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Basilisk HAV
Production information

Heavy Assault Vehicle

Technical specifications
  • Nanotube Plating
  • Ceramic plating
  • Kinetic absorbing plates
  • Electromagnetic Armour
  • Ablative plating
Sensor Systems
  • Thermal cameras
  • Optical Cameras
  • Ionic Smoke Launchers
  • LASER warning receiver
  • RADAR warning receiver
  • Point Defence Particle beam
  • RADAR jammer
  • Dual Heavy Particle Cannons
  • 12mm Cannon
  • Driver
  • Gunner
  • Anti-vehicle platform

Necros War


Plainsfier Tribes


The Basilisk-class Heavy Assault Vehicle is a Plainsfierian tank.


The Basilisk HAV is a heavy Plainsfierian vehicle used for only direct, frontal assaults, usually engaging enemy armour or enemy hard points. The tank is heavily armoured, being fitted with nanotube plating, ceramic plates, kinetic energy absorbing plates and ablative plating, being designed for stopping kinetic and energy munitions. These plates are all underneath the primary defence, an electric plate. Though thin, the electromagnetic plate is highly potent against a variety of munitions. The plate works by generating an immense electric discharge when an object or magnetic field comes within 3 metres of the vehicle. The plating destroys kinetic penetrators, chemically launched shells, missiles and disperses plasma projectiles. The plating draws energy right from the fusion reactor to power it, and keep it operable. The vehicle uses a turret with a pair of heavy particle cannons, similar in strength to the TITAN LASER used by the Komodo Tank. The turret also features a 12mm caseless cannon for close defence against infantry. The whole tank is mounted on an angular body, propelled by anti-gravity generators on its underside, with a deployable mine plow at the front, and a V shaped underside to protect it. The whole vehicle is covered in LIDAR/RADAR absorbent and infra-red suppressive paint, is fitted with passive and active camouflage, using phased array optics.

The vehicle is powered by an unusually large fusion reactor, in relation to its actual size, giving it enough power to keep the main guns and engines running, and the electromagnetic plating running for a short while.

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