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The Bastion Planetary Forces, commonly known as the Bastion Ground Forces, are the major planetary and atmospheric military force of the Bastion of the Precursors, and are one of the semiautonomous commands of the Bastion Defense Directorate, Ministry of Defense.


The Bastion Planetary Forces are responsible for: (1) planetside and atmospheric defense of Bastion worlds, installations, technologies, and citizens and (2) attack of non-space foreign hostile forces, including planetary operations, atmospheric operations, and boarding of enemy space installations or space vessels.


The Bastion Planetary Forces has an atmospheric component and a ground component, both of which are a unified command under the Planetary Forces.


The predominant organic ground forces are the Biotic Infantry Corps. The advanced biochemical knowledge of the Precursors, aggregated over eons of existence, have allowed for complex and reliable biological advancement and augumentation for all of its most rudimentary infantry. The Biotic Infantry are often modified by transfective mechanisms (typically nonrandomized retroviral or proviral transduction or electroporative plasmid transfection) for enhanced physical capabilities and endurance and also supernatural powers, termed "biotics". Because of the relative weakness of even biotic infantry versus mechanized forces, the biotic infantry were almost exclusively deployed to urban environments through rapid atmospheric transports.


The mechanized element of the Planetary Forces was well-developed, featuring Biotic Mechs, biotic infantry in engorged augumented mechanized exoskeletons with high manueverability used for rapid strikes, Juggernauts, large-sized walkers with heavy energy and missile weaponry capabilities, and an assorted variety of tank-like combat vehicles and a powerful artillery component that was a major component of Ground Forces operations.


Atmospheric-capable "aircraft" provided support for groundside infantry or mechanized forces. The main component of the atmospheric vessels were versatile strike fighters, armed with air-to-air and anti-to-surface high-velocity missiles and imbued with high manueverability. There were also dedicated bomber craft which carried either carpet bombs, capable of destruction of large surface areas, dedicated penetrators, capable of deep penetration through enemy shielding or the ground itself to underground targets, and also Fusion Blitzes, the thermonuclear weapons of mass effect first used by the Zonules at the advent of the Bastion-Zonule War.

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