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"Jesus H. fucking Christ! It felt like I was back at Harvest!--Benjamin Garcia after using the BatSim in a recreation of Harvest."

Battle Simulation Chamber, or BatSim Chamber, is a room of interconnected simulation units that simulate some sort of battle. Whether it is a small scale skirmish or a full fledged campaign the units may be operated for up to three months, provided the users eat drink and sleep accordingly.


The purpose of a BatSim is to prepare Military Personnel for combat.


Sluggin' it out for days in a hermetically sealed dome. Every 18 hours we wake up eat, hydrate, take care of ourselves. Then we go back in. In the burning hot sun, or the freezing cold tundra. Whatever its programed to. It's as bad as the real thing.—TF Oscar member

The BatSim can simulate any type of Military weapon, vehicle, or scenario.

Different Scenarios are:

OPERATION BLUE FLAG: A Small unit scenario that pits a squad against a company of Covenant. The Squad must reach the exfil point by any means necessary.

OPERATION DEFENSE: A full scale campaign customized to the location of the unit.

Known Units

Aboard UNSC Flames of War

UNSC High Command Center

All UNSC Defense Grid Platforms

Tyumen New Harmony

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