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40px-Terminal.png This article, Battle of Blood Gulch, was written by Kamikaz. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

The Battle of Blood Gulch was the first battle between the Sangheili and the Jiralhanae during the Sangheili-Jiralhanae Wars. The battle took place on the canyon covered planet, Kelic. The Torva had set up outposts on the surface of Kelic, primarily in a large gulch. They were surprised when Sangheili forces, led by Admiral Siefuu, attacked them. The Sangheili were swift with their attack, catching ten separate Brute packs off guard. Captain Major Drulik of the Jiralhanae military managed to turn the tide of battle however. Drulik had the Brutes track the Elite squads and slaughter them. The Brutes fought the Elites far back and created barricades guarded with Spike Turrets and mines. The Brutes held out until Chieftain Rukt arrived to the battle. Brute and Elite fleets had began battle in orbit while Rukt went to the surface with reinforcements and took command. Unfortunately for the Jiralhane, the Sangheili were only getting started as two other Elite ships made their way to the planet.

Admiral Siefuu had left his ship and went to the planets surface with some of his best troops. The Sangheili had also brought heavy artillery with them. Siefuu met with the Elites on the surface and developed an attack plan. They were going to assault the outposts, capture the Brute in charge, and slaughter the remaining Brutes. Siefuu led thirty commandos and one Scarab into battle. The Scarab decimated the Brute barricades and the infantry began their assault. Siefuu cut down fifteen Jiralhane Captains himself before he made his way to the stronghold outpost. The outpost was guarded by four Spike Turrets, twenty Brute majors, and Rukt himself. Siefuu killed the operators of the turrets along with the twenty soldiers within a matter of minutes then entered the stronghold but was shocked to see a Chieftain present. They began a quick duel before being interrupted by more Jiralhanae troops. Siefuu was forced to retreat when he was hit by a Brute's Spiker.

With Admiral Siefuu making an appearance, Rukt realized the extent of his problems. He had heard that Siefuu was a brilliant tactician and cunning warrior and managed to stop fleets with just the sight of his ship. Rukt ordered his troops to quickly resupply and track the Elite forces. The Brutes sent Choppers to track the Sangheili back to a small base on the other side of the gulch. Rukt had 50 troops ready to go into battle by the time the Choppers relayed the enemy location to him. Rukt commanded his force to the Elite base, ordering Drulik into the frontlines with him. Rukt's forces were intercepted by Elite scouts about three miles away from the Sangheili base. Ghosts and Elite Ultras fought the Brutes to a complete stand still as Rukt refused to back down. Two out of the four Ghosts were destroyed by Brute Shot Grenades and the Ultras were forced to retreat on the remaining Ghosts when they became too injured.

Word of the incoming Brute onslaught reached Siefuu. This time he was prepared for unexpected enemies. Extra Sangheili troops had made their way to the surface along with a few Wraiths. The Elites had made their own barricades by the time the Brute force arrived. The Scarab from earlier was positioned in a way that the Brutes couldn't get close without taking some casualties. The Jiralhanae arrived and were met with a rain of plasma. Most managed to pass the Scarab while a few drew its fire. The Sangheili immediately charged the Jiralhanae, brutally killing them. Siefuu sliced his way through the Brutes searching for Rukt. He wanted to finish their duel but Rukt was nowhere to be seen. The Sangheili managed to fight the Brutes back beyond the Scarab.

By this time, the Scarab seemed to be disabled. Rukt managed to enter the Scarab and slaughter its occupants. Instead of using the massive vehicle, Rukt overloaded it and caused it to self-destruct. The Brutes were fought back until they went into a fit of rage. The Jiralhanae began rampaging through the Sangheili, killing some with their bare hands. Rukt stumbled from the wreckage of the Scarab and regained his composure. Rukt began searching for Siefuu as he wanted to prove his skill in combat. The Brutes were blinded with energetic anger, unfortunately, this ended up being their downfall as they began running head first into the Elite's Energy Swords. While the battle raged, Rukt and Siefuu found each other. Siefuu readied his sword and Rukt gripped his Gravity Hammer and they began their battle. Rukt lunged at Siefuu but missed as Sieffu managed to dodge and cut Rukt at the same time. Rukt, now enraged, began wildly swinging his hammer. Siefuu was known to be able to predict his opponents moves but Rukt's wild movement combined with his self-endangering anger made him extremely unpredictable. The duel continued this way for five more minutes until Siefuu caught Rukt in a moment of hesitation. Siefuu completely sliced Rukt's arm off, and impaled him.

With Rukt defeated, Siefuu made his way to the main fight. From this point on, the Brutes were in deep trouble. Drulik had extreme amounts of pressure on him at this point and began making fatal mistakes. He retreated back to the stronghold to allow his troops to rest but now it was easier to catch them off gurad. The Jiralhanae fleet had been heavily decimated and unable to send additional troops leaving Drulik with his small amount of injured troops. He had no choice but to arrange a meeting and duel with Siefuu. He said that if he wins the Duel, the Sangheili must leave Kelic. Unfortunately for him, the Sangheili had no intention to agrreing to this bet and Drulik was captured by Sangheili troops. The Elites then made their way to the Brute stronghold and slaughtered the Jiralhanae soldiers there. The Battle of Blood Gulch was a victory for Sangheili troops.

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