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First Battle of Earth


Second Battle of Earth


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Battle of Lake Washington


Human Covenant War


November 13th, 2552


Lake Washington


Covenant Victory





UNSC General David Grant

Chieftain Gorgonus


50,000 UNSC marines, 45 Pelican dropships, 60 armored units

115,000 Covenant troops, 80 phantom dropships, 90 armored units


37,000 UNSC marines, 37 Pelican dropships, 58 armored units

90,000 covenant troops, 74 phantom dropships, 85 armored units


The battle of Lake Washington was a major clash of the land forces of the UNSC and the Covenant during the Second Battle of Earth.


On November 12, 2552, the UNSC 128th Regiment, under control of General David Grant, was fleeing from a superior Covenant force and was caught at Lake Washington, in what was once Washington state. The UNSC forces, with little time left, dug into positions around the lake, creating a perimeter around it. On the lake, UNSC floating landing pad 17 was evacuating wounded to orbit.

The covenant force closed with them and encircled their ranks, and struck at them with massed infantry, armored charges, and repeated air strikes. The UNSC forces stubbornly held firm as the Covenant smashed against them time and time again. Casualties were initially very lopsided, a 4:1 ratio in favor of the UNSC troops. For a moment, it seemed like, against all odds, the beleaguered humans might succeed. The Covenant’s numerical superiority was quickly diminishing, and the UNSC forces were beginning to take the advantage.

But, with the threat of defeat looming, the Covenant enacted a devastating plan. A CCS-class cruiser broke through the atmosphere and entered the airspace over the lake. In typical Covenant fashion, it open fired with its shipboard weapons on the ground forces, inflicting massive casualties on each side. It’s plasma torpedoes laid waste to the ground lines and the landing pad, while pinpoint pulse laser strikes destroyed armored units and aircraft. The UNSC forces that survived the barrage was completely ineffective against the cruiser, and fled, decimated.


November 12, 2552

2200 Hours

UNSC forces, retreating, dig in at Lake Washington

2425 Hours

Covenant forces close on UNSC troops

November 13th, 2552

0400 Hours

UNSC forces are outflanked and surrounded by the Covenant troops. Covenant forces prepare to assault the enclosed UNSC forces.

0435 Hours

Attack begins. Covenant repeatedly charge the UNSC lines. Covenant forces sustain heavy casualties.

0747 Hours

Covenant forces cease attack, regroup.

0835 Hours

Second attack begins. Again, Covenant sustain heavy casualties.

1242 Hours

Covenant CCS-class cruiser descends through atmosphere and commences an orbital bombardment of UNSC forces. UNSC forces are decimated and routed.