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Battle of Black-Lung Nebula


Perseus Skirmish

Battle of Armadas


Genesis War


March 30, 2653 - April 1, 2653


Taurus Rim


United Galactic Alliance

Thanix Assimilation


The Battle of Armadas was a naval engagement between the United Galactic Alliance and the Thanix Assimilation. After the failure of the Grudge Offensive, the UGA pulled back into their own territory and, from fears of a Thanix counter-invasion, began bolstering their defenses. The Thanix would send a small attack force into UGA territory, more than likely to test the increase in defense, on March 30th of 2653. The resulting battle began the UGA and Thanix Assimilation was short but spanned the entire Taurus Rim, an area of space near the edge of UGA territory. The remaining Assimilation forces quickly retreated back into Thanix territory after this.

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