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Invasion of Sanghelios

    • Battle of Hurol City
Battle For Doisac
Burnt Elite

1st Age of Redemption (Sangheili Military Calender)

  • Late November 2553 (UNSC Military Calender)


  • Strategic and Tactical Sangheili/UNSC victory
    • Deaths of Several Jiralhanae chieftains, and 65% of the species
    • First Sighting of San'Shyuum since the Great War
    • Creation of the Sangheili Confederacy
    • Creation of Task Force 343
  • Tactical Jiralhanae Victory
    • Death of few Sangheili Council Members
    • Dissolution of the Covenant Seperatists

UNSC/Sangheili forces

  • United Nations Space Command
    • UNSC Navy
    • UNSC Marine Corp
  • Covenant Seperatists
    • Sangheili Army
    • Sangheili Spec Operations Division
    • Unggoy Forces
    • Unggoy Special Operations Division
    • Mgalekgolo Forces
    • Some Kig-Yar
    • Covenant Seperatists Army

Neautral Combatants


    • Jiralhanae Army
    • Jiralhanae Navy
    • Some Kig-Yar
    • Some Mgalekgolo
  • SPARTAN-II Doug-103
  • SPARTAN-II Rochelle-108
    • Numerous UNSC Military personal
    • Numerous UNSC Navy Personal
  • Stel 'Vadam
  • Ral 'Daman
    • Several Sangheili Councilors
  • Council Jor 'Leer
  • Unidentified Kig-Yar Ambassador
  • Unidentified Chieftain of the Jiralhanae
    • Numerous Jiralhanae Chieftains
    • Numerous Jiralhanae Commanders
  • Unidentified Kig-Yar Ambassador
  • UNSC Army
    • Approx 25,000 Military Personal
  • UNSC Navy
  • Covenant Seperatists
    • Approx 200,000 Sangheili Military Personal
      • 13,000 Sangheili and Hurogok Navy Personal
    • Approx 1,000,000 Unggoy Military Personal
    • 250 Kig-Yar Mercanaries
    • 3000 Mgalekgolo

6 San 'Shyuum

  • 100 Hurogok Navy Personal
  • 1 Kig-Yar
  • Jiralhanae Army
    • 5,000,000 Jiralhanae Military Personal
    • 30,000 Jiralhanae Navy Personal
    • 100 Kig-Yar Mercanaries

San 'Shyuum and Hurogok brought into Sangheili service


The Battle for Doisac was a major battle in the Great Schism. It was believed by the Sangheili to be the final battle of the war until they realised the Jiralhanae had new allies. The Battle for Doisac was also the first battle of the War of Prophecy, in which the frightened Unggoy assaulted the Nartol species. Towards the end of the battle, the Prophet of Tolerance, Restrain and Obligation were discovered by the Sangheili and brought into the Separatists under close watch. The infamous Kig-Yar assassin, Tir-D-yar, also disappeared after the battle.