmentations to cover up the incident.