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Invasion of Mars, Operation: Golden Embrace, Mission to Kinforna

Battle of Azather
Battle of Azather


Forerunner-Flood war


97,689 B.C-Early 97,688 B.C




Pyyric Forerunner Victory

  • Flood presence destroyed
  • Emergence of the Nartol species from the underwater
  • Destruction of three of Azather's moons
  • Destruction of Azather's Energy Shield
  • Mars/Azather teleporter secured
  • First Lost Nartol sighting
  • Near extinction of the Tivin species

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The Flood



Forerunner Military

Nartol Army

An unidentified Gravemind

Lady Efulia

  • Forerunner Military
  • Forerunner Navy
  • Forerunner Science Organisation (Hired security)
  • Nartol Army
    • Around 750,000,000 overall
  • Tivin
    • Estimated to be in the millions

Around 1,750,000,000 flood forms

Nartol Army

  • Around 425,000,000 soldiers
  • Loss of several Forerunner commanders and generals
  • Majority of Forerunner Scientists and their security slain
  • Massive Forerunner military casualties
  • Loss of three Nartol generals
  • Major Nartol army loss
  • Around 675,000,000 casualties
    • Around 1,700,000,000 civilian casualties
  • Approximatley 94% of the Tivin species


Joined the Forerunner, casualties stated above

Forerunner General: "The Inferi Redividus has breached Azather. Repeat, the Inferi Redividus has breached Azather!"
Forerunner Shipmaster: "They couldn't of, try to quarantine them, we will send a fleet as soon as we can!"
―A Forerunner General signalling for help before his death.

A battle of massive proportions, the Battle of Azather was a strategic invasion of the Forerunner Stronghold and planet Azather by the Flood. Following their surprise attack on Mars, the Flood discovered the teleporter connecting Mars to Azather. Previous attempts by the Flood to attack Azather had been prevented by an energy shield of gargantuan puporsions, however the Flood gained direct access to a major Forerunner city from the teleporter.

While the Forerunner attempted to quarantine the city before the Flood could spread, the barricade fell when the citizens of the suburbs had been infected by Infection Forms which had breached the suburban homes before the barricade was put up. The Flood proceeded to destroy the Forerunner Shield Generator located on the continent. The Flood continued to destroy the generators to allow for the Flood fleet to invade Azather's moons to stop orbital bombardment.

The Flood's advance was halted for three weeks by the central Forerunner defence force, however their attempts proved futile when reinforcements came in from Mars. The Flood then proceeded to breach the science labs on the continent, collecting their intelligence to discover the location of the remaining generators of the eastern continent Loporan and the artic continent Yuton. The energy shield retracted from the moons, haven been heavily damaged by the floods onslaught. The flood fleet attacked, taking over three of the moons, while battling the Forerunner on the other two.

What stopped the flood's advance once and for all was the Reclamation of Mars by the Forerunner, and the rise of Nartol from the oceans. After this, the floods were driven out of the central continent and eventually back to the teleporter's city. After bloody fighting, the Forerunner retook Mars and sent in a small invasion force which was annihilated by the sheer number of Flood in the mountain facility. In December 97,689 B.C, the Flood were driven back to their military command city. The combined Nartol/Forerunner assault breached the Flood's defences and the two forces battled for two months. The Gravemind, in an effort to save himself, ordered the army to retreat through the teleporter. However, the Gravemind, his Proto-Graveminds and his army soon realised that Mars was no longer under their control and they were annihilated as they came through. In the closing days of the battle, the Forerunner and Nartol raided the mountain facility, destroying the last of the flood forces and slaying the last Proto-Gravemend; this was the ending of the battle.


Prelude to the invasion

Main Article: Invasion of Mars

"The Forerunner lack the knowledge of their impending doom, and yet I feel as if this invasion would be for nought. The planet of Azather has actually nothing of importance or use to us as a force. After we conquer it, what of the casualties we will take defending it against orbital bombardment. These things we must discuss my Proto counterparts, and it is these things that govern our choice."
―The Gravemind introducing his problem with the invasion plans.

The flood had known about Azather's importance since the beginning of the war, and had made multiple space attacks against it. Originally, the Forerunner's moon defences destroyed the Flood before it could be in range of attacking Azather; the Flood sometimes broke through (with near total casualties) but to no avail. For 57 years and 7 months, it seemed that Azather was undefeatable. However, the Flood fleet Dark Simulacrum remained undetected by Mars' tracking systems and ambushed the planet. The initial strike crushed the Forerunner defence and left the Mars Research facility wide open for annihilation. Defeating the Inferi Redivivus science group, the Flood gathered the intelligence that the teleporter in the facility lead to the Forerunner stronghold of Azather. A gravemind was transported to Mars to control the attack force.

The remaining Forerunner soldiers on Mars were slain to add to the Flood's invasion force. From the research facility, the Flood kept the All Clear signal on to avoid detection. The Flood proceeded to conquer the rest of the planet without putting their biomass all over the planet. Quietly planning, the Gravemind thought of the usage of Azather to the Flood in general rather than the crippling military blow that would be inflicting to the Forerunner in their defeat. The Gravemind only communicated to his Proto-Graveminds, which suggested that their forces surprise attack Azather, destroy the legendary Energy Shield and communication central stations. With the central communication station destroyed, the Forerunner's contact in the south eastern Milky Way would be grinded to a halt before another suitable, safe planet could be found. Following the conquering of the planet, the Flood would destroy the plant life and boil the water, rendering the planet uninhabital and useless to the Forerunner that didn't use Energy shields to conserve Oxygen. After two weeks, the Gravemind agreed to his Proto underlings and sent his 'thoughts' out to the forces to prepare for the invasion.

Initial strike

The quarantine barricade

Invasion of the central continent

Scientific slaughter

Rise of the Nartol

Turning the Tide




Forerunner Commanders

Flood Commanders

Nartol Commanders


  • Originally, Azather's moons were going to be destroyed to make the Flood believe it had been bombarded and no battle would have taken place.
  • The fact that the Nartol only rose to the surface of Azather during the battle raises the question of how they managed to ascend to Tier 1 prior to the battle, unless they learned to use Teleportation or similair devices.

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