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Second Battle of Balaho

Battle of Balaho


Forerunner-Grunt War


September 3rd, 2613




Unggoy Victory


Covenant Seperatists





16807 Harv Flood


  • Billions of Grunts
  • Millions of Hunters
  • Millions of Sentinels
  • Thousands of Sentinel Majors
  • Billions of Infection Forms
  • Hundreds of Combat Forms
  • Hundreds of Airel Flood


  • Millions of Sentinels
  • All Sentinel Majors
  • Billions of Infection Forms
  • All Combat Forms
  • 1 Proto Gravemind


With the Prophet of Reclimation dead, the Grunts began to repopulate their Species. Eventually, they reached the Billions of Fighters alone. As did the Hunters but only reached the Millions. After the rather unfortunate Flood outbreak from the Covenant Return on Installation Zero Seven, the Monitor of Installation 06 (16807 Harv Flood), sent an army of Billions of Sentinels to Balaho. Unknown to them, the Flood escaped on their planet and spread throughout the entire ring. Soon, Babab realised the Sentinels presence in the area. Preparing the Army, Babab decided to go on the defensive rather than offensive this time.

Day one

Babab called to his troops to begin to attack the enemy. Hopping onto the Anti aircraft turrets, the Grunt gunners prepared for an air assault of Sentinels. For a few minutes, the Air seemed clear, until, thousands of black dots appeared in the clouds. The dots spilt up and became bigger. Eventually, the Grunts noticed them as Sentinels. The Turrets open fired on them. Some sentinels falling out of the sky immediately. Babab looked at the Explosions in the sky and boarded his Ghost. Babab drove back towards his bunker. Hunters placed their gun hands in guns to power them. Soon, massive, emerald green beams came out of them into the air. of course, some sentinels did make it to the surface, hovering over the landscape. Grunts armed with Fuel Rod Guns fired at them.

The soldiers called out taunts to the sentinels.

Meanwhile, in Babab's bunker, a squad of 6 grunts and 4 hunters stood next to Babab. All of the Squad were of Special Operation rank, even the Hunters armour was Black. Babab stared blankly at them. Two Grunts holding a large Battery came into the room, dropping it gently onto the floor. Babab explained of his plan to the others. The plan of taking a battery to the radio tower to deactivate the Sentinel force.

Yipflip told his troops to follow him.

Leaving the room, the squad began they're journey. Nightfall had began.

Day Two

The Sentinels reactivated from hiding, and the battle began once again. Ducking for cover a grunt jumped out of a beams light; the beam was of the power of a Spartan laser. Anti-Aircraft turrets wouldn't work against the Sentinels now that they were too low to fire at. The sentinels had almost gained the upper hand of the battle by midday. The day was tragic for the Grunt Species, the Sentinels had overpowered a quarter of the planet by the end of the day. However, the Grunts didn't give up. On mountain edges, Shade turrets were powered and started fighting the Sentinels. At first, it was going well, until, huge senitinels flew towards the Planet. They carried shields infront of them and fired rapidly with their mahine guns. The Grunts had discovered that the creature was none other than the Sentinel Major encountered on Installation 05 12 years ago.

Meanwhile, in an area close to the radio tower, Yipflip and his squad moved towards through snow and fog. He acitvated his radio. Telling his commander about his arrival.

Babab replied to them and sent in two spirit dropships towards the group.

Hunter worms now controlled Spirits, much like they do for scarabs. The Spirit Dropships flew out of the hangar bay of the bunker. Across the planet, Sentinels and their Major counterparts started to disable Shade turrets while they were firing at the Sentinels. In a matter of minutes, all Shade turrets became disabled.

Day Three

The Spirit Dropships had trouble finding the squad in the snow, however, it did eventually find them. Picking them up, the Spirits began to fly towards the radio tower. With no turrets, the Grunts found it hard to overpower their robotic enemy. Luckily, the Hunters arrived to help them. Green beams covered the ground. The hunters overpowered the Sentinels as if it was their pass time. After ten minutes, the Spirits arrived at the Radio tower. Yipflip and his squad left the safety of the Spirits and into the cold, harsh weather of Balaho. Two Hunters carried the Object into the tower. Yipflip warned Babab of his bomb activation.

The snow now became hail and snow mixed together. Spirit dropships flew all across the planet and began to retrieve all of the soldiers. Inpatiently, Yipflip began to insert the battery. The electricity started to build in the tower, with a push of a button, Yipflip activated the battery. Radio waves carried electricity across the skies. Sentinel after sentinel dropped to the ground. Even the Sentinel Majors turned into useless pieces of metal. The Unggoy had won the battle.


With the sentinels dead, the Grunts stayed inside they're bunkers until the weather became safer. Meanwhile, in orbit above Balaho, 16807 Harv Flood floated above the orbit. "Even if I retreat to my Installation, I will be unable to repopulate my Sentinel forces. The Flood has taken my ring. If the Unngoy and Lekgolo want a war, then I shall give them one." Harv Flood turned around to a giant Sentinel Factiory in cloaking on Balaho's orbit. He slowly flies into the factory.

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