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Battle of Debris Field C431

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Battle of Titan IV/Pegasi Skirmish


Holiday Massacre


Operation: IRON FIST

Battle of Debris Field C431


Genesis War


December 23, 2652 - December 27, 2652


Debris Field C431


Thanix successfully defend majority of mines


United Galactic Alliance

Thanix Assimilation


Admiral Aidan Keyes


  • 1 Dreadnought (flagship)
  • 2 Carriers
  • 4 Destroyers
  • 6 Cruisers
  • 7 Frigates
  • 50 Interceptors
  • 30 Bombers
  • 6 Carriers
  • 9 Destroyers
  • 10 Cruisers
  • 5 Frigates
  • 80 Interceptors
  • AA Turrets (Mine Facilities)
  • 1 Carrier
  • 2 Destroyers
  • 4 Cruisers
  • 6 Frigates
  • 37 Interceptors
  • 28 Bombers
  • 3 Destroyers
  • 4 Cruisers
  • 3 Frigates
  • 62 Interceptors

The Battle of Debris Field C431 was a naval engagement between the United Galactic Alliance and the Thanix Assimilation. The engagement was initiated by the UGA with the purpose of destroying major asteroid mines belonging to the Thanix, similarly to the Pegasi Skirmish.

The attack was led by Admiral Aidan Keyes, a long-standing military tactician and genius. He started the campaign soon after probes discovered a large cluster of Thanix mines in the massive asteroid field known as C431. This field was extraordinarily far away from UGA territory, making it a dangerous operation due to lack of reinforcements and the possibility that the Thanix would take the opportunity to attack the rim of UGA-territory, a place that Keyes usually patrolled. The battle began in an instant as UGA vessels committed long-range bombardment strikes. Fortunately for the Thanix, the large clusters of asteroids provided adequate defense against the rain of PAC fire. If the UGA wanted to have any chance of destroying these facilities, they needed to attack at close-range. The Thanix made certain that getting close enough to the facilities would be a near-impossible challenge byletting off a constant barrage of torpedoes and energy beams.

Keyes' fleet took some casualties but managed to get within range of the mining facilities. A quick strike by Bombers ensured the destruction of one of the seven mines. The Thanix defense picked up and tightened around the mines, the primary target of the UGA. For days, the two fleets were in a stand-still as they fought against each other and maneuvered around asteroid. Eventually, Keyes made the decidion to temporarily pull back into the asteroid field. A cat-and-mouse game followed as Thanix forces hunted the UGA through the debris field only to be ambushed and destroyed much of the time. After picking off a few ships, Keyes would re-engage the mine cluster and successfulyy destroy two others. The Thanix quickly reacted and a strong comeback by their forces would force Keyes to retreat or be the cause of his entire fleet's destruction.

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